Recover Media Files from Windows 8

Please help me; I have erased my media files from Windows 8 system. This unforgettable gaffe happened couple of days before when copying all media files to Windows 8 computer. Instead of clicking on copy option, I unintentionally pressed on Delete option and cleared all files. I checked Recycle Bin but can’t find those files; these are very essential media files to me. To my bad luck I neither have backup of those erased files. Can anybody recommend good solution to recover media files from Windows 8 operating system?

Windows 8 is popular operating system developed by Microsoft Office. It is latest version enriched with rich graphic interface. Windows 8 has advanced features and consists of ReFS file system with vast accessibility of data on computer. Windows 8 operating system has simple interface and good compatibility to store various formats of files. However, even Windows 8 users are prone to loss or deletion of files. Along with above explained issue, let us view few other scenarios for loss and deletion of media files on Windows 8:

  • Deleting media files using command prompt may tend to permanent deletion of those files
  • When downloading unprotected application from internet on Windows 8 OS it can lead to loss of media files
  • If any interruption occur while transferring media files from one location to other by utilizing Cut-Paste option, then you might lose those media files
  • You would unintentionally format Windows 8 hard drive which wipes out all files present in it
  • Using illegitimate antivirus tool to scan for virus threats on Windows 8 computer can sometimes erase infected files directly

Getting back such deleted or lost media files from Windows 8 desktop is not a complex task. By using eminent media file recovery application, one can easily retrieve those files.

Tool to recover media files from Windows 8:

Yodot Photo Recovery is prominent application to recover deleted or lost media files from Windows 8 computer. It can recover media files from external hard disk drive, memory sticks, FireWire drives, USB drives, pen drives, etc. Apart from media files, this utility can get back documents, PPT files, Excel sheets, RAR files and many other files. Along with Windows 8 operating system; this software is compatible on Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Procedure to retrieve media files from Windows 8:

Download Yodot Photo Recovery software on Windows 8 computer and install it. Visit here. After running the tool you will get two options on main screen namely ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ and ‘Lost Photo Recovery’. Just choose required option and select drive from where those media files have to be retrieved. Now allow it to scan and view restored media files in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’. If satisfied with results then save recovered media files using ‘Save’ option in new destination location.