Photo Recovery After Format

Consider a scenario, wherein, you have a digital camera in which you have stored lots of photos. One day you decided to transfer photos from your camera to the computer. You connect both the devices and while transferring, your camera got shut down all of a sudden after experiencing low battery. After charging you camera, you noticed that all the photos from it became inaccessible. In such case you may think that all the important photos are gone forever and cannot be recovered. But the real fact is, you can recover the photos by making use of any good photo recovery software.

The cause for photo loss from your camera is, the camera’s memory card got corrupted  after the write process was inturrupted unexpectedly. However, other than this reason there are some more reasons that leads to data loss due to formatting. Some of which are:

  • Accidental formatting – Accidentally formatting the external device when connected to your computer leads to data loss. For example, in order to transfer photos from external device, you have connected it to the computer. But, soon after connecting, it displayed an error message saying “The drive has not been formatted. Do you want to format it now?. Without paying much intention, if you click on “Yes” then all the files including photos gets deleted from the external drive and makes you suffer from data loss. In other case if you accidentally formatted your internal hard drive then also you will lose the photos
  • Formatting the drive at the time of installing OS – You can see two options while installing operating system. One is “Upgrade” and the other is “Custom”. If you select the option “Custom” then it will install the operating system but erase everything from the hard drive. In short it leads to formatting. In other case if you select option “Upgrade” and some error like power failure occurs while installing, then in this case also you might lose data from your hard drive
  • File system conversion – If you convert the file system then it results in formatting the hard drive. If you have its backup then no problem but if you have not kept its backup, then it leads to severe data loss

The above mentioned are a few common scenarios that cause inaccessibility of photos from your computer or external device. As said earlier, if you have proper backup of the formatted files, you can easily overcome the loss. But, in the unavailability of backup, you have to make use of any good photo recovery software. These software allow you to recover lost, deleted, or formatted media files.

Yodot Photo Recovery is one of the leading application that can be used for photo recovery after format. This specialized software supports various windows based devices, such as desktop, laptop, iPod, external hard drive, digital camera, etc. To evaluate this application, you can download the free trial version, which scans your storage media and provides preview of recoverable multimedia files. You just have to go according to the steps provided below:

First of all, download the software and install it to your computer. Press here. After software gets installed, run it to know about the recovery steps. If you want to perform recovery from external hard drive, then connect it to your computer. Soon after running the software, a window with two options namely “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” are displayed. Click on the option, “Lost Photo Recovery”. The software now shows all the drives including external drive present in your computer. Choose the drive from which you want to recover the photos. After selecting the drive, the software displays all the files that are present in the external drive. Click on the option “picture” to see all the pictures present in the selected drive. On the next window, you can see all the photos, select the one you want to recover and click “Next” to continue. Preview the files files before saving. At the end, save the recovered file in a desired location