How To Recover Lost iPod Files

Consider a situation, you have connected your iPod to the computer in order to move some files. But while moving, you have accidentally removed the cable of iPod thinking that all files have been copied. When you opened your iPod in order check whether your files are there or not, you have noticed that all files are missing from it. Under such condition you may think that you have lost it forever. Well, if you somehow managed to lose all of your favorite songs, videos or photos from your iPod then you will be pretty happy to know that they have not been permanently deleted or lost and can still be retrieved.

iPods have become an integral part of many people’s lives. They are an extremely valued as it helps many people to relax themselves by listening to music when they are tensed. You may store most of your media files on iPod including all of your favorite songs, photos or videos that you consider as meaningful. However files present in it are not safe. You may lose it due to certain reasons.

You will lose photos and other files if the iPod is frozen, been formatted corrupted, or you accidentally hit the iTunes restore button. However the good thing to know is, you can recover it with the aid of any good recovery software. Because the files that you lost are not removed from your iPod. They will be still present in it but you can’t access them unless you recover it. However success depends more or less on how quickly you act.

One of the simple yet powerful software that you can easily trust to recover files from iPod is Yodot Photo Recovery Software. This software can retrieve deleted MP3, MP4, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, WAV and many file formats. It is extremely easy to use and any iPod can be easily connected to the Windows system with USB port and easily accessed like the normal removable device. Once if the application completely scans your iPod, it will display the list of the found files. You may preview and also play all those found files before completing the iPod recovery, only to make sure that the files you are retrieving are the correct files. The software is easy to use as it offers graphical user interface. It doesn’t need the technical knowledge and any one can effortlessly use it. Go through this page to know more.

The steps that can be followed to recover files from iPod are:

Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software to your laptop or computer. Press here to get the demo version. Run the program and start the recovery process. The primary window will be displayed which has two options namely “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Select the option “Deleted File Recovery” in the window. After selection, the software shows the drives that are contained in your system. It even displays the external drive i.e your iPod. Now choose external drive from where you wanted to recover the files. When you select the drive, the program starts scanning and displays the recoverable files present in the selected drive. The files with red cross mark shows that they are deleted one. You can also see two view types i.e. “Data Type” and “File Type”. You may make utilization of both of these view types to make your recover process easy. Now choose the files that you desire to recover. Preview the files before saving these to ensure that you have selected the correct one to recover. Finally save the files in desired location. Ensure that you don’t save the recovered files in the same location from where you are recovering to prevent overwriting.