Get Back Files from Windows Vista

“I have stored some files related to work in my computer which is running on Windows Vista OS. As those files were very important, I took special care. But since yesterday files are missing from my computer. I don’t know exactly what the reason behind deletion of files. Can anyone tell me what could be the reason responsible for disappearance and the way to overcome it?”

All of you might have faced above situation once in your lifetime. The reason why files got lost is viruses. It is the destructive programs that destroy your files without any notification. In the explained scenario the files might have been infected with the viruses and as a result data loss happened. But you need not bother about deleted files because by employing any good recovery software you can get them back provided the files were not overwritten.

Few other reasons responsible for Deleted file loss from Windows Vista

  • Recycle Bin Bypass: If you delete large sized file then it won’t get redirected to Recycle Bin and you will lose it from Windows Vista
  • Deletion using Shift + Delete: In case you use “Shift+ Delete” keys, then the file doesn’t get stored in Recycle Bin and you will lose it permanently from your computer
  • Deleting using MS DOS: When you use Command Prompt then files automatically gets deleted without storing to Recycle Bin
  • Antivirus scanning: When you run antivirus, it may scan the drive and delete some files if it finds harmful viruses. If the files are of great importance, then you may lose it
  • Human errors: Many times you may accidentally choose files without checking it properly and give command to delete it. If you realize your mistake, you can restore it from Recycle Bin. But if you empty Recycle Bin, then it results in losing all the files

No matter what cases you met and deleted files from your Windows Vista, do not attempt to copy additional files before attempting file recovery as it will overwrite the deleted files and make your files lose permanently from Windows Vista.

If you want best recovery software that could help you to provide suitable answer for your question on how to restore permanently deleted files in Windows Vista, then Yodot File Recovery could be your better choice. It can bring back files your files deleted due to any causes. You will be able to restore deleted files and folder with ease and within few minutes. You may not think about the safety of your files because this software is 100% safe and does not modify original content of the data. Follow below given steps to restore your files from Windows Vista.

Download and install Yodot File Recovery software and install it to your computer. Go here for trial version. Once the installation is done, run it and begin the recovery. You will find two options on the main screen they are, “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File recovery”. If you want to recover accidentally deleted files, then make use of the option “Deleted File Recovery”. If you have lost it without your knowledge then use the option “Lost File Recovery”. Once you choose the option, you can see all the drives present in your computer. The software even displays the external drive, if you have connected it. Mark on the drive from where recovery can be done and click on “Next” to continue. On the next window you can see all file types. Make use of the search box in order to search for the files you are looking for. Now you can see the files which are recoverable. Select the files that you want to recover. Finally save recovered files in a desired location.