Can you Retrieve Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy ACE

Ever been in a situation where you accidentally deleted your important photo / picture folder from your Samsung Ace smart phone and wondering on how to retrieve them back. No need to get upset go through this article to find out how

Recovery of deleted photo is possible, because when you delete any file from your cell phone device, only the memory space which the photo occupied is flagged and marked as free. Whereas the erased photos is still present in the device waiting to be recovered, so in order to maximize the chances of recovery it is suggested to stop using your Samsung Galaxy device to store any new data.

Main reasons for photo deletion from Samsung Ace are:

  • Unintentional deletion: Accidentally deleting photo files from the mobile or when connected to the system is one of the main reason for photo loss from Galaxy Ace
  • Virus attack: Virus infection on the mobile phones SD card leads to corruption and in turn result in photo deletion
  • Unauthorized software or user: An third party software application or an unauthorized user deleting your photo or other media files without your knowledge
  • Interruption while copying process: Photos are also deleted if there is any interruption while copying or transferring files from your Ace smart phone to computer or vice versa
  • Other reasons: Other reasons include phones card corruption, hardware failure, application malfunction and many more

How to recover deleted photo files after such situations?

It is definitely possible to retrieve deleted photo files as long as it is not overwritten by any new data using powerful android data recovery software. To know more visit this page

Yodot Android Data Recovery is among the finest and reliable software to recover deleted photo files from your Samsung Galaxy device. The software not only recovers deleted but also recovers lost photo files and apart from photos the tool also recovers other media files like video, sound, and application. Additional to this the software recovers files from all android smart phone manufacturers like Sony, Dell, LG, Motorola, Micromax, HTC and many other phones. To use the software click on this link

Recovering photos using the software:

Download Yodot Android Data Recovery application to your Windows PC->Attach your Samsung galaxy Ace Android phone to that computer->Open the software and stick to the main screen procedures->Click on “Deleted File Recovery” option to recover your deleted photo files->The tool scans and detects your Samsung Ace device, choose the drive and click “Next” button->The tool repeats the scanning process and displays all the deleted photos and other media files from your Samsung galaxy ace phone->Choose the files which you want to recover and click on “Next”->Preview the photos and other media files before saving->Save your recovered files to your desired destination location, although not to the same device from where you are recovering from which might result in overwriting