Smart App to Retrieve Deleted Files on MacBook

MacBook laptops are one of the most popular innovative gadgets from Apple Inc. These laptop models are enabled with faster flash storage, advanced graphics and new generation’s fastest processors along with many powerful apps like iMovie, iPhoto, Pages, GarageBand etc. Due to such amazing features, everybody will love to use this incredible laptop.  However when it comes about data security, it lacks in this phase like other storage devices. You may encounter deletion of crucial files on MacBook laptop under following circumstances:

  • If you press “Command + shift + option + delete” keys combination on MacBook keyboard, it will empty the Trash without displaying any notification message
  • Deletion of files via MacBook Terminal also causes the same problem and then you cannot find files in Trash bin
  • Files may be erased as an action of third party tool
  • If you have enabled Auto empty Trash option, some important files may be erased  from MacBook that are residing in the Trash

After the files are erased, it is important to stop saving files on MacBook hard disk to evade overwriting of deleted information. It is a primary action you should take in order to achieve complete data recovery. Also, selection of file recovery tool is another very important action to accomplish effective and easy retrieval of files on MacBook.

Yodot Mac File Recovery application is the most referred utility to extract deleted files on MacBook. It is designed to ensure perfect and easy retrieval of deleted or missing files and folders on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptop. Also it can be utilized to recover videos, pictures, songs, documents and other kinds of files from different Mac OS X devices i.e. Mac Mini, iMac etc. It works smoothly on Mac systems that are running with Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and other latest OS X platform. If you have deleted files from any removable storage device such as iPod, USB drive, memory cards, external HDD, SSD drive etc, this software will help you to get back erased files from removable drives on MacBook.

Procedure to restore deleted files on MacBook:

Press here to download Yodot Mac File Recovery application on your MacBook laptop and install it properly -> Launch the software and follow the instructions present on main screen -> You can see two option i.e. “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” on main screen -> Select “Deleted File Recovery” option and proceed to the next step -> This utility scans the entire MacBook laptop and lists out all logical drives -> Choose particular hard drive volume from which you want restore deleted files and click on “Next” option -> You will get a window displaying retrieved files in “Data View” or “File Type View” -> Finally, specified desired location on your MacBook to save  rescued files.