Memory Stick Recovery

I captured a lot of pictures on my Sony digital camera which uses memory stick as its storage device. I connected the camera via USB in order to transfer those photos from the memory stick to computer, then an error message popped up saying, “You need to format the disk in drive D: before you can use it”. Since formatting the memory stick will result in complete data loss. Is recovery of data from memory stick possible?

When you encounter the above situation, all the data from the memory stick will be lost. But all hope is not lost you can still get back those data using an efficient photo recovery software which is safe and reliable.

When you perform any delete operation, the system won’t necessarily erase the file permanently. The files you lost still remains on the memory stick but the file is marked as deleted and the space can be used by any new data. When you add any new files such as photos or videos, it occupies the place where your deleted files were stored. If the data is overwritten by any new file, it’s almost impossible to recover data from your memory stick. For this reason you must store your memory stick in a safe place after any data loss situation.

Main Reasons for data loss on memory stick are:

  • Unexpectedly formatting the memory stick from the device or when attached to computer
  • Accidentally erasing pictures and other files from the memory stick
  • Ejecting the memory stick improperly while copying process
  • Corruption to the file system of the memory stick due to virus infection
  • Interruption while transferring files from memory stick to computer or vice versa
  • Switching the memory stick on different devices or on different OS

How recovery is possible from Memory stick?

Yodot Photo Recovery is an amazing media recovery software to perform memory stick recovery. The tool recovers data from deleted / formatted and corrupted memory stick and helps you in recovering all types of data including your music files, video clips, picture files and many more. Apart from recovering data from memory stick the tool also helps you in recovering data from other storage devices such as SD card, CF card, XD card, hard disk, iPods, digital cameras and many other devices. To try the software click here

Memory Stick recovery procedure

Remove the memory card from your Sony camera or any other storage device->Plug the memory stick to your desktop via USB or card reader->Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software to your computer->Launch the software and follow the main screen procedures->Use “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to retrieve your deleted memory stick files or use “Lost Photo Recovery” option to retrieve you lost memory stick files back-> The tool scans and displays all the drives present in your system even the external drives i.e. your memory stick->Choose the memory stick drive and click on “Next” button->The application scans and displays all the deleted / lost files from the memory stick-> Select the files which you want to recover-> Preview the picture files before saving them->Browse for the destination location to save your recovered files, although not on the drive from where you are recovering from-> The software also allows you to save your recovered files on to any optical storage device such as CDs or DVDs