Repairing Broken MS Word 2007 Document

Whenever a Word file is broken, it won’t allow you to add or modify its content. Sometimes the document refuses to open and generates errors. In other instances it opens with unrecognizable characters in it. Moreover, system stops responding if you try to open it. Because of such cases, fixing broken Word file becomes even more complicated, yet it is important.

There are numerous reasons behind broken Word 2007 file; some of them are listed below:

  • When Word file is converted from one format to another and meanwhile any major interruption take place, then it will leave Word file in broken state
  • Sudden system termination while making changes on Word document
  • Other causes like Macro virus, inappropriate installation of Microsoft Word, file system corruption, etc

As your Doc 2007 file is in broken state, you might be looking for a way to repair, right? If yes, then stop your worries and make use of Microsoft’s in-built functionality i.e. ‘Open and Repair’. You may also try switching its document view to remove damaged content from it. To do so, first copy your broken 2007 Word files and apply below steps on it:

Step 1>>Determine page numbers on which the damaged content is causing the document to appear to be truncated >> In Word, click File on the Ribbon, and then click Open >> Click the damaged document, and then click Open >> Scroll to view the last page that is displayed before the document appears to be truncated. Note the content that appears on that page.

Step 2>> Switch views and then remove the damaged content:  On the View tab of the Document Views group, click Web Layout or Draft view >> Scroll to view the content that was displayed before the document appeared to be truncated >> Select and delete the next paragraph, table, or object in the file >> On the View tab in the Document Views group, click Print Layout. If the document continues to appear to be truncated, continue to switch views and delete content until the document no longer appears truncated in Print Layout view >> Save the document.

The above-mentioned both methods will troubleshoot Word 2007 issues. However, due to any reason, if these methods didn’t work, it means your Doc 2007 file has encountered sever corruption. But, don’t panic, this page also have a solution to resolve such issues on Word files. Head here to find that…

Tool to repair broken Word 2007 file:

Yodot Doc Repair software streamlines the process of repairing broken Word 2007 document. This software can repair ‘.DOC/.DOCX’ files with their original format without any intact. Along with 2007, MS Word other versions like 2000, 2002, 2003, 2010, 2013, 2016 can also be fixed with this tool. Once a file is repaired using this tool, fixed Word document can be saved as new healthy Word file. In order to use this tool, follow below-written steps…

Instructive guide to repair broken 2007 Doc file:

Download repair application on your Windows system from this link >> Install and run the program >> Later setup the tool, in first screen select the broken or corrupt Word 2007 file that you want to fix up and click for “Repair” button >> After completion of DOC file fixing process, it provides you with a “Preview” option to view repaired Word file >> Finally, browse for destination location, where you desire to save fixed Word 2007 file and click “Save” button