Recover Accidentally Deleted Files from External Hard Drive

“I had to format my desktop hard drive; hence I took backup all data into external hard drive. Then I formatted my system hard disk successfully. Later, I connected my external hard disk to transfer files and folders back to system drive. But, I ran into serious trouble as I accidentally deleted very important folder from my external hard drive, which consisted of various sub folders and files, which is now completely lost. Is there any way to recover erased data from my external hard disk?”

Yes one can recover accidentally erased data from external hard drives with less effort. External hard drives are greatly used as backup storage devices to store numerous data from desktops and laptops. Hence deletion of backup files from these removable drives will cause severe loss of data. This is not the only situation where data from external HDDs gets deleted; users can come across other scenarios in which files from external hard drives are lost due to deletion.

One of the major situations of accidental deletion from external hard disk is deleting wrong content/files. While removing certain files from removable hard drive that are not required for further use, user may mistakenly erase other file which is of extreme importance. Files will be completely erased from the portable hard drive and it cannot be manually restored back as the file bypasses Recycle Bin folder.

Similarly, accidental formatting of external hard drive will also cause deletion of files. This is because, when a portable hard drive or any other storage media is formatted, the crucial information that is required to access files and folders saved on it will be erased during the process. Thus data will be made invisible to the OS as well as to users, even though it is still preset on that drive.

Defragmentation is another cause for accidental data deletion on external hard drives. While using defragmentation tools to perform external hard disk defrag process, chances are high that files may be erased without confirmation. Thus users might face loss of data.

Also, data from external hard disk drives may be deleted due to the influence of third party applications such as viruses, anti-virus software, etc. These programs completely erase data from external drives without any notice. Further, moving files from external HDD to system drive using CUT and PASTE options may also cause accidental deletion of those files due to interruptions in the process.

When users face loss of data due to its deletion then making use of good recovery tool would be the best solution. Yodot File Recovery is one such utility that yield best results in recovering deleted data. This tool can recover accidentally deleted files from external hard drive, system drive and USB flash drives on Windows OS based computers. The software can retrieve vivid file types like MS Office files,  picture files, audios, video files, PDFs, executable files (.exe), etc. from external hard drives of different file systems and different models.

Know how to use Yodot File Recovery tool to restore deleted drive data:

Connect your external hard drive to a Windows system. Press here and download the software on the same system. Install the utility by following the instructions and run it. In the main window you will find two options, select “Deleted File Recovery” option and proceed.  In the next screen, the software shows all logical and physical drives present on the system. Select the drive to which external hard drive is associated to. Now the software completely scans for all the deleted files on the drive and provides a list of it. From the list you can select whichever files you need to restore and also you can preview them before restoring. Next, specify your desired location on the system drive to save those recovered files and finish the recovery process.