Data Recovery from Iosafe Solo G3

Hello everyone, I’m using an ioSafe solo g3 external hard drive from past few months. From the time I bought I was carefully handling it till now as it is expensive. Yesterday, I had connected it to my Mac to copy some data but as soon as it detected, a window opened and asked me to format the drive. Accidentally, I have clicked on ‘OK’ and the entire data has been erased from it. I need to retrieve data from it. Is there any chance of recovery?

Such simple mistakes may result in huge data loss. So you have to think twice before doing anything. There are many reasons of data loss that can occur in ioSafe solo g3 external drive. The following is the list of reasons to prevent data loss situations in future:

  • Deleting important data instead of unwanted
  • Logical issues due to file system corruption, improper handling, etc
  • Ejecting the external hard drive from system when data is transferring
  • Issues while re-partitioning the hard drive

These types of situations makes you feel worried but unfortunately no such outcries help in solving the problem. Don’t hassle up if that is the case because you are in a right place to get finest solution. Let’s know more about it.

Useful technique to restore data from external hard drive

For performing data recovery from ioSafe solo g3, you can opt for a preeminent program like Yodot Mac Data Recovery. It is a wide ranging platform that is offering an easy restoring of data. It not only supports ioSafe solo g3 hard drive, but also other brands like Western Digital, Seagate, Sony, etc. Along with external hard drives it can also support hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards and many more. Even if the data is deleted/ lost, the tool has the ability to get back data from it. An additional option called ‘Show deleted’ to view only deleted data. After recovery, it facilitates Mac finder styled interface. This software is limited only for Mac users i.e., Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.

Follow below steps to use the program

Connect ioSafe solo g3 external hard drive to a healthy Mac system -> Download Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool and install it  -> Execute the tool to reach the main screen -> First screen gives two options ‘Volume Recovery’ and ‘Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery’ -> Choose one preferred option based on your scenario -> The tool will scan for the volumes available on the system -> Pickup the EHDD which is connected externally to the system -> The scan will start wait for it to complete -> Once it is done, make use of ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’ to make easy selection of data -> Preview the data to confirm recovery process -> At last, save the data to destination location.

Mac Laptop Recovery Tool

“Hey, I need a help from you guys. I have Apple laptop, which is running with latest Mac OS X. Since last 5 years, I am using same system, but there was not even a single time when I faced any issues. However, few days back one of my cousins had taken it for work and returned it. Later on same night, when I tried to open my system, it didn’t boot and start working weirdly. I tried to connect its hard drive externally to another Mac but no use there it was showing entire hard drive as damaged. So, if anybody knows relevant method to recover data from Mac laptop, please refer me.”

When Mac hard drive becomes damaged, format or corrupt, the very first thing you are going to see is data inaccessibility. Generally, there are numerous reasons behind Mac drive getting corrupt. However, some major data loss instances, which users mostly facing are mentioned here:

  • Improperly re-partitioning the laptop hard disk will lead to hard disk data corruption
  • Unknowingly performing format on wrong volume of MacBook
  • Due to any reason if volume header of laptop hard disk gets corrupt, it will rise corruption issues
  • While converting file system of any volume on Mac laptop drive and if any interruptions occur, volume gets corrupt
  • If Mac OS X gets corrupt, there are high chances of facing huge data loss

In all the above-mentioned situations will lead Mac users to data inaccessibility. If you are also in trouble due to such situations, don’t worry. You can get back data from MacBook drive if you download third party program. As per above or for any other Mac drive related issues, you can effectively utilize Yodot Mac Data Recovery utility.

This is prominent solution to recover laptop hard drive data on Mac OS X. It’s advanced and faster recovery algorithm can scan and recover more than 300 file types from laptop hard drive within few minutes. It lets you get back data from damaged, corrupted, formatted and reformatted Mac hard drive.  Along with internal laptop hard drive, it supports data recovery from externally connected hard drives and other storage media like memory card, flash drives, FireWire drive, iPods, USB flash drives, etc. It is compatible with Mac laptop running with Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10 versions.

First and foremost, download Yodot Mac Data Recovery program to healthy Macintosh by logging in as local system administrator and install it -> After installation, connect affected laptop HDD to Mac system -> Launch program and follow each main screen instructions -> On main screen you will get two options like ‘Volume Recovery’ and ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’ -> Now, choose ‘Volume Recovery’ option for current data loss scenario and move further -> Next, software will show all drives present in Mac computer -> Now, select Mac laptop hard drive from where you want to retrieve data -> Next, you will get two scanning techniques namely ‘Standard Scan’ and Advance Scan’ -> Select either of the options and proceed next -> choose file type you need to recover or else click on ‘Skip’ to select all file types by default -> Software starts to scan and displays all retrieved data. You can view resulted list in two different views with the help of File Type View and Data View options -> Finally, provide a destination path to save retrieved Mac laptop data.

Restore Data from Mac Mini

“Hello friends, my Mac Mini system got crashed recently so I lost all my important data from it. I do not possess backup of those vital data, so I am bit tensed whether I can get back all data or cannot. If anybody knows proper solution for this problem then let me know please”

Mac mini desktop will be ready to use by just connecting monitor, keyboard and mouse and turning it on. It is first Macintosh desktop which does not include keyboard and mouse. It is World’s most energy efficient desktop computer since today many people utilize it for both personal and business use. It supports multiprogramming i.e. you can run more programs at a time. It provides good performance for 3D games and for graphics-intensive tools. Though, Mac mini is a powerful system, data may be lost when situations are beyond control. If you maintain back up of all vital data then no need to worry, but if no back up is available then huge amount of data will be in vain.

Major causes for data loss from Mac Mini are:

  • Reformatting Mac mini without data backup may lead to loss of data
  • Errors while re-partitioning Mac Mini result in volume corruption and thus data unreadability
  • Due to corruption of Apple partition map on Mac Mini, it becomes unbootable and leads to huge loss of data
  • When unreliable software containing some dangerous threats are installed, these may corrupt hard drive or system files on Mac Mini which are important for system to work

Software to rescue data from Mac Mini:

There is only one best way to recover Mac Mini data which might be lost due to reformatting, repartitioning, corruption or virus interference using Yodot Mac Data Recovery software. It helps to scan and restore data from Mac Mini hard drive volumes and all other external storage devices. It is compatible on all latest versions of Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion operating systems. This application first checks for affected storage media and scans it for restoring different files from it without altering any data bits. It can rescue data from HFS+, HFSX, FAT32 and FAT16 file systems.

Instructions to get back data from Mac Mini:

Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software in your system. In main window select “Volume Recovery” option for recovering data from deleted, missing, crashed or corrupted Mac Mini hard drive data. To retrieve files from formatted or reformatted Mac Mini hard drive choose “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option. Application will provide list of physical disks that are present on Mac Mini; select hard drive from which files need to be recovered. Next, you will find available volume / partition in selected hard drive. Select one that is having important files. As you proceed further you will get a window from that you need to select desired file types you need to recover. Once recovery completes view selected files in distinct view types. To estimate retrieved results preview recovered files and finally save files to destination location.

Smart App to Retrieve Deleted Files on MacBook

MacBook laptops are one of the most popular innovative gadgets from Apple Inc. These laptop models are enabled with faster flash storage, advanced graphics and new generation’s fastest processors along with many powerful apps like iMovie, iPhoto, Pages, GarageBand etc. Due to such amazing features, everybody will love to use this incredible laptop.  However when it comes about data security, it lacks in this phase like other storage devices. You may encounter deletion of crucial files on MacBook laptop under following circumstances:

  • If you press “Command + shift + option + delete” keys combination on MacBook keyboard, it will empty the Trash without displaying any notification message
  • Deletion of files via MacBook Terminal also causes the same problem and then you cannot find files in Trash bin
  • Files may be erased as an action of third party tool
  • If you have enabled Auto empty Trash option, some important files may be erased  from MacBook that are residing in the Trash

After the files are erased, it is important to stop saving files on MacBook hard disk to evade overwriting of deleted information. It is a primary action you should take in order to achieve complete data recovery. Also, selection of file recovery tool is another very important action to accomplish effective and easy retrieval of files on MacBook.

Yodot Mac File Recovery application is the most referred utility to extract deleted files on MacBook. It is designed to ensure perfect and easy retrieval of deleted or missing files and folders on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptop. Also it can be utilized to recover videos, pictures, songs, documents and other kinds of files from different Mac OS X devices i.e. Mac Mini, iMac etc. It works smoothly on Mac systems that are running with Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and other latest OS X platform. If you have deleted files from any removable storage device such as iPod, USB drive, memory cards, external HDD, SSD drive etc, this software will help you to get back erased files from removable drives on MacBook.

Procedure to restore deleted files on MacBook:

Press here to download Yodot Mac File Recovery application on your MacBook laptop and install it properly -> Launch the software and follow the instructions present on main screen -> You can see two option i.e. “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery” on main screen -> Select “Deleted File Recovery” option and proceed to the next step -> This utility scans the entire MacBook laptop and lists out all logical drives -> Choose particular hard drive volume from which you want restore deleted files and click on “Next” option -> You will get a window displaying retrieved files in “Data View” or “File Type View” -> Finally, specified desired location on your MacBook to save  rescued files.

Recover Lost Volume on Mac

Every user has two or more volumes in their Mac system. To organize and access data from Mac hard drive, generally it is partitioned into several volumes. Thereby it is very easy to differ data from program files and others on Macintosh machine. However, there are instances which lead to loss of volumes on Mac computer.

The most common reason for loss of volumes is partition map corruption. Partition map intended to provide detailed information about volumes present in Mac hard drive. In case partition map got corrupted due to any reason then you face disaster data loss, sometimes you may lose entire volumes on Mac system. In some circumstances, while creating new partition or resizing existing volume user might come across loss of volume. It might happen due to inappropriate tool or method used to accomplish that task on Mac computer.

Many other times Mac hard drives volumes might go missing due to improper reinstallation of operating system, conflicts while installing dual operating systems, directory structure corruption, volumes header corruption, catalog file corruption and other reason. If you have lost volume having valuable and huge amount of data, then don’t worry. In order to get back missing volume and its data after encountering any of these situations, make use of appropriate data recovery tool like Yodot Mac Data Recovery software.

Lost volume recovery software for Mac:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery software is easy -to-use data retrieval software that can recover lost volume on Mac system. The application is excellent in rescuing documents, program files, compressed files, pictures, videos, partitions and other from Mac hard drives with SATA, SCSI, ATA, IDE, PATA, etc interfaces. You can even get back corrupted / unbootable volumes on Macintosh machine. This tool can get back data from external hard drives, pen drives, SSD drives, memory cards, etc. You can also extract data from formatted or reformatted Mac volumes with HFS and HFS+ file systems. The program is compatible to work on Mac system with Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion operating systems.

Steps to recover lost volumes on Mac system:

Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software on Mac system -> Launch the application after complete installation and stick to the main screen instructions -> Next click on “Partition Recovery” option to restore lost or missing volume son Mac computer -> From next screen, select the hard drive from which volume has to be recovered -> Then, the program performs a quick scan and shows lost partition along with its files and folders -> Go through the listed files in Data View or File Type view options and mark desired ones -> Save the retrieved files in target location system drive or other external storage drives





How to Recover Data from Mac OS X Lion?

Mac is among the best operating system manufactured and designed by Apple Inc. and is the 8th major OS release. This operating system has lots of advanced features like, built-in Mac store which helps in purchasing your desired apps, the word documents are saved in different versions automatically on this OS, AirDrop allows you to transfer documents between two computers and lot more. However, even Mac OS X Lion is not free from data loss problems. This usually happens due to false operation or human mistakes.

For instance, consider a situation; you had lot of unused data on one of your Mac volumes. So, you wanted to format the volume to free disk space. While formatting, you realized that you haven’t backed some important files. All data from the formatted volume is gone. If you are such person who has lost all files from Mac Lion computer, then no need to get disappointed, you can restore lost data using Mac recovery software.

Data might be lost from Mac OS X Lion system due to any of the following causes:

Volume map corruption: The entire information about Mac volumes is stored on volume map. Hence, if any corruption to this file due to virus attack, sudden power outage, etc. cause inaccessibility of volume data

Re-formatting: Reformatting is a way in which the file system of a volume is changed from one to the another. But if you have formatted the volume without backing up the data, then it results in complete data loss

OS crash: If your Mac Lion OS is crashed or corrupt due to software malfunction or hardware failure, then you will lose your data from your Mac Lion

Hard drive corruption: The hard drive on Mac systems may get corrupt due to bad sectors on the drive or faulty firmware which in turn results in great loss of data

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, you also lose data due to volume deletion, resizing volume and so on. However you can recover lost data using Mac recovery software such as Yodot Mac Data Recovery. Now you are free from the question on your mind, how to get data from Mac OS X Lion.

Overview of Mac recovery software:

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is one of the best recovery software that helps you retrieve data from Mac system lost due to any catastrophic condition. You can get back data from storage drives like USB drive, external hard drive, memory card, iPod, etc. on Mac OS X Lion effectively. The powerful scanning mechanism of software helps you to restore data in short span of time. The software can even recover files from Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion.

Follow the simple procedure given below to recover data from Mac OS X:

Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery tool on Mac computer. Go here to download the software. Launch the software and select “Volumes Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” depending on the loss scenario. Select the drive from where data is to be recovered and click on “Next”. Choose the file types that you want to recover and click on “Next” or hit “Skip” to select all file types by default. Software starts scanning the drives and after completion of scanning, the files are listed on the software screen in “Data View” and “File Type View”. You can save the files in desired destination location.

Recover Mac Data After Format

Hard drives form an important part of your Mac computer system. It is a place where your operating system, program files and personal data resides. Therefore  formatting a hard drive and losing data can be a real pain. If you have not taken the action immediately, then you might lose your important data permanently. Fortunately, there are many softwares that can recover data after format.

Few of the reasons that lead to data loss due to formatting are discussed below:

  • Unintentional formatting – One common cause is unintentional formatting of your Mac Volumes. While formatting a particular Volume, if you choose some other volume accidentally then you will lose all the data present in that particular Volume
  • Data loss due to re-installation – while reinstalling the new operating system into your Mac machine, two options will be displayed i.e Archive and Install” and “Erase and Install” if you choose the option “Erase and install“then the data that are present on your hard drive will be formatted. In simple words, that causes data loss from your hard drive.
  • Conversion of the File system – The other main reason for formatting is when you want to convert the file system i.e from HFS to HFS+. It  not only changes the file system, but also erases all the data that is present on that particular partition

Most of the Mac users think that the data is deleted forever after hard drive formatting. But, this is not the case. When you format a Mac hard drive, the file system of the drive is replaced with a new file system, thus, the entries of all the files and directories stored on the disk are deleted and they become inaccessible. But the file remains physically intact. You can recover formatted files from Mac as long as the original files are not overwritten by other files. But before formatting your hard disk, you must take some precautions so that you will not lose any data from your hard disk. Make sure that you have selected the proper volume to format.  Even if you format, you must take a backup of the files so that in future you can use backup files if needed. However if you forgot to keep the backup and lost the data then you  can easily recover it using Mac Data recovery software.

Yodot Mac Data Recovery is a software which is particularly suggested to recover mac data after format. This software helps you to recover the data by carefully scanning entire Mac OS X hard drive and hence extract all lost data from it. It can quickly recover data from HFS+, HFSX, FAT, NTFS and extFAT drives. The programs offer safe easy, and fast  recovery.  It even provides view of recovered data in a Mac finder styled interface. What you need to do is just install the application on your Mac, then start the file recovery process.

The download steps are as follows:

Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software. Press here. Launch the software  and follow the instructions that you can see on the main screen. Two options, namely “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted/ Reformatted recovery” can be seen. Click on the option “Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery”. The application will now  display all the drives  that are present on your system. Select the drive from which the recovery can be done. After selection, the software display the files that are present in that particular drive. Make use of the two view types i.e “Data type” and “File type” You can even preview the files before saving in order to confirm that you have selected the right one to recover. At last, save the recovered files in the location that you prefer. But ensure that you save it in different location rather than the same.