How to set Auto-backup for OST file

It’s a known fact that all the items available in Exchange account mailbox will be saved on to an Offline Storage Table (OST) file. There are several drawbacks associated with this, in spite of the well-known advantages. For example, the OST file may become inaccessible. During such an instance, you will have to repair it. But, MS Outlook offers a built-in tool – Scanpst.exe which will be unable to fix such inaccessible OST file issues. Thus, you will have to back up data to avoid any kind of data loss issues. So, go through the below section to know more.

Note: To transfer the Offline Storage Table (OST) file from one system to another, first you have to convert it to PST file format, then import .pst file to Outlook. Check this article to migrate Outlook to new computer.

Method to auto back-up OST file on Windows

The MS Outlook application offers an option known as Auto Archive. This feature is useful to clear items and minimize mailbox capacity. But this feature can also be used to take OST file backups. In case you want to use Auto Archive options, you can proceed with any one approach given below,

  • Approach 1: Customize Auto Archive for folders. To do so, simply right click on any folders that are available in the OST file and then select Properties. After that, a new pop-up will appear. Here, navigate to Auto Archive tab and then customize the settings as required
  • Approach 2: Another alternative way is to set the OST file as the default Outlook file. To do this, click on File–> Options–>Advanced. Thereafter, click on Auto Archive Settings Then, change the settings according to your wish

On performing the above-given technique, you can easily take back up of the .ost file on your Windows computer.

Transfer Outlook Email Folder

Hi, I use Outlook 2013 to manage my mails in my old computer. Now that I have bought a new laptop I want to export all the email folders safely from the old ones. I don’t wish to have any risks with my email items. Is there any way to do this?

Many Outlook users look for some reliable approaches to transfer their email folders. As Outlook profile contains bulk amount of emails, copying data would turn to be headache and is very time consuming. One may opt to export email folders because of various reasons like

  • Migrating to a new computer

  • Going for higher upgraded versions of Outlook

  • During system hard drive replacements

    In all these situations, it becomes necessary to transfer Outlook mail and its attributes in a safe manner. It is tedious for any user to directly move the items and also there will arise chances of losing all Outlook data. So it is a better thing to implement proper methods to transfer Outlook email folder. Yodot Move Outlook PST is a tool built to export Outlook folders on Windows system.

Have a look at the key features of the Yodot tool:

A tool that provides a means for Outlook users to move their Outlook profile in a convenient way. It provides three different options- Backup, Restore and Migrate. Users have to choose Backup option to create a backup copy of the all the email folders. Restore option lets you to restore the Outlook profile from the backed up copy. Migrate option can be used by the users when they take a backup and wants to move Outlook profile to another system. It has a great support to latest Microsoft Outlook versions including the Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007,2003 and 2000. The product is completely safe to use and is free from virus and other harmful threats. Users are free to connect with the technical team for any assistance related to the product. The application can be run on Windows versions from Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS.

Steps to transfer Outlook email folder using Yodot tool:

Step 1: Download and install the Yodot Move Outlook PST on the Windows system

Step 2: Run the application by following instructions provided

Step 3: Three options will be displayed- Backup, Restore and Migrate. Choose Backup option and click on Next

Step 4: Browse the location of Outlook folders

Step 5: Save the backed up file to a new location in the system and terminate the application

If you wish to migrate the Outlook profile to a new system then- Install the software on destination system and transfer the backed up Outlook profile using external USB drive.

You can then run the tool and select Migrate option. The Outlook file will get configured in the new computer.

How to Transfer Outlook Items to a New Computer?

“Hi, I have configured another mail account in my new computer with Outlook 2010. But all my old mail is drooped in old desktop which is working with MS Outlook 2003. Now I want to transfer my entire Outlook items to new computer. Can anyone please tell me how to transfer Outlook items to new computer?”

Users are moving their Outlook item to prevent data loss:

  • While upgrading or reinstalling Windows operating system
  • Exporting Outlook setting and importing it on another new computer
  • Saving exported data to virus infected storage device
  • Switching between two desktops as replacing old Outlook setting with new one
  • Incorrect configuration of Outlook setting

In such cases you may think how to transfer Outlook items to a new computer then there is a simple application where you can easily transfer it.

Move outlook features:

By employing Yodot Move Outlook PST software, you can easily transfer outlook items to a new computer in simple steps. With the help of this proficient tool you can move Outlook attributes like emails, tasks, notes, contacts, calendar, signature, rules, alerts, etc. including Profile settings to new computer. You can create complete backup of Outlook Profile at desired time intervals by using this utility. This backup can be restored to Outlook at the point of PST file disasters. You can transfer PST data to other Outlook application version like 2003 2007, 2010 and 2013. You can install this software on Windows10, Windows 8, 8.1, Vista, XP, Server 2008, and Server 2003. Additionally, it provides a special platform to perfectly transfer Outlook Profile to new MS Office 365.

Make use of simple steps to migrate Outlook items

Download Yodot Move Outlook PST software on your old computer->Install it and launch the program with the help of given instructions->Their will three option like “Backup”, “Restore” and “Migrate”, click on ‘Backup’ option and select ‘Smart Backup’ to take backup of all Outlook data with its account settings->after completion of this process you can save the backup file to a known location on computer drive or  to some external storage drive->In  step you can connect external storage drive to new computer where you wish to configure Outlook and save this file in preferred location->Again install Yodot Move Outlook utility on this new computer and choose Migrate option->Choose backup file that was previously saved on to this system.

Exporting Outlook Email Folder

You can export your email folder, calendars, tasks, appointments, notes and all other Outlook elements from Outlook as .pst file and import everything to different computer or to different profile. You can save .pst file on other media as any form of data, however they can be opened or accessed only within Outlook, other program won’t support or won’t open a .pst file. Import and export Wizards can be opened by using File tab -> click Open -> then click Export -> Next -> Click Outlook Data File (.pst) -> Next ->Select the account (Top level Folder) that you want to export.

With the latest Outlook versions user is able to send emails by scheduling them with respective time and date. However, it becomes difficult to export when inbox gets filled up with emails and you might find it difficult in scheduling emails that need to be erased or backed up. When user wish to move PST data he might face difficulty as it takes lots of time and requires initial knowledge about the export process. There are few situations which tend to export email and other outlook elements, such as:

  • While formatting hard drive
  • During OS Reinstallation
  • While changing or selling system
  • Replacing old hard drive with the new hard drive

Don’t worry about the problems you may face while exporting Email folder, because using a reliable Move Outlook PST tool you can perform this task very easily.

Utility to help exporting Outlook email folder:

Make use of Yodot Move Outlook PST tool in order to export Outlook email folder successfully. It has user friendly GUI, that helps every individual to understand, operate and move PST data easily.  In addition to emails, this tool helps to move all other Outlook attributes such as personal folders, attachments, notes etc. along with account settings. This software assures easy and safe transfer of Outlook PST data without any modification. This utility provides three options such as, backup, restore and migrate / move. With the help of “Backup “option you can generate backup of selected outlook profile. Then, you can regain backed up Outlook profile data by using “Restore” option. Finally, “Migrate/ Move” option helps to transfer entire Outlook profile. It can even help to move Outlook PST to Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365. One can operate this software on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 operating systems.

Simple steps to use the software:

First, download and install Yodot Move Outlook PST application on your Windows computer. Once you finish with installation process, run the utility and follow onscreen instructions. Then, click one ‘Backup’ option and choose ‘Advance Backup’ to get email folder. Further, save this backup file on any known location in your system. Then, you supposed to maintain a copy of this backup file on some external storage drive and save it in new computer. Further, run Yodot Move Outlook tool on your new computer and select migrate / move option from present screen. Then, click on browse option to choose backup file from its memory location and proceed the process by pressing ‘Next’ option. This will result in exporting email folder. Finally open and see whether Outlook email folder has been successfully moved or not.

Best way to Backup Outlook 2003 Emails

Emails are the most common way of communication used for business proposals and casual communications. MS Outlook 2003 is a widely emails client utility of Microsoft Office Suite. It has various advanced features, which enables to organize emails and manage other data properly. You can send meeting requests, set reminders, make to-do list, add contacts, etc. It provides excellent performance to be in touch with your business networks. However, the problem is with the Outlook PST file since it is very prone to corruption. And then it causes loss of entire emails from your Outlook. Considering such situations, today it becomes very essential to create Outlook emails backup. For this, you can make use of third party tool like PST backup software.

PST is a file format used in Outlook for holding emails and other Outlook data, but unfortunately, it brings data loss at some situations. Outlook PST file may get corrupt due to many reasons such as exceeding the PST size limit, improper termination of Outlook, virus attack, system crash, Outlook sync error, etc. Although, MS Outlook has inbuilt tool to repair PST and access Outlook emails, it works only under certain circumstances. It cannot recover emails from Outlook. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have Microsoft outlook 2003 email backup to overcome from PST file corruption issues. It is also become useful if you have accidentally deleted important emails from Outlook.

Sometimes you may also want to migrate Outlook from older version of Outlook or Windows to the newer version. To do this, the challenge you have to face is to move all Outlook data safely to the updated Windows or Outlook version. In this situation, to be on safe side, one can utilize Outlook backup and migrate software.

These days the people are very keen to migrate Outlook 2007 to 2010 because of its attractive features. The Outlook 2010 has released with several advanced features along with the existing features of Outlook 2007. In order to move Outlook 2007 to 2010, only the problem is how to transfer entire Outlook profile with the all emails to the upgraded version. To make it easy, some industry experts has developed Outlook backup and migrate software. It helps you to get Outlook backup and then restore it to the newer version.

This software is having many unique features, like intuitive GUI, backup compressing facility, restore option, etc. Because of such excellent features, one can get Outlook backup as well as transfer it to the upgraded Outlook version. To have complete Outlook backup, a single click on “Backup” option is enough. Then this software automatically creates Outlook backup and provides the facility to restore. It can also provides the option to select particular items that you want to move to the new Outlook or Windows version. Thus you can choose only emails, settings or any other components required to backup or migrate. It is compatible with the all old versions of Windows operating system and the latest versions like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8.