How to Retrieve Encrypted Files from SD Card?

“Hello, I own a SD memory card on digital camera to save all captured pictures and videos. However, today a problem rose after scanning the card with antivirus tool on my system. Few files from SD card are missing after scanning it; these lost files are very important for me. Can anyone suggest me on how to recover encrypted files from SD card? Please help.”

SD flash memory card is the most popular and widely used memory device to hold valuable data from digital gadgets. Its compact size and huge storage memory can hold variant file types and this card is compatible to work on different gadgets. Users can store photos, videos, audio files, etc. on SD memory card with ease. One can even encrypt files on SD card by providing security password. But, certain times, such encrypted files can get deleted or lost from SD card in vivid scenarios.

Some of the common ways of losing encrypted files from SD card are mentioned here:

  • Unintended deletion of files while browsing for other files on SD card
  • Deleting encrypted files accidentally from SD card on Windows system when card is connected to it
  • Formatting SD card as it shows format error or corrupt file system error
  • Using SD card on multiple storage devices, saving more data when there is no sufficient memory on card, malware infection, etc. can damage SD card making all its files inaccessible

In these ways when encrypted files from SD card gets missing or erased then it creates panic for users. But there is no need to worry till the card is used to store new data after file loss. Yes, this is because, no deletion or loss process can erase files completely from SD memory card. Files will be intact in the same memory location but are not recognized to access them. Thus, by implementing good card recovery program it is simple to retrieve lost or erased files that are encrypted on SD card.

The best utility to bring back encrypted files from SD card is Yodot Photo Recovery. This software is excellent enough to get back all media file types from flash memory cards like SD, SDHC, micro SD, CF, mini SD, SDXC, MMC, XQD, SM, memory stick and others. Also, the software is compatible to restore files like photos, videos, music and RAW images from various memory cards with ease. Apart from memory cards, one can use this tool to rescue media files from system hard drive, external drive, pen drive, SSD, etc. that are formatted with FAT16, NTFS, FAT32, NTFS5, ReFS and ExFAT file systems. This software is flexible to run on Windows OS computers like Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003. Mac users can avail Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool to regain SD card files on OS X Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion OS X computers.

Procedure to regain encrypted files from SD card:

Download the software on a Windows computer and install it. Connect your SD memory card to this computer as to retrieve encrypted files from it. Run the program and wait for main screen. Here click on Deleted Photo Recovery / Lost Photo Recovery option according to file loss from SD card. Next, select the drive that is associated with SD memory card connected externally to the system (from which files have to be restored). Also, mention the file types that are to be recovered from SD memory card. Next, software scans the card to retrieve all lost / erased encrypted files. Later, Preview files in Data View and /or File Type View and save it to desired destination location other than SD card.