Recover Deleted Files

Assume this situation, in order to make free space in your computer, you have decided to delete some of the unnecessary files from it. Therefore, you have selected some of the files and executed delete command. Soon after deleting the files you realized that you have deleted an important file along with the unwanted files. You were not tensed because you thought that it is safe in the recycle bin. Without been much tensed you  visited recycle bin, but for your shock! You found that the file you need was disappeared from recycle bin as well. In such situation you feel heartbroken thinking that you will be never able to get it back. However, You will be pleased to know that even if it is deleted from your recycle bin, you can still have the chance to recover it using recovery tool

You must be now thinking why the files were not saved in recycle bin. This is because when you delete large amount of data from your computer, it bypasses recycle bin and doesn’t get stored in it. But, the fact remains that nothing is permanent. This means the data still exists. To elaborate, when a file gets deleted from your computer, it is never wiped off permanently. Whenever you save some files in your computer, it occupies a specific location. Whenever a deletion occurs, the operating system marks the space as available to be used by another or some new file.  However, the data of the deleted file remain intact although invisible. The data can be retrieved until there is no overwriting.

Anyhow, If data loss occurs, you should first analyze the causes of data loss. There could be hundreds of reasons. Some of them are:

  • Accidentally deleting an important file instead of some other unwanted one
  • If your computer is attacked by the virus then you might lose some of the files from it
  • Deleting a file using “Shift + Delete” key combination bypasses the recycle bin and hence results in data loss
  • Third party application software like Antivirus deletes the file if it detects any virus
  • If you delete a file from an external drive, then it does not get redirected to recycle bin and hence results in data loss
  • Power fluctuation when file is in use leads to deletion of that particular file

You have to take immediate action if you want to recover the deleted files. So stop using your PC as soon as you have deleted important files. It is recommended you to download any good recovery software which would help you to recover deleted files instantly. One of such software is Yodot File Recovery Software. This software has the ability to recover all the deleted files from your computer and hence protects you from permanent data loss situation. Just download its free trial version to find out all the features of this software. If interested you can buy the full version. The recovery steps are as follows:

Download the software and install it to your computer. Press here to download. If at all, you want to recover files from external drive, then connect it to your computer. Now run the software and begin the recovery process. On the main window, you can see two options, namely “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. You need to select the option “Deleted File Recovery”. After you select this option, the software displays the drive present in your system. Choose the drive from where you want to recover the files and click on “Next”. The software scans the drive and shows all the files present in it. Files and folders with “Red cross” mark indicates that the files are being deleted. Mark on the files that you want to retrieve and continue by clicking “Next”. Save the recovered files in a desired location. But be careful while saving it. You might lose the file forever if you save it on the same location from where you are recovering.