Recover Mac Data After Format

Hard drives form an important part of your Mac computer system. It is a place where your operating system, program files and personal data resides. Therefore  formatting a hard drive and losing data can be a real pain. If you have not taken the action immediately, then you might lose your important data permanently. Fortunately, there are many softwares that can recover data after format.

Few of the reasons that lead to data loss due to formatting are discussed below:

  • Unintentional formatting – One common cause is unintentional formatting of your Mac Volumes. While formatting a particular Volume, if you choose some other volume accidentally then you will lose all the data present in that particular Volume
  • Data loss due to re-installation – while reinstalling the new operating system into your Mac machine, two options will be displayed i.e Archive and Install” and “Erase and Install” if you choose the option “Erase and install“then the data that are present on your hard drive will be formatted. In simple words, that causes data loss from your hard drive.
  • Conversion of the File system – The other main reason for formatting is when you want to convert the file system i.e from HFS to HFS+. It  not only changes the file system, but also erases all the data that is present on that particular partition

Most of the Mac users think that the data is deleted forever after hard drive formatting. But, this is not the case. When you format a Mac hard drive, the file system of the drive is replaced with a new file system, thus, the entries of all the files and directories stored on the disk are deleted and they become inaccessible. But the file remains physically intact. You can recover formatted files from Mac as long as the original files are not overwritten by other files. But before formatting your hard disk, you must take some precautions so that you will not lose any data from your hard disk. Make sure that you have selected the proper volume to format.  Even if you format, you must take a backup of the files so that in future you can use backup files if needed. However if you forgot to keep the backup and lost the data then you  can easily recover it using Mac Data recovery software.

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is a software which is particularly suggested to recover mac data after format. This software helps you to recover the data by carefully scanning entire Mac OS X hard drive and hence extract all lost data from it. It can quickly recover data from HFS+, HFSX, FAT, NTFS and extFAT drives. The programs offer safe easy, and fast  recovery.  It even provides view of recovered data in a Mac finder styled interface. What you need to do is just install the application on your Mac, then start the file recovery process.

The download steps are as follows:

Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software. Press here. Launch the software  and follow the instructions that you can see on the main screen. Two options, namely “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted/ Reformatted recovery” can be seen. Click on the option “Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery”. The application will now  display all the drives  that are present on your system. Select the drive from which the recovery can be done. After selection, the software display the files that are present in that particular drive. Make use of the two view types i.e “Data type” and “File type” You can even preview the files before saving in order to confirm that you have selected the right one to recover. At last, save the recovered files in the location that you prefer. But ensure that you save it in different location rather than the same.