Cyrcle Mobile Phone

Propofonaist Christina Cyr and Linda Inagawa started working at Microsoft. They came with idea to change the design of mobile phone by providing useful features. Both Christina Cyr and Linda Inagawa built their own company called “Dtoor” which stands for “Designing the opposite of rectangle”. First they introduced Cyrcle product round a mobile phone.

As mobile is introduced, many company like Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry and so has designed mobiles in different way and built with useful features. The goal of   Dtoor is to re-energise the smartphone itself with some more interesting designs than the boring old rectangle.

Their first planned product is the Cyrcle, which is reminiscent of a make-up compact or pocket watch. Its prototype is 3D-printed and the innards are built from a Seed RePhone Kit. This kit contains the open source components to knock up your own modular DIY phone. The cost of this mobile is around $600.

The first generation of Cyrcle is a simple 2G model. It is available via crowdfunding website Kickstarter in August at a cost of $100. An improved 4G version is then slated for the following year, August 2017. The main goal of this model is to create dual edge-to-edge screens and Android software.

The driving forces behind the design of the Cyrcle was Cyr’s frustration. The Cyrcle is circular to fit into smaller and rounded pockets or it can be clipped or dangled about your person as a wearable.

If you prefer to carry your phone in your handbag or clutch, you can easily carry this Cyrcle device. This device alert you to messages or updates from an inner circle. In the case of full-time moms like Cyr and Inagawa, that could be the kids and family where you can enjoy your life with this Cyrcle device.