10 Tips for Troubleshooting Outlook Problems

Some of the largest business conduct their scheduling, emailing and calendaring via Outlook and is also extending rampantly through small and medium sized business. So it’s common that users might have lots of problems with it, such as start-up problems, slow response, freezing, corrupt profile or PST, etc.

10 troubleshooting steps to assist MS Outlook users

This article will be highlighting top 10 handy troubleshooting tips that will help you in resolving MS Outlook problems on your Windows PC.

Note: The solutions explained below apply to all Outlook versions including MS Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007 that are running on any versions of Windows OS.

Step #1: Scan PST file

PST file errors are inevitable and they can potentially disrupt Outlook from working properly. When Outlook stops working, you should make use of inbuilt Inbox repair tool called scanpst.exe to scan and fix issues with PST. If the Outlook .pst file is large, it might take a long time to complete the process. Read more here to fix errors in PST file with advanced Inbox repair tool. Yodot Outlook PST Repair software will let you quickly scan and view contents of corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file.

Step #2: Archive Outlook data file (.pst)

At times, the Outlook PST file gets cluttered with lots of emails, meeting requests, calendar entries, notes, etc. and your PST file will eventually reach its maximum limit. As a result, Outlook becomes sluggish and might even stop responding. Thus, archiving your PST file will resolve issues associated with an oversized PST.

Step #3: Rename Offline Storage Table (OST)

Sometimes, renaming the current OST file is enough to fix plenty of Outlook problems. Begin by closing Outlook and open the folder that contains Outlook data file. Select data file with extension .ost and change it to something like .old. Next, when Outlook opens, it will rebuild OST file and Outlook will be working properly.

Step #4: Rebuild or delete Outlook profile

If you have no options, then delete the Outlook profile. There are two ways to delete the profile.

  • When Outlook uses the POP account, you need to first export the current Inbox as a data file which could be reimported back after a POP account is re-created.
  • If Outlook is connected to either Exchange server or IMAP account, you just need to delete the profile and re-add them. To do this, open Control Panel and navigate to Mail/Profiles and delete the desired profile.

Step #5: Disable unwanted add-ons

Outlook will become extremely slower if the more add-ons are installed. To resolve this problem, go to Trust center, disable unwanted add-ons and restart Outlook normally.

Step #6: Disable virus scan

Emails send/receive from Outlook are scanned by antivirus tools. Sometimes, antivirus detectors can slow your Outlook. In such case, temporarily disable antivirus Outlook connection to check whether the problem is solved. If it does, then update your antivirus tool or possibly move to new updated antivirus software.

Step #7: Run Outlook in safe mode

If Outlook stops working, it’s worth running the Outlook in safe mode. To do so, type outlook.exe/safe command in the search box. Remember you need to run this command as administrator.

Step #8: Run resetnav command

When you did something to the navigation pane that causes Outlook malfunction or has issues starting the Outlook, then run outlook.exe /resetnavpane command. It reset all customizations to MS Outlook’s navigation pane.

Step #9: Migrate PST from the server

If you are having more than one PST file to connect to a remote server, then there are chances that Outlook will be slow down. To improve Outlook performance, move those PST files to local machine C drive.

Step #10: Adjust calendar permissions

When sending an invitation to others to use your calendar, then you need to change their permissions so that they can make or edit appointments. Here are the instructions to follow:

  • Open Calendar in Outlook and right-click the Shared Calendar.
  • Select Properties and click Permissions

Add users and enable permissions to that user ranging from reading to owning the calendar.