How Do I Recover PowerPoint Presentation?

You have been asked by your senior colleague to give a presentation regarding you upcoming projects. Therefore in order to get appreciation from your colleagues, you put lots of efforts to prepare a well organized and attractive presentation. After your work is done, you decided to clean up your desktop by erasing all the unnecessary files. But as you were selecting unwanted files, you did not notice that you have chosen your PowerPoint file along with it. Soon after selection, you removed the files by using “Shift + Delete” Keys. In that particular situation, the only question that may strike in your mind is “How do I recover PowerPoint Presentation within a short time?”

However, every question has answer, so if you have above mentioned query then answer is really very simple. There are many empowered recovery tools with the aid of which you can recover PowerPoint presentation and its items such as animations, images texts, etc. But before you proceed further to recover PowerPoint file, you should spend some time in reading the situations that makes you delete or lose PowerPoint file from your system. This is because; you can be cautious next time when you are using your computer if you know the causes for data loss. Just refer below given points.

  • Deleting files without checking: There are some users who have the habit of deleting files without checking it properly. If you use only delete key then it is quite easy to restore files from Recycle Bin. Suppose in case if you delete presentation file using “Shift + Delete” keys or in case its size is large then it refuses to store it in recycle bin and you may not get manual option to restore it
  • Virus interference: Programs like viruses are dangerous threats which may get into your computer without your knowledge. If you are using authenticated antivirus software, you can easily eliminate the viruses from your computer. But, if the viruses are hazardous, then even antivirus software cannot clash with it and as a result of this, you may not lose only PowerPoint file but other data from your system
  • Power breakdown: If you are working on PowerPoint file using laptop, you should charge it so that you may not get interruptions such as power failure. Similarly when you are working on PC, you should make use of UPS to deal with power fluctuation. Suppose if you forget to charge your laptop and also if power failure happens due to the absence of UPS when you are working on PPT in desktop, then you may lose the PowerPoint file
  • Deleting files from external storage media: when you delete PPT/PPTX file from external storage device, your computer display a message which asks whether you want to delete it permanently. It clearly indicates that the deleted items do not get redirected to Recycle Bin. If you ignore the message and proceed further to delete the file then you may lose it

You may once again create the Presentation file if you have time but you cannot create it the way you have prepared it before and also you may not get the interest that you have showed to prepare it before you lost it. So in such case what you need is a recovery software preferably Yodot File Recovery. This software can guide you to recover PPT/PPTX/PPS files in a proper way so that you can get it back without any complications. It provides two different options which help to categorize both deleted and lost PPT file. It can not only recover PowerPoint file but also other files such as word, excel, access, outlook etc. You need not take help from anyone to handle this software because it is too easy that you only can operate it.

The steps are elaborated below for easy recovery:

First of all download Yodot File Recovery software and install it to your computer. Go here. As soon as the software gets installed, run it to find out the recovery steps. On the main screen you will find two options which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery. Click on any one option according to the situation you have faced. On the next window, there appear all the drives present in your computer. Select the drive from which you need to recover PowerPoint Presentation files. As soon as you select the files, you can see file types present in your computer. Choose the files that you want to recover. Next window displays the files that indicate which is deleted one and which is lost one. Mark on the files that you want to retrieve. Preview files before you save and at the end choose the location to store the recovered files.