PPT File Not Opening PowerPoint

PowerPoint file has been used by many people in order to make attractive and innovative presentation. It includes features such as design, animations, slides texts etc. which can be utilized to prepare a well organized PowerPoint file. Many users especially businessmen and students make use of this file so that they can present it nicely in front of their colleagues and lectures. However, at times it may so happen that the PPT file that you prepared by collecting information refuse to open and leave you in confused state.

Let us take an example to explain above case. Assume that you have prepared PPT file related to your business product and it was created in such a way that you had the hope that your meeting with the client will go good and they will accept your business proposal. When the day came, you thought of glancing over the presentation before the meeting starts. But as soon as you tried to open PPT file, it displayed a message that “Cannot open the file. This does not seem like a PPT file“. In such case what will you do? Doesn’t it look scary? Off course it is!!! But instead of wasting time on thinking about it you should go online and search for the software. Yes, there are many tools which have been specially developed to overcome the problem of PPT file error.

However the error message indicates that your PPT file is corrupted and there are many situations that leave presentation file in a corrupted state. Few are given below:

  • Improper closure: It is recommended to close PowerPoint file properly after you complete your work. Sometimes the PPT file does not respond and in such case if you force to close it then it will result in PPT file corruption
  • Due to the use of Recovery software: When you use recovery software to recover deleted or lost PPT file, the recovery software scans your hard drive sector by sector and recovers the files. If the PPT file is fragmented then the recovered files becomes corrupt and refuse to open
  • Inappropriate installation of software: If MS office tool is not installed correctly then it might corrupt not only PPT file and other files such as Word, excel etc.
  • Changing file format: If you change the file format of PowerPoint presentation file for example from PPT to PPTX and again from PPTX to PPT then it may corrupt the PPT file

There exist some other causes, but whatever the reason may be, the only way to overcome it is repair software. Therefore you can now able to fix PPT file not opening PowerPoint by relying on any good software such as Yodot PPT Repair.

Yodot PPT Repair is the one which takes utmost care of the corrupted PPT file and hence repairs it without damaging it further. It can repair PPT, PPTX and PPS file instantly. The best feature of this software is it gets installed quickly and also the repair steps are less and gets completed within a couple of minutes. You can download its trial version and start the repair process and also see the repair results. But to save it, you have to purchase the full version with an affordable price. The repair steps are as follows.

First of all, download the software. Press here. After the software gets installed, run it and start to repair the PPT file. On the main screen, the software asks you to browse for the damaged PPT file. Choose the file and then click on “Repair”. The software now commences to repair the file and once it gets repaired, the repaired details are displayed in a window and you can preview the repaired PowerPoint presentation. At last save repaired PPT file in a location that you prefer.