Repairing Broken AVI File


I have some 2 AVI files with the name Tmp1.avi and raw2.avi, they were present on the desktop screen. I had just copied some data from my friends pen drive to my laptop. After finishing off the work with pen drive, I double clicked on the Tmp1.avi file, but to my surprise an error popped up stating that AVI file is broken. I tried playing another AVI file present in my laptop but ended up with the same problem. Was wondering what the problem might be, all of sudden it flashed out that the pen drive that I had used to carry out some work had lead some virus into my laptop and it damaged not only the .avi files but also all the other files that were saved in the computer.

Please Help! I seriously need those files as they were my important lectures.

Get to know all the information that causes corruption to the AVI files as result of which they are broken and hence become unplayable in any of the media players:

  • Sudden loss of power when the AVI file is being previewed can sometimes cause corruption leading to broken AVI file
  • Bad sectors present on the hard drive where the AVI file is stored can lead to AVI file header being damaged as a result of which it becomes unplayable
  • If your computer is infected with virus from sources like internet or from other external storage media can corrupt AVI files present in the partition
  • Use of unsuitable media players for playing AVI files in your laptop or desktop can sometimes lead to broken AVI file due to which they become unplayable

There nothing you can do once the AVI files have been corrupted, but just have to look out and install the best AVI repair tool that can fix damage done to the file and hence make the content available for the user.

Broken AVI File Repair:

There are many applications that are available for us to repair and recover the entire video content of AVI file. The most recommended program to fix broken AVI files will be Yodot AVI Repair which is built in with powerful scanning algorithms which allows the user to fix the damage done to broken AVI file in short duration of time. Make use of the simple graphical user interface programmed, you can preview the repaired AVI file and then save it to the relevant location. Along with fixing of AVI file, the different video formats repaired by the AVI repair application are DIVX and XVID. Install the demo version of the tool and get to know how to repair your AVI file. Once satisfied with the results, purchase the key to activate the full version, so that repaired AVI file can be saved.

Simple working procedure to repair broken AVI files:

Click on this link to download Yodot AVI Repair tool in your computer. Install the application by logging in as local system administrator. After the completion of the installation process, you can view the shortcut icon on the desktop. Launch the program and follow the onscreen steps to repair broken AVI file. Click on browse button and select the broken AVI file, now click on the Repair that beings the repair process. After the completion of the repair process, you are provided with the repaired file description. The user can preview or choose to save the AVI file with the help of the options provided. Next, select the destination location as to where the AVI file needs to be saved.

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Make use of powerful antivirus applications to remove viruses from computer
  • Save your AVI files on more than one storage devices
  • Install suitable media players to play your AVI files