How to Recover Data from Partitioned Hard Drive

“While creating partition on my Windows computer using “Disk Management Utility” my system got shut down due to power outage. When power resumed, I have turned it so that I can try to create partition once again. But for my surprise the existing partition from which I thought of creating one more partition was no longer present in my computer. Does anyone know how I can get back partition along with the files and folders present in it?”

Many computer users face this kind of situation and lose partition from their computer. Hence it is advised to take back up of important files and folders before creating partition. However, few users think that they will not face data loss and go further to create partition without maintaining backup. Under such circumstances when they face data loss they start regretting about losing files. But do not worry; your files are still present in computer but invisible to you. To make it visible you should first restore using partition recovery software.

Instances responsible for partition loss from Windows computer

  • While deleting unwanted partition that holds unneeded files, you may accidentally choose important files and delete it. Similarly while creating partition; you may accidentally delete existing partition. In both cases you will lose partition from your computer
  • In case your computer is infected with the viruses, you may lose few files from it. But if viruses are dangerous then it make partition corrupted and makes it inaccessible
  • When there is any software malfunction then partitioned drive becomes inaccessible and you will lose it from your Windows computer
  • Other issues for data loss from partitioned hard drive include, hard drive failure, OS crash, Master Boot Record corruption, etc.

These situations can easily be avoided by keeping few points in mind. Following are some of them:

  • Do not try to repartition hard drive when you don’t have proper knowledge about it
  • Even if you try to partition a hard drive make sure that you keep backup of it
  • Make use of antivirus software to combat with dangerous viruses

But if you miss any point and lost data then just relax!!! Data recovery from partitioned drive is very easy. What you need is software that could help you to rescue data from partitioned hard drive. Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is one of the supreme software that has all the qualities which help to retrieve each and every file from partitioned hard drive. It supports to recover files like photos, videos music and many more from partitioned hard drive. You may even categorize files according to size name and date. Adding to this, it will also allow you to preview media files to confirm your selection. The steps to recover files from partitioned hard drive are as follows:

First of all download the software and then install it to your computer. Go here. Run the application and then follow the instructions given on the screen. Choose the option “Partition Recovery” out of the two. You will now see physical drive present in your computer. Make your selection and then select partition that needs to be recovered. Allow software to scan selected drive and then choose file types to be recovered. Choose files by making use of two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”. Preview media files and choose a location to save recovered files.