Recover Phone Photos On Mac

Consider a situation – you were transferring photos from mobile phone to your Mac machine. The transfer process was about to get completed, but suddenly your mobile gets switched off due to low battery. After charging it up, you thought of transferring photos again to your Mac system. But for your surprise! you noticed not only photos but all the files present in your mobile’s memory card were invisible. Under such condition the only question arise in your mind is “Is there any recovery software to recover files from my mobile”. Well, the answer for this question is definitely Yes. With the availability of lots of recovery software, you can get all the files back from your mobile phone.

Mobile Phones are now every ones first choice device, either an elderly person or a younger one. Nowadays every persons hand is equipped with latest mobile models and everyone has its own reason to have this magic device in their hands. With the wide spread of mobile phone and the increasing capacity of memory card, many people prefer to save important files to memory card in mobile phone. Mobile phones are convenient places to store the data, but convenience can turn into disaster when you lose files from its memory card. Some of the reasons that leads to data loss from mobile phones are:

  • You may accidentally delete some of the files from your mobile while deleting some unwanted files. This leads to data loss
  • Clicking photos when your mobile phone’s battery is running out of the power results in data loss from it
  • Accidental formatting when connected to the Mac machine leads to data loss from it
  • If you delete photos by making use of “Delete all” option when connected to the Mac machine then it does not get saved in Trash Bin and hence leads to data loss from it
  • If you improperly disconnect your mobile phone while transferring files from mobile phone to the computer, then it leads to data loss
  • When transferring data if you experience sudden power failure then you might lose data from your mobile
  • If your mobile phone’s memory card is attacked by virus then you will lose files from it without any warning

However to get all the files from your mobile phone, you have to make use of any good recovery software. As said earlier, there exists lots of recovery software but the one you can prefer to recover phone photos on Mac is Yodot Mac Photo Recovery Software. By utilizing this software, you can recover even large amount of data present in the memory card.  It is cost effective and moreover virus free software. It doesn’t even take much time to recover all the files from your memory card. If you have any doubt regarding its recovery you can download its free trial version.

The recovery steps are mentioned below:

First of all, remove memory card from your mobile and connect it to the Mac machine with the help of a card reader. Now download the software and install it to your Mac system. Press here. Once the download process gets completed, install it to your computer. After the software gets installed, run it and start the recovery. On the main window, there appear two main options; they are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Make use of the option “Deleted Photo Recovery” in order to recover files that are being deleted. For lost and formatted files use the option “Lost Photo Recovery”. After selecting the suitable option, the software displays all the drives including the external drive i.e your phone’s memory card. Select the external drive and click on “Next” to continue. The application now starts scanning and once it is done, you can see all the files present in the drive you have selected. Select the files you want to recover otherwise select the option “Mark all” to select all the files by default. You can make use of the two options namely “Data Type” and “View Type” to select the files. Preview the files before saving them. Finally browse the location to save recovered files.