How to Recover Partitioned Hard Drive Data?

“I had a hard drive failure on a HP Pavilion computer.  It seems the file location has been damaged. With the help of some free data recovery software, it is able to see the size of each partition and even start finding files. For my bad luck I am unable to recover data from partitioned hard drive. Help me out by giving best solution to recover partitioned hard drive data”.

Partitions are a way of dividing up an area into separate sections that we can use for different functions. A hard drive can be just one single partition, it can be split up into a number of individual partitions. It can be used to isolate operating systems from each other or keep data more organized and secure by moving it out of the operating system’s partition and into its own dedicated space. In most of times user may lose their essential data from partitioned hard drive on Windows system due to several reasons as mentioned below:

  • During hard drive partitioning process one may mistakenly format the partition on Windows system
  • Accidentally one may select and delete a partition while resizing hard drive
  • Using third party tools like Partition Magic, Partition Manager and others to partition hard disk drive
  • Interruptions like sudden power failure, system shutdown or following incorrect instructions to partition hard disk drive may result in data loss
  • Using Windows Disk Management utility and accidentally deleting partitions
  • Due to partition corruption hard drive may fails to boot, while trying to make dual / multi OS boot installation

Data can be lost or deleted or corrupted during partitioning hard drive due to above facts. In such cases make use of hard drive recovery software to retrieve data from partitioned hard drive

Software to retrieve partitioned hard drive data:

Yodot Hard Drive Data Recovery will recover partitioned hard drive data on Windows system. This software scans entire hard drive to identify all partitions or for finding lost and missing partitions on hard disk and to restore files from these partitions in simple steps. It will regain data even after formatting the partition to a different file system. Partition is deleted or lost while repartitioning a hard drive i.e. re-sizing, removing or adding a partition to the hard drive can be retrieved using this application. This tool will restore data from hidden or inaccessible partitions. It can also recover data from formatted/re-formatted and damaged partitions/drives on hard drive after any unexpected data loss scenario. This utility will works compatibly on Windows 10. Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server2003 and 2000.

Simple procedure to regain data from partition hard drive disk:

Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to Windows  system-> Run the program and follow given steps on main screen-> On main screen you can see two options namely “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery” -> Choose “Partition Recovery”  option to recover data from partition -> Then utility  will shows physical and all logical as well as external drives associated with the Windows system-> Select the drive and click on “Next” button->Select the files that you need to recover; otherwise just click on “Skip” to select all the files by default-> Then application will scans the selected drive ->Once scanning process gets completed regained  files can viewed  in 2 forms “File Type View” or “Data View” -> You can view recovered files by pressing “Preview” option -> Finally  you can save recovered data to target location or else store on some external storage drive apart from same victim hard drive.