How to Fix Unsupported Video Format Error on an IPhone?

It made iPhone users find more troublesome when iOS refused to play certain video clips and gives an error that states- Unsupported video format.  Due to certain issues, users were not able to play their favorite clips in a right way. In fact, there are various reasons for this particular issue to encounter with video files and usually it becomes quite difficult for users to determine the root cause for the problem. Here is one such user instance-

“Hi, I’m having some difficulties in playing a few MOV video files on my iPhone. Whenever I try to open the media clip it says that the video file is  unsupported type. The file is quite confidential, I had some very important tasks to do with it and I need it on urgent basis. I can’t afford to lose any of these files that are unplayable. Is there any safe way to fix this error?”

Generally observed that the unsupported media type problem arises

  • When import operation is interrupted
  • Turning off iPhone during MOV file transfer phase
  • Damages found in header part of MOV file
  • MOV file downloaded from untrusted source
  • Improper upgrade and other software conflicts

So forth, there comes a need to address this unsupported video format issue at the earliest. So now, how to fix unsupported video format on iPhone? There are mainly two choices available that you can proceed with. Before that, transfer your files to other iPhone/Mac device and check that if unsupported videos open there or not.

Go with conversion

Unplayable .mov files can be easily converted to some other media file format (as per user request) with the help of converter tools available online. There are many programs that makes this task much easier for any users with drag and drop feature, effective UI etc. But beware of untrustworthy third-party apps that may cause further corruptions to the existing file instead of converting them to specified format. In certain cases converting unsupported file to some other file formats will successfully make video files playable.

Go with repairing MOV file

One can simply move ahead to fix video files that is not able to play on iPhone. Unfortunately, there is no such functionality available in your iPhone to carry out repair task. Only a professional tool can help you. A versatile repair application like Yodot MOV Repair can ultimately get you right out of this problem. Simple set of repair steps are detailed below-

#1. Transfer all unsupported MOV files to a Macintosh system

#2. Link given here will direct you to download the Yodot utility

#3. Continue to launch the program on your Mac

#4. Input the MOV file source by clicking on Browse button on the main screen

#5. The user is also supposed to specify a reference video file. i.e., any healthy media captured from same source as that from unsupported ones

#6. Then hit Repair button to initiate fix process

#7. Repair status will be indicated in the status bar

#8. Diagnosed file can be now previewed and saved to a safe destination

Useful features and functions of Yodot MOV Repair

File Types: Other than MOV files even M4v and MP4 video files can take benefits in a similar way. The tool has proven to show high success in repairing all these types of media.

Operating system: Any iOS device (all iPhone series) facing unsupported video format issue could be resolved smoothly by Yodot tool installation. Mac device can have any OS X running: Sierra – El Capitan – Yosemite- Mavericks- Mountain Lion- Lion- Snow Leopard- Leopard.

Safe and simple: Within a few clicks, files will be repaired with no chance of damage to the source file. Moreover, media data is not exposed to any third-party programs by any chance.

Why Wont My iPod Play MOV Files

When I try to play .mov files on iPod, I was getting error unknown error message files making data inaccessible. I tried many tool to fix this issue, but I failed. Now I need a solution to fix this problem with relevant method. Help me out!!

In such instance you may think Why Wont My iPod Play MOV Files?the reason behind this corruption issue.

There are various symptoms which makes mov files unable on iPod:

  • Due to header corruption
  • Downloading .mov files from unsecure network
  • Increase in number of bad sector can damage the .mov files
  • Using authorized tool to fix MOV files which is corrupted
  • Converting .mov files to other format
  • Due to virus infection

Due to above facts your mov files will not playable on is iPod.  In that case you can try MOV Repair tool   to mend it. This utility will repair mov files without causing any further damage to original MOV files. You can play it without any destruction.

Features of .mov files:

If your iPod is not playing MOV files then don’t worry you can try Yodot MOV Repair application to fix it. It has powerful repair algorithms which helps user to repair damaged .mov files. It has the ability to mend broken .mov files with simple steps.You can install this software on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server operating systems (32bit and 64bit) as well Mac system such as …  This program will fix the .mov file issues and makes .mov files playable on iPod. This utility will supports MOV, Mp4 and M4V video file. You can try the demo version of this software which helps you to evaluate the results and then you easily purchase the key to activate full version.

Simple procedure to fix .mov files:

Download and install Yodot MOV Repair tool on Mac system -> Connect iPod to Mac system->  , Run it with the help of main screen instruction -> You can choose corrupted .mov files by using “Browse” button and press “Repair” button-> Next, program starts scanning process on selected drive-> Once  scanning process gets completed successfully -> You can view details of repaired .mov files by using  “Preview” button and finally save .mov files in desired location.

Unique Program to Repair Corrupt Movie Files

Nowadays, everyone wishes to watch movies and download their favorite movies from internet. These files give enjoyment to all users. You can store these files on your computer and play these on respective media players. While playing movie files on media players, you may repair such files by using repair option but they may struck and not play properly. Due to these reasons, you may miss the chance of watching your favorite movie and feel bored. There are plenty of reasons available for corruption of movie files.

Are you encountering errors while trying to open movie files frequently? If yes, it is due to corruption of movie files. During this situation, you may not able to watch your favored movies and you may use some third party tools to repair such files but these third party utilities are not always trusted. Hence, it is recommended to use highly trustworthy tool known as video repair software to repair damaged MPEG. This program first creates a replica of damaged movie file, extracts both audio and video files and fixes both files to play a proper movie file.

Few factors end in corruption of movie files:

  • Virus infection: There are plenty of chances of virus invasion to movies files. People usually prefer to download their favorite movie from internet and during this time, virus may enter with movie files. Later, they store such file on their computer and this virus may severely damage the movie files. Thus, media players refuse to play such movie files.
  • Improper transfer of movie files: Sometimes, while trying to copy movie files from computer to memory card via card reader, you may be in hurry and you may abruptly pull out memory card reader resulting in improper transfer of movie files lead to corruption.
  • Movie file header corruption: Sometimes, file header corruption takes place due to file system corruption and other technical issues resulting in corruption of movie files.

Whatever might be reason for corruption of movie files, this sophisticated tool can repair corrupted or damaged or broken movie files with ease. This unique utility has the ability to fix the movie files that are corrupted from memory card of different types like SD cards, XD cards, etc. of numerous brands such as Lexar, SanDisk, Kingston, etc. It can mend the movie files of different  file types like MOV, AVI, DIVX, MP4, etc. which refuse to play on media players like Windows, VLC, QuickTime, etc. This software has the capacity to fix movie files from various brands of camcorders like Fujifilm, Panasonic, Kodak, Casio, etc. It is capable to repair broken movies with audio and video codecs like AVC1, MP4A, MP4V, MJPEG, etc.

This award-winning tool can mend the movie files corrupted on Mac Operating system of versions including Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc. With the use of this application, both no-vice and technical users can mend movie files effortlessly. The top rated feature of this utility is, while doing repairing process it does not modify the original file, it simply scans the corrupted movie files and creates a new healthy movie file that can be playable on any media players. It is able to fix movie files created and recorded on iPhones, cell phones, etc.