Recover HFS

Have you deleted or lost important files from your Mac hard drive whose file system was HFS. Have you forgot to keep backup of those files? Are you now worried thinking how to get back all the files? Well, stop thinking because you can easily get all the files by making use of any good recovery tool.

HFS stands for Hierarchical File System. It is a file system which is used to manage and store files on Mac operating system. This file system is even used in many external drives like iPods, pen drive, and etc. It is considered as a reliable and stable file system for Mac operating system. But inspite of having good features, you might encounter a problem i.e data loss. Under such situation, the HFS Volume becomes inaccessible and you cannot access files from it. There are many reasons that makes you to lose files from HFS Volume. Few of them are:

  • Accidental deletion – Sometimes in order to free the space, you might delete some of the files from your Mac hard drive. While deleting, you may accidentally choose the files that you were not intended to. Under such condition, you may face data loss
  • Catalog file corruption – These files are used by Mac file manager to store information of file hierarchy on Mac volumes. Catalog files are quite prone to corruption and may get corrupted because of some reasons such as virus infection, disk initialization accidental disk formatting, etc. Any corruption in catalog file may lead to data loss and makes you lose files from it
  • Power Failure – If there is sudden power failure while accessing files from HFS Volume or transferring files from it to the external device, then you may lose files from it
  • Volume resize – You should be careful while resizing Volume on your Mac Operating System. You need to follow the proper steps while performing this action otherwise there might be a chance of deleting any of the Volume  accidentally which leads to loss of all the data from the corresponding Volume
  • Virus attack – Virus can replicate itself and can transfer from one storage device to another. If you connect any external device to the your Mac machine which virus infected then it can transfer to your computer and may delete some of the files from HFS Volume without warning
  • Journal File Corruption – Journal files are the most crucial file on Mac operating system. These files look after the Mac OS from power surge by storing the information of previous working state so that the system can resume it when you restart. If these files getst corrupted, then you may not be able to view any files and hence leads to data loss

Thus, it is clear from all the above mentioned situation that only data recovery software can help you to overcome data loss and recover HFS files. There exists lots of recovery software but the one you can choose to recover all the files from HFS Volume is Yodot Mac File Recovery software.  This software recovers all the files in an effective and efficient way. It does not even take much to recover all the files. Its price is affordable and it is 100% virus free. The recovery steps are too easy to follow. It is as follows:

Download and install Yodot Mac File Recovery Software into your Mac system. Press here. Run the software and follow the main screen instructions. Main screen displays with two options they are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”. Use the option “Deleted File Recovery” to recover the deleted files. Make use of “Lost File Recovery” option to recover the lost files. The software scans and displays all the drives present in your Mac machine. Select the Volume from where files are to be recovered. On the next window you can see all the files present in the Volume you have selected. Select the files you want to recover. Make use of two view options i.e “Data type” and “View type” Choose “Data type” to display the files in hierarchical format or select “File Type” to view the deleted files based on the file extension format. Preview the files before saving. Finally save the recovered files in a desired location