How to Recover Partitioned Hard Drive Data?

“I had a hard drive failure on a HP Pavilion computer.  It seems the file location has been damaged. With the help of some free data recovery software, it is able to see the size of each partition and even start finding files. For my bad luck I am unable to recover data from partitioned hard drive. Help me out by giving best solution to recover partitioned hard drive data”.

Partitions are a way of dividing up an area into separate sections that we can use for different functions. A hard drive can be just one single partition, it can be split up into a number of individual partitions. It can be used to isolate operating systems from each other or keep data more organized and secure by moving it out of the operating system’s partition and into its own dedicated space. In most of times user may lose their essential data from partitioned hard drive on Windows system due to several reasons as mentioned below:

  • During hard drive partitioning process one may mistakenly format the partition on Windows system
  • Accidentally one may select and delete a partition while resizing hard drive
  • Using third party tools like Partition Magic, Partition Manager and others to partition hard disk drive
  • Interruptions like sudden power failure, system shutdown or following incorrect instructions to partition hard disk drive may result in data loss
  • Using Windows Disk Management utility and accidentally deleting partitions
  • Due to partition corruption hard drive may fails to boot, while trying to make dual / multi OS boot installation

Data can be lost or deleted or corrupted during partitioning hard drive due to above facts. In such cases make use of hard drive recovery software to retrieve data from partitioned hard drive

Software to retrieve partitioned hard drive data:

Yodot Hard Drive Data Recovery will recover partitioned hard drive data on Windows system. This software scans entire hard drive to identify all partitions or for finding lost and missing partitions on hard disk and to restore files from these partitions in simple steps. It will regain data even after formatting the partition to a different file system. Partition is deleted or lost while repartitioning a hard drive i.e. re-sizing, removing or adding a partition to the hard drive can be retrieved using this application. This tool will restore data from hidden or inaccessible partitions. It can also recover data from formatted/re-formatted and damaged partitions/drives on hard drive after any unexpected data loss scenario. This utility will works compatibly on Windows 10. Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server2003 and 2000.

Simple procedure to regain data from partition hard drive disk:

Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to Windows  system-> Run the program and follow given steps on main screen-> On main screen you can see two options namely “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery” -> Choose “Partition Recovery”  option to recover data from partition -> Then utility  will shows physical and all logical as well as external drives associated with the Windows system-> Select the drive and click on “Next” button->Select the files that you need to recover; otherwise just click on “Skip” to select all the files by default-> Then application will scans the selected drive ->Once scanning process gets completed regained  files can viewed  in 2 forms “File Type View” or “Data View” -> You can view recovered files by pressing “Preview” option -> Finally  you can save recovered data to target location or else store on some external storage drive apart from same victim hard drive.

Exporting Outlook Email Folder

You can export your email folder, calendars, tasks, appointments, notes and all other Outlook elements from Outlook as .pst file and import everything to different computer or to different profile. You can save .pst file on other media as any form of data, however they can be opened or accessed only within Outlook, other program won’t support or won’t open a .pst file. Import and export Wizards can be opened by using File tab -> click Open -> then click Export -> Next -> Click Outlook Data File (.pst) -> Next ->Select the account (Top level Folder) that you want to export.

With the latest Outlook versions user is able to send emails by scheduling them with respective time and date. However, it becomes difficult to export when inbox gets filled up with emails and you might find it difficult in scheduling emails that need to be erased or backed up. When user wish to move PST data he might face difficulty as it takes lots of time and requires initial knowledge about the export process. There are few situations which tend to export email and other outlook elements, such as:

  • While formatting hard drive
  • During OS Reinstallation
  • While changing or selling system
  • Replacing old hard drive with the new hard drive

Don’t worry about the problems you may face while exporting Email folder, because using a reliable Move Outlook PST tool you can perform this task very easily.

Utility to help exporting Outlook email folder:

Make use of Yodot Move Outlook PST tool in order to export Outlook email folder successfully. It has user friendly GUI, that helps every individual to understand, operate and move PST data easily.  In addition to emails, this tool helps to move all other Outlook attributes such as personal folders, attachments, notes etc. along with account settings. This software assures easy and safe transfer of Outlook PST data without any modification. This utility provides three options such as, backup, restore and migrate / move. With the help of “Backup “option you can generate backup of selected outlook profile. Then, you can regain backed up Outlook profile data by using “Restore” option. Finally, “Migrate/ Move” option helps to transfer entire Outlook profile. It can even help to move Outlook PST to Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365. One can operate this software on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 operating systems.

Simple steps to use the software:

First, download and install Yodot Move Outlook PST application on your Windows computer. Once you finish with installation process, run the utility and follow onscreen instructions. Then, click one ‘Backup’ option and choose ‘Advance Backup’ to get email folder. Further, save this backup file on any known location in your system. Then, you supposed to maintain a copy of this backup file on some external storage drive and save it in new computer. Further, run Yodot Move Outlook tool on your new computer and select migrate / move option from present screen. Then, click on browse option to choose backup file from its memory location and proceed the process by pressing ‘Next’ option. This will result in exporting email folder. Finally open and see whether Outlook email folder has been successfully moved or not.

Recovering Missed Files

“Last night, I have given my laptop to one of friend but today I came to know that few files are missing because she has mistakenly pressed shift and delete keys due to which my important files got deleted. As I don’t have any backup of any files so is there any reliable recovery product to restore missing files.”

File is a collective form to store user’s data or information with specific name. There are different kinds of files like Office files, program files, media files, etc. However sometimes user lose access or entire files due to negligence and other reasons. Following are some mention situations when user loses file:

  • Scanning antivirus program on system will directly remove some of virus infected files without your knowledge
  • When file was in use power surges happens then user might be lose those files
  • Sometimes while using cut paste method if system gets shut down before pasting specific file in desired location then user might loss that particular file
  • Files might get lost due to external threats like viruses, malwares, spyware, et. which can infect files severely and vanish them from computer
  • Improperly moving files from PC to/from any removable device will have a tendency to loss files that is under process

If user is tensed up due to any of the above-mentioned case then first relax. By utilizing, missing files recovery software user can come out from data loss situation.

Software to restore lost files:

Yodot File Recovery can be used to restore all missing file to your system. It has smart built-in algorithms, which enables to deeply scan each drive and rapidly recover all lost files. This advanced tool is made with user-friendly interface, which help user to understand and quickly finish the task with just few clicks. This program can retrieve various file types such as Office files, PDF files, program files, basic media files and others files from system. User can regain missing files from portable storage device such as external hard drives, memory cards, pen drives and other storage devices. Furthermore, provides recovery of missing files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file systems. There is 24*7-tech support team to resolve every issues regarding recovery process. In addition to these, it supports in various Windows versions like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 OS.

Steps for missing file recovery:

Download and install Yodot File Recovery application on your system. If your hard device is inaccessible or non-bootable, then connect it to healthy system and download above program in it. After installing, run the software and follow step-by-step instructions displayed on screen. Now, from the very first screen choose Lost File Recovery option between ‘Deleted File Recovery’ and ‘Lost File Recovery’ options. Then, it will ask to select drive or partition from list and click on ‘next’ option to continue. To recover particular data from missing file, select file type from list or click on skip button. After selecting file type, scanning window will be shown and display progress bar along with summary of selected files. Then, according to user’s choice searched data can be viewed in any of the two options such as ‘File Type view’ and ‘Data View’ format. To store entire session for future use, click on ‘Save Recovery Session’ option. At last, provide one destination path to save all rescued data successfully.

Repair Corrupt Outlook PST Files

“When I try to open my Outlook PST files on Windows system it displayed an error message stating as “cannot display the folder, Outlook.pst could not be accessed” making data inaccessible. I don’t have any idea about this issue. So please suggest me how to mend corrupt Outlook PST files on Windows system?”

Microsoft Outlook is a useful component of the Microsoft Office for users to manage personal information and to communicate with others. It helps in managing email messages, appointments, contacts, and tasks, as well as making reminders and tracking activities.

A Personal Folders file (.pst) is an Outlook data file that stores messages and other items on computer. The most common type of email account is a POP3 account uses Outlook data files (.pst). Email messages for a POP3 account are downloaded from mail server and then saved on computer. It can also be used for archiving items from any email account type.

In some circumstance all PST files stored in Outlook may get corrupted or damaged due to below facts. Let us discus one by one:

  • Sharing single PST file over the network
  • Abrupt termination of Microsoft Outlook application
  • Improper up gradation of Outlook version
  • Interruptions while compacting PST file
  • Anti-virus scanning leading to PST file corruption
  • PST file header corruption

If your PST files become inaccessible or corrupted/damaged In Microsoft Outlook due to above facts then go with third party utility to repair this issue.

 Outlook PST repair tool:

Yodot Outlook PST Repair provides useful feature where user can easily fix corrupt Outlook PST on Windows system. It can mend PST files that cannot be repaired using Inbox Repair Tool. This application can fix PST files with high encryption. This utility can mend PST file which is corrupted due to many issues as mentioned above without altering single file content during repair process. It has ability to repair and retrieve PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013. It will restore all personal folders, emails, events, calendar events, notes, journals and other Outlook items from Outlook application after repair process. Repair software is compatible with Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating system.

Follow simple instruction to mend Outlook PST files:

Download Yodot Outlook PST Repair software on Windows system -> Then run the installed program and follow on screen guidelines -> On main screen you can view three 3 options namely 1.‘Open PST File’, 2. ‘Find PST File’, 3.”Select Outlook Profile” -> Select any one option in order to fix corrupt Outlook PST file-> After selecting Outlook PST file and browse any desired location then click on “Repair” button ->Afterwards application will starts scanning selected PST file by using “Normal scan or Smart scan” method-> Once selected Outlook PST files gets repaired-> Then you can save repaired Outlook PST files in desired location.

How to Recover Data from Windows 8 HP PC?

“I recently switched the hard disk on Windows 8 HP PC to improve overall performance. Everything was working fine until I upgraded Windows OS on HP system. Soon after updating Windows 8 to 8.1 OS version, I started facing frequent freezing of HP system and ended up in complete disaster. Now, when I turns on HP PC it shows nothing. Is there any possible way to recover data saved in Windows 8 HP PC? Can anybody please help me?”

Windows 8 operating system is user friendly application developed and designed by Microsoft. It provides useful features such as interactive tiles, task manger, graphical user interface, start screen, easy gestures, and so on.

HP stands for Hewlett Packard which is involved in designing, developing and manufacturing of numerous electronic goods like PC, laptops, Smartphones, storage devices and many more. These days, vast numbers of individuals are using laptops as well as PC which supports all the applications. Among numerous brands HP is most ordinarily utilized due to its user friendly features and services.

Some of the notable gimmicks of HP portable computer are:

  • Portable in nature, simple to exchange from one place to another
  • Designed with Bright view LED illuminated display
  • Provides huge storage capacity limit for storing purposes
  • High execution level
  • Good battery life

In spite of having all these profits still users are facing issues like information misfortune from Windows 8 HP PC because of bad sectors, partition damage, hard drive crash, intentional formatting, etc. If your data is corrupted/inaccessible on Windows 8 HP PC due to above mentioned aspects then can use third party utility to retrieve all data from Windows 8 HP system.

Application to retrieve data on Windows 8 HP PC:

Yodot Hard Drive helps user to restore HP computer hard drive data to great extent. It has ability to retrieve program files, music, videos, Office files and other documents from PC hard drive or partition with much ease. This tool can regain files and folders from PC hard disk drive with SATA, ATA, PATA IDE and SCSI. This program supports for data recovery from laptop hard drive, SSD, portable hard disk, FireWire drive, flash memory cards and other storage devices effortlessly. Additionally, this utility can regain files from storage devices with NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, FAT16, ExFAT and ReFS file systems compatible on Windows computers. HP PC recovery Windows 8 tool can restore data from Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers.

Steps to restore data on Windows 8 HP PC:

HP Windows 8 PC hard drive is completely corrupted and not booting, then connect it to a healthy Windows 8 HP computer -> Next download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to that  system-> Once installation is done, open the application and stick to the guidelines appearing on screen-> In next window, tool will provide two options – “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery”-> Select any of the option based on data loss situation -> After selecting the option, the utility will scan and display all physical and logical drives from the Windows 8 HP PC -> Select the drive from where data is to be rescued and click “Next” button-> Further, select the files that you need to recover; otherwise just click on “Skip” to select all the files by default-> Allow the scanning process to complete-> You can view restored files from the HP computer hard drive in 2 forms “File Type View” or “Data View” once scanning procedure get completed-> Recovered file can be viewed by pressing “Preview” option -> Finally save resulting data to target location on some external storage drive apart from same victim hard drive.








Restore Deleted Files from Hard Drive

“Yesterday, while deleting unused files I mistakenly deleted few files which consisted important data related to my work. I am worried because I do not have any back up of those documents. Since I have never faced this situation, I am not getting how to solve the problem. So please anybody recommend me proper solution to recover deleted files from hard drive?”

Hard Drive is a disk storage device used for storing and retrieving data in digital format. It can save data like documents, video, pictures, audio, spreadsheets, program files, etc along with operating system. However, while accessing those data from hard disk user can come across different scenarios in which data gets deleted. Some of such instances are listed here:

  • Unknowingly selection of wrong files and folders for deletion may lead to removal of important files
  • While formatting disk or partitions, selecting wrong partition will erase all files from hard drive
  • Using delete option with wrong files in command prompt will wipe those important files.
  • After selecting file, pressing shift+ delete will remove selected data permanently.

It is difficult to get back all deleted data when recycle bin is emptied and there is no backup. However, if you ever met with any of these above-mentioned situations, deleted files from hard drive can be retrieved easily with the help of good file recovery program.

Application to undelete files from Hard disk:

By using Yodot File Recovery product, one can regain all deleted data from hard drive. This tool will help us to extract deleted files from hard drive in any of the above-mentioned scenarios. It can be used to retrieve files from USB devices, FireWire devise, iPods, external hard disks etc. It has ability to search and restore more than 300 files with its robust and user-friendly interface. It has fast in-built algorithm by which it can scan each and every sector of drives accurately to extract files. This tool supports all kind of file formats of Documents and Spreadsheets, generic Picture, Music and Video files, Emails, Archives, Database files, Animation, Application files and so on. This program can recover lost files from pen drive, portable hard disk, memory stick and other storage devices formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, and ReFS file systems. This software supports on major versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 operating systems.

Stepwise actions to be taken to regain deleted files from hard drive:

To recover your data from laptop or computer hard drive, download and install Yodot File Recovery software. After installation, launch the software and follow given instructions step by step displayed on screen. After running the tool, you will find two options in main window i.e, “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. Click on “Deleted File Recovery” option in order to recover deleted data from system hard drive, then in next clip all the list of drives on your system will be displayed and asked to select the drive where you want to restore. After selecting, selected drive will be scanned and later displays all erased files either in “Data View” or “File Type View” options. Use “Preview” option to see recovered data and click on “Next” option. Finally, save retrieved data on desired drive except the source drive because it may lead to permanent deletion of your data.

How to Repair PowerPoint 2010 File Association?

“Hi, everyone. Recently I installed Microsoft Office 2010 in my Windows computer. Yesterday when I tried to open a PowerPoint file which was developed on MS office 2007, on MS Office 2010, an error message prompted saying, file association problem with file. Does anyone know how to fix PowerPoint 2010 file association error?”

PowerPoint 2010 is an amazing MS Office program, which used to create annual reports, seminars, slide show, projects, training modules etc. To improve look of presentation it allow to insert images, charts, graphs videos etc. But sometimes, your PowerPoint file get corrupted due to many reasons, one of the main reason is file association problem. So, let us see few reasons which cause association problem while using PowerPoint 2010:

  • Association problem arises when use invalid win32 application
  • When you open any PPT file, system may not be able to find association link between file and respected application in which it is being opened. So then one may get error messages saying, PowerPoint cannot be opened
  • Because of invalid PowerPoint file association, OS may not be able to identify which application to open PPT file. So some times, due to association problem, file extension from file system may lost causing damage to PowerPoint file
  • On your system, if you installed multiple Microsoft Office will lead to corrupt PPT/PPTX file
  • Sometimes PPT file get opened in normal mode rather than slide mode, when PowerPoint file got corrupted due to association issues

Tool to repair PowerPoint 2010 file association error:

An eminent application to repair PowerPoint 2010 file association problem is Yodot PPT Repair. This utility can repair and recover damaged content from PPT, PPTX and PPS files. This software can repair text, text formatting, images, clip arts etc. By using this tool, one can fix, broken, corrupted, inaccessible, and error showing PowerPoint 2010 files. This tool not only support PowerPoint 2010 but also other PowerPoint versions such as, PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2013. It can repair PPT files from all the devices which are formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT file systems. This application is has a read only property, which does not edit the original content of damaged file, instead it will extract and create a new healthy copy of that file. One can install this application on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 200 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

Direction to use the software:

Download Yodot PPT Repair software on your Windows computer and install it. Then, run the application and follow on screen instructions in order to fix PPTX files. Then, browse for selecting corrupt PPTX file to mend using browse button. After choosing PowerPoint 2010 file, click on “Repair” button. Tool will proceed with the scanning process and you can see progress of scanning with the help of Status Bar. Once repair process ends, a window will prompt a message saying “Repair was successful”.  Then, you can preview the repaired PowerPoint 2010 file and save it in desired destination location rather than source location on Windows system using ‘save‘ option.

Restore Active Partition

An active partition is a hard drive partition which is marked as one that system should boot, whenever it is switched on or we can say active partition is one which holds boot files to start the operating system on your computer. Only one partition on any hard drive can be marked as active partition. Sometimes you may accidentally mark any other drive apart from the drive where your operating system is installed then your system will be failed to boot. Hence you may lose complete data from your computer. So like this, majority of Mac users come across a huge loss of files from entire drive of the system if active partition get inaccessible. Few common data loss circumstances from active partition are described below:

  • Data from active partition may vanish due to hardware failure
  • Operating system crash may lead to data loss from active partition
  • While deleting any unnecessary volume, if unknowingly you select active partition then you may lose entire data from that partition
  • Data from active drive may also be lost due to partition corruption

One may get worried if valuable data maintained on active partition lost completely. But data which got erased from active partition will not be lost forever, it will be present on that memory space itself. Operating system will just remove the entries of deleted data from file allocation and allow any other file to replace it or overwrites it.  So you can recover this data from active partition using a reliable application.

Software to recover active partition:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is an outstanding application in order to recover active partition. It regains partitions which are formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, extFAT and ReFS file systems. This application has a user friendly interface which helps every individual to operate and rescue lost files easily. It is consists of advance scanning technology, which scans selected drive block-by-block for lost or deleted file and regains it in very short period of time. It is a secured application since it does not modify the content of the file and after recovery it does not allow you to save the recovered file to the same position from where it was lost. It can recover files like, audios, videos, documents, photos, RAW images etc. from all kind of hard drives like SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS, PATA etc. on Windows computer. This application is compatible to work on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

 Instructions to use the software:

Disconnect the affected Windows HDD and connect it to healthy Windows system then, download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on your Windows system and Install it. Once the installation gets complete, launch program on host computer and follow on screen instructions. Primary screen shows two choices, i.e. “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”, select the “Partition Recovery” option and proceed further. Later, tool will display a list of available logical drives on your system, from that choose drive which got affected. Proceed the process by selecting file type which you want to get back or press ‘skip’ button to go with default options. Then software will scan the selected hard drive in couple of minutes and displays recoverable files under Data view / File Type View, make a glance at each recovered file using ‘Preview’ option and store files to a desired destination location.

How to Repair Corrupted PST File?

“Hi, few days ago I created a profile in Microsoft Outlook. Because of some emergency I terminated that application in an incorrect manner. When I tried to open that file next time I got an error message “File cannot be opened”. This PST file holds very important and confidential emails, contacts and some other tasks. I want to access that file immediately. How to repair corrupted PST file?”

Microsoft Outlook is a well-known personal information manager used to configure mail account data on Windows system. PST is Personal Storage Table file format created by Microsoft Outlook to hold all mail attributes. PST file contains personal data, business information or any other critical data. While trying to open this PST file in Outlook you may not be allowed to open or access the mail data because of file damage or corruption. PST files often get damaged due to these following reasons:

  • Unexpectedly terminating Microsoft Outlook
  • Re-installation of operating system on Windows system may result in PST file corruption
  • According to MS Outlook versions, size of PST file varies from one version to another. So, crossing the size limit also causes PST file corruption
  • MS Outlook PST files stored in hard drive also get corrupted due to some hard drive faults such as bad sector

PST file in Microsoft Outlook may become damaged or corrupted due to above reasons. In such situations Inbox repair tool can be used to repair corrupted Outlook PST file. But, it may not support always to mend damaged PST file due to its limitations. So, some other third party tool should be made use of to repair corrupted Outlook PST file on Windows system.

Application to repair corrupt PST file:

Yodot Outlook PST Repair is strongly recommended tool to repair corrupt or damaged PST file in MS Outlook. This application provides an advanced repair mechanism to repair oversized, password protected and error showing PST files. It creates new PST file without modifying source file after repairing it. It can repair PST as well as OST files created on Microsoft Outlook 2000, MS Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2007 and MS 2010 versions. This tool also bring back deleted or lost email messages, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar items etc. including all actual elements of PST file. This PST repair tool works well on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2008 and Windows server 2003 OS based computers.

Step by step procedure to repair corrupted Outlook PST file:

Go here to download and install Yodot Outlook PST Repair tool > Once the installation is done launch the software and stick to the main screen > There are three options such as “Open PST File”, “Find PST File”, “Select Outlook Profile” > If you know corrupted PST file location just click on “Open PST File”, if you don’t know the location where PST file is stored then click on “Find PST File” or else click on “Select Outlook Profile” option to select particular Outlook profile to repair > Then you need to browse a target location to store repaired PST file at the end of scanning process > It provides two options for scanning  like “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan” > Choose applicable option and click next > Once the scanning process is over, repaired file along with its elements will get displayed on screen. Save this repaired PST file by purchasing product key.

Regain Samsung Galaxy SD Card

“I use Samsung Galaxy SD card as default storage to save files, yesterday while transferring I abruptly removed SD card from my Phone, due to which I lost all vital information present in it. The problem is I don’t have back up of that data so please help me to recover files from Samsung Galaxy SD card. Thanks in advance”

Samsung Galaxy SD card is released for better performance and dynamic sharing of pictures, videos, audios and other files. It can store huge amount of data in it and send it across your network easily. But there are some situation where files from Samsung Galaxy SD card may get deleted or lost due to several reasons. Such as,

  • Accidentally delete some files from SD card while deleting unwanted data from it
  • When file system of storage device gets corrupt due to improper handling of SD card
  • Sometimes data from Samsung Galaxy SD card may get lost if you utilize same SD card on multiple devices
  • Unintentionally formatting Samsung Galaxy SD card will lead to lose some essential data from it
  • Using Samsung Galaxy SD card even when its memory space is full or using it in unsecure devices will lead to huge data loss

Don’t bother about it!! Even after encountering such situations, you can bring back lost, missing or formatted files from Samsung Galaxy SD card by using suitable file recovery software.

Samsung Galaxy SD card recovery software:

Yodot Photo Recovery is an outstanding application to recover data from Samsung Galaxy SD card on Windows computer. It uses intensive scanning process to retrieve lost or erased data from Samsung Galaxy SD card recovery. It has simple graphical user interface allows user to easily complete scanning process without undergoing much difficulty. You can make use of save recovery option that has been added in this tool, which allow you to recover process at any point of time and resume it at later stage without rescanning entire drive again. Along with SD card, this tool can recover media files from XD card, CF card, external hard disk drive, USB drives, FireWire drives, memory sticks, SSD drives, pen drives and many more. Not only from Samsung but it can even regain data from many other brands like Motorola, LG, Nokia, Micromax, Lenovo, HTC, Sony, Ericson, Microsoft and much more. It also supports data recovery from Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 OS based systems.

Simple steps to use the software:

First connect your Samsung Galaxy SD card to computer through card reader. Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery tool on your Windows computer. Run the application and follow the on-screen instructions. You will find two options on main screen i.e., “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Choose one option as per the data loss situation. And in next window, software will display list of drives present on your system, select the drive representing Samsung Galaxy SD card and hit “Next” option. Then application will scan the selected drive deeply and displays erased files either in “Data View” or “File Type View” options. Then mark the files which you want recover and press next to proceed. Use “Preview” option to see recovered files and click on “Next” button. Finally save the retrieved information to desired destination.