Different Ways of Taking Screenshots on Mac system

You must be shocked after reading the heading. Don’t you?? But it’s true, by accessing keyboard shortcuts you can really take a screenshot of entire display within a minute. Mac has makes everything so easy as if you want to capture only a single part of entire display screen, simply drag a box around the designated area which you want to capture and your work is done.

Here’s a guide which lets you know how to take a screenshot on a Macintosh systems:


1. Press Command+Shift+ctrl+3 keys to capture full screen and save it to clipboard


2. Now, to select screenshot area hit on Command+shift+4 keys and save it to clipboard

Note: By pressing Command+Shift+4 keys combination, you will get crosshair for selecting the desired section with the mouse. After you hit the initial shortcut, if you want to perform further related operation then refer below points to perform the desired one.

 To cancel your screen shorts Click-> Escape button
 To move the selections while locking the aspect ratio press Space button for longer time
 To change pointer into camera and grabbing full window Click-> Spacebar button
 To grow your selection from the center hold option
 To lock in vertical or horizontal position hold Shift key
 To lock in horizontal or vertical while moving the locked selection press Shift and Space keys combinations

Another Alternative way:
 First open an image in Preview-> click on File menu-> go down the list until you find Take Screenshot option-> after selecting you will get three screenshot options-> Now it’s your choice, whether you want to take screenshot of entire image or your entire screen or only selected area on the image.

 However, it is advisable to go with the first method because the present version of preview has some limitations
 It supports preview for images having TIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, MBP, or PDF file extensions
 Editing of screenshot allowed only if it is inside the open image but there is no customizing for boxes across the entire displayed screen

Taking and saving Mac screenshots
Basically, when we are taking screen shots then Mac will automatically time stamp the screenshot with the day and time it was taken and save it as a PNG to your desktop. However, in case of many screenshots system will soon become messy by files of different names. So, to come out of such cases make use of via Terminal commands or any third-party software for moving used screen shots to trash.