Restore Deleted Pictures from Laptop

Have you deleted pictures from your laptop and want them back? If yes then here is a solution for you. So, do not bother about how to recover deleted pictures from laptop. You can easily do it with the help of photo recovery software. First and foremost thing which you have to do when you want to retrieve images from your laptop is to stop writing any data to laptop drives. This is because there are chances of pictures on storage memory of laptop to get over written. Recovery software scans the storage drive and retrieves deleted pictures. You might have deleted pictures from laptop in any scenario like,

  • Using “Shift + Delete” option to delete images permanently from laptop
  • Deletion of pictures from recycle bin upon emptying it. You may also click on “Delete” option instead of “Restore” and end up in deleting your pictures from recycle bin.
  • Suppose, you have deleted large number of images at once and if its size exceeds recycle bin storage capacity then deleted photos bypass recycle bin. You cannot restore them and lose them forever
  • Pictures may get deleted by anti-virus program on your laptop when threat is detected on them and anti-virus fails to fix it

The above are the most common scenarios in which pictures are deleted from laptops. You can restore them using suitable recovery software like Yodot Photo Recovery.

Study about features of photo recovery software here:

Yodot Photo Recovery software helps you to retrieve pictures from Windows laptops. This utility supports restoring images from drives on computer having NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT file systems. You can get back different picture file types like JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, etc. along with RAW image formats like RAW, DNG, CRW, SR2, CR2, MRW, ARW, PEF, etc. This tool supports deleted photo retrieval from various laptop brands like HP, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Dell, etc.

Simple procedure to retrieve deleted pictures from laptop:

Find and download photo recovery software. Install it on Windows laptop from where you want to retrieve deleted images. Run the tool and select “Deleted Photo Recovery” option from main screen. Select drive from where photos are deleted and click on “Next”. Choose picture file types that you want to restore and click on “Next”. The utility starts scanning selected drive and displays result after scan process completes. You can view the result in “Data View” and “File Type View”. Preview them using “Preview” option and then save in a location on computer drive using “Save” option.

Software to Rescue Digital Photos Deleted on Mac/Windows

Data Losses or deletion of files is a general problem on the PCs associated with any brands. It could occur over a Windows PC and also it can be felt by Macintosh users. Accidental deletion, deletion of files from Bin or Trash unconsciously, etc. is among the most general reasons behind missing of files on both of the respective PCs. Under normal deletion of a file, say by utilizing delete button of your respective Keyboard or simply clicking delete option through Mouse on your personal computer then that deleted file is certain to get stored on the specified place assigned inside the system. For instance, if you utilize Windows Operating systems then deleted files, images, folders will get into Recycle Bin.

Similarly, if you’re a Macintosh user you’ll find deleted images or any type of deleted file is stored on Trash. In such cases, if you wanted a deleted image back, then you can certainly have it through Recycle Bin on Windows and from Trash on Macintosh. But, most awful situation arises, whenever you eventually delete your loved one images through the use of “shift + delete” Keys on Windows, accidental deletion, etc. Within this scenario that individual image bypasses Recycle Bin. Now, you will be unable to restore it from Recycle Bin/Trash. It’s possible to store a deleted image or file from Bin only if it’s present on it. But, if your deleted photo is again deleted from Recycle Bin then you you’ll need to approach a few other methods to obtain deleted photo. You may have a doubt like how to restore deleted pictures from Recycle Bin?

To recuperate photos that have bypassed Recycle Bin and find answers to all your doubts and query you should refer this website You will get back all the images deleted from Recycle Bin by using this link. It has few easy steps with clear screen shots. It is possible to adopt these measures to resolve the issue of rescuing deleted photos on Windows.

Digital Photo Deletion Scenarios

You might lose your photos under following scenarios of deleting images on Windows and Macintosh Operating systems.

Accidental Deletion of Files from Trash/Recycle Bin: There’ll be situations, when you have when you’ve got accidental or unintentional deleting of photos from Trash can/Bin of your respective PC and later on you’re in need of those photos. So if you’re searching way to regain all of the deleted photos, then upper website will take away your worries.

Deleting Images from External Drives on your computer: In case you are deleting any image that is stored on the external drives like Thumb drives, USB drives, SD card, etc. this action results in the missing of that photo. Because, when you are deleting any image or file out of your external drives then it bypasses Recycle Bin. You can’t find this picture on Recycle Bin/ Trash. You can follow above link if you encounter this case.

In case you have encountered similar photo deletion scenarios on Macintosh OS’s then you should definitely use digital photo recovery Mac software. It’s a best tool to settle these kinds of problem on Macintosh. It could rescue all form of image file formats like JPEG, PNG, JPG, TIF, TIFFGIF, etc.


How to Restore Photos from Recycle Bin?

Recycle Bin is the storage location on Windows that keeps files and folders that are deleted from computer hard drive. You may sometimes delete files from computer by mistake or without knowing the importance of files. In such situations, you can click on Recycle Bin icon on desktop to find deleted file. Select the file and click on “Restore this item” option in Recycle Bin. But what if your files are gone from Recycle Bin? Yes, you can expect this to happen with you anytime.

Suppose you deleted some files from computer and emptied Recycle Bin to remove them permanently from computer. But after emptying Recycle Bin, you realized that there were some important photos in Recycle Bin which you forgot to restore before emptying it. What can be done then? Have you lost them forever or is there a chance of restoration still? These are the questions that come to your mind when you encounter such data loss situation from Recycle Bin. But luckily, you can retrieve them using photo recovery software.

Images from Recycle Bin are deleted in few scenarios like below:

  • Selected important images to retrieve from Recycle Bin but inadvertently clicked on “Delete” option instead of “Restore”
  • Clicked on “Empty Recycle Bin” accidentally while you were about to click on “Restore all items”

There are some other scenarios which are responsible for deletion of photos from Recycle Bin indirectly, like formatting, OS up-gradation, etc. Whatever may be the situation, you can perform photo recovery from Recycle Bin using Yodot Photo Recovery software.

Some important features of photo recovery software:

Yodot Photo Recovery is one of the best image recovery software. You can restore images that are deleted from Recycle Bin of computer easily using this utility. Photo files like JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, etc. including RAW images like ARW, MRW, CR2, CRW, NEF, PEF, etc. generated by digital cameras and camcorders of brands like Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Leica, etc. can be retrieved using this tool. Not only photo files, but also other media files like videos, audios can be restored along with simple documents, excel sheets, etc. The software is compatible to run on all Windows family like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008.

Simple procedure to retrieve photos that are deleted from recycle bin:

Press here to download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software on Windows computer. Launch the tool and select “Deleted Photo Recovery” from main screen. Then select icon of computer hard drive and click on “Next”. Select photo file types that you are looking for from list of files on software wizard and click “Next”. Tool starts scanning hard drive and once the process is complete, you can view the result. Retrieved photos are listed in “File Type View” and “Data View”. You can preview them using “Preview” option. Save them in a location other than scanned drive.

How to recover picture files from SD memory card on Mac

Assume a situation like you wrongly inserted a SD memory card on the camera to capture pictures and started taking photos. But after taking few photos, the camera suddenly stopped working as the SD card got corrupt. And you had saved many priceless photo files in it and all those files were lost in few seconds. Now you might wish to explore the best solution to get back your lost data from SD memory card. Continue reading to find one.

Secure Digital memory card is a popular kind of memory card used on vivid electronic gadgets. SD cards diverge according to storage capacity and manufacturers. There are SD cards that can hold up to 64GB or more than these files. The various manufacturers of SD memory cards include SanDisk, PNY, Samsung, HP, etc. However, data on SD memory cards are lost in many ways, mainly because of human mistakes. The most common reasons that users come across are illustrated here:

  • File deletion – Deletion of SD card data like images when connected on a system will cause complete deletion of those data because deleted files will not be saved in Recycle Bin folder instead it will bypass the folder
  • Spyware / malware – There are various viruses that corrupt SD cards and hence making all its data like pictures corrupt and inaccessible
  • Accidental formatting of SD card – When you connect the memory card on system to access any data and if you accidentally format the card then it erases all the data saved on that card
  • Unintentional SD card removal – While accessing the pictures from SD memory card connected to the Mac system if you remove the card abruptly then the files like pictures on it will get corrupt

Whenever you face these kinds of situations the best way to fix the problem is through Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool for memory cards. The software can recover files from SD memory card on Mac system with ease. This recovery product works fine on all SD card brands and on various types of memory cards like CF, SDHC, xD Picture card, MMC card and Memory Sticks, etc. You can also restore media files such as video files, songs, etc. on different systems like Mac OS Leopard, Lion and Mac Snow Leopard. It can even retrieve files from pen drives, external drives, etc. You can definitely restore numerous photo file types like jpg, bmp, png, tiff, RAW, nef, cr2, crw, etc. and other media data like MP3, MP4, avi, mpeg, divx, etc.

Steps for SD card file recovery process:

Download and install the recovery tool on Macintosh system. Next connect the SD memory card to that Mac system from which files are lost. After successful installation of the software, run it by following the instructions. In the first screen you will be provided with two options i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Choose the appropriate option based on the data loss scenario. In the next window you need to select the appropriate volume from which you want to recover files. So, select the drive that represents SD memory card. By clicking next, the program will scan completely for lost and erased data on that SD memory card. After scanning is done you will have an option to preview the files that are recovered and select the necessary recovered files to save. Target the location to save those recovered files.

How To Recover Lost iPod Files

Consider a situation, you have connected your iPod to the computer in order to move some files. But while moving, you have accidentally removed the cable of iPod thinking that all files have been copied. When you opened your iPod in order check whether your files are there or not, you have noticed that all files are missing from it. Under such condition you may think that you have lost it forever. Well, if you somehow managed to lose all of your favorite songs, videos or photos from your iPod then you will be pretty happy to know that they have not been permanently deleted or lost and can still be retrieved.

iPods have become an integral part of many people’s lives. They are an extremely valued as it helps many people to relax themselves by listening to music when they are tensed. You may store most of your media files on iPod including all of your favorite songs, photos or videos that you consider as meaningful. However files present in it are not safe. You may lose it due to certain reasons.

You will lose photos and other files if the iPod is frozen, been formatted corrupted, or you accidentally hit the iTunes restore button. However the good thing to know is, you can recover it with the aid of any good recovery software. Because the files that you lost are not removed from your iPod. They will be still present in it but you can’t access them unless you recover it. However success depends more or less on how quickly you act.

One of the simple yet powerful software that you can easily trust to recover files from iPod is Yodot Photo Recovery Software. This software can retrieve deleted MP3, MP4, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, WAV and many file formats. It is extremely easy to use and any iPod can be easily connected to the Windows system with USB port and easily accessed like the normal removable device. Once if the application completely scans your iPod, it will display the list of the found files. You may preview and also play all those found files before completing the iPod recovery, only to make sure that the files you are retrieving are the correct files. The software is easy to use as it offers graphical user interface. It doesn’t need the technical knowledge and any one can effortlessly use it. Go through this page to know more.

The steps that can be followed to recover files from iPod are:

Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software to your laptop or computer. Press here to get the demo version. Run the program and start the recovery process. The primary window will be displayed which has two options namely “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Select the option “Deleted File Recovery” in the window. After selection, the software shows the drives that are contained in your system. It even displays the external drive i.e your iPod. Now choose external drive from where you wanted to recover the files. When you select the drive, the program starts scanning and displays the recoverable files present in the selected drive. The files with red cross mark shows that they are deleted one. You can also see two view types i.e. “Data Type” and “File Type”. You may make utilization of both of these view types to make your recover process easy. Now choose the files that you desire to recover. Preview the files before saving these to ensure that you have selected the correct one to recover. Finally save the files in desired location. Ensure that you don’t save the recovered files in the same location from where you are recovering to prevent overwriting.

CF Card Recovery

Consider a situation, you have been to trip with your friends where you have captured many photos. When you returned home, you thought of transferring those photos from CF card to your computer. When you connected your CF card to the computer, it asked you to format the card. So without paying much attention, you gave command to format the card. After formatting, you were shocked to find that the files in your CF card have become inaccessible. Under such condition you may feel like you lost all your photos. But the fact is, you have not lost those photos yet. It is just invisible and you can recover it at any time with the help of a good recovery software.

A Compact Flash is a memory card which is generally a small storage device. It can be used to store data such as photos, videos, audios and many more. It is widely used in portable digital devices like digital cameras, camcorders, handicams etc. Although it has many good features, it has some disadvantages also and one of the disadvantages is data loss. It occurs due to many reasons. Below mentioned are some of them:

  • While deleting some unwanted photos from your CF card, you may accidentally select “Delete all” which makes all the photos inaccessible from it
  • If you use your CF card in different devices then the card might get formatted and as a result of this you may lose all the photos
  • If your CF card is attacked by virus then you may not access files from it and as a result, you may suffer from data loss
  • Using CF card when your camera’s battery is running out of the power leads to lose some files from it
  • If you save large amount of data then your computer displays like the CF card is empty. After this error message you won’t be able to access files from it

Apart from these scenarios there exists some unknown reasons due to which you may lose files from your CF card. But you need not feel bad for lost files because as discussed above, you can easily recover files with the help of a photo recovery software. One of the best photo recovery software that has all the features to recover Compact Flash card is Yodot Photo Recovery software. This software deeply scans your CF card and hence displays all the recoverable files from it. With the help of this software, you will be able to find the files that you are looking for. You can refer this page for more information.

The steps that you should follow while recovering Compact Flash card are as below:

Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery Software in your computer. You can check its demo version to know about the recovery steps. Once you have installed the software run it to start the recovery. As you run the software, you will find two main options on the screen namely “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Click on the option “Deleted Photo Recovery” if you want to recover accidentally deleted photos. Choose the option “Lost Photo Recovery” in case you lost files due to formatting and unknown reasons. On the next screen you can see all the drives present in your computer. Select the drive that represents CF card and click on “Next”. You will see all the files types. Select the file type that you need to recover otherwise click on “Skip” option to select all the files by default. On the next window you can see all the recoverable files from CF card. Select the files that you need to recover and again click on “Next” to continue. Preview the files before saving it to the desired location. Finally choose the location to save the recovered files


Recover Phone Photos On Mac

Consider a situation – you were transferring photos from mobile phone to your Mac machine. The transfer process was about to get completed, but suddenly your mobile gets switched off due to low battery. After charging it up, you thought of transferring photos again to your Mac system. But for your surprise! you noticed not only photos but all the files present in your mobile’s memory card were invisible. Under such condition the only question arise in your mind is “Is there any recovery software to recover files from my mobile”. Well, the answer for this question is definitely Yes. With the availability of lots of recovery software, you can get all the files back from your mobile phone.

Mobile Phones are now every ones first choice device, either an elderly person or a younger one. Nowadays every persons hand is equipped with latest mobile models and everyone has its own reason to have this magic device in their hands. With the wide spread of mobile phone and the increasing capacity of memory card, many people prefer to save important files to memory card in mobile phone. Mobile phones are convenient places to store the data, but convenience can turn into disaster when you lose files from its memory card. Some of the reasons that leads to data loss from mobile phones are:

  • You may accidentally delete some of the files from your mobile while deleting some unwanted files. This leads to data loss
  • Clicking photos when your mobile phone’s battery is running out of the power results in data loss from it
  • Accidental formatting when connected to the Mac machine leads to data loss from it
  • If you delete photos by making use of “Delete all” option when connected to the Mac machine then it does not get saved in Trash Bin and hence leads to data loss from it
  • If you improperly disconnect your mobile phone while transferring files from mobile phone to the computer, then it leads to data loss
  • When transferring data if you experience sudden power failure then you might lose data from your mobile
  • If your mobile phone’s memory card is attacked by virus then you will lose files from it without any warning

However to get all the files from your mobile phone, you have to make use of any good recovery software. As said earlier, there exists lots of recovery software but the one you can prefer to recover phone photos on Mac is Yodot Mac Photo Recovery Software. By utilizing this software, you can recover even large amount of data present in the memory card.  It is cost effective and moreover virus free software. It doesn’t even take much time to recover all the files from your memory card. If you have any doubt regarding its recovery you can download its free trial version.

The recovery steps are mentioned below:

First of all, remove memory card from your mobile and connect it to the Mac machine with the help of a card reader. Now download the software and install it to your Mac system. Press here. Once the download process gets completed, install it to your computer. After the software gets installed, run it and start the recovery. On the main window, there appear two main options; they are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Make use of the option “Deleted Photo Recovery” in order to recover files that are being deleted. For lost and formatted files use the option “Lost Photo Recovery”. After selecting the suitable option, the software displays all the drives including the external drive i.e your phone’s memory card. Select the external drive and click on “Next” to continue. The application now starts scanning and once it is done, you can see all the files present in the drive you have selected. Select the files you want to recover otherwise select the option “Mark all” to select all the files by default. You can make use of the two options namely “Data Type” and “View Type” to select the files. Preview the files before saving them. Finally browse the location to save recovered files.

Photo Recovery After Format

Consider a scenario, wherein, you have a digital camera in which you have stored lots of photos. One day you decided to transfer photos from your camera to the computer. You connect both the devices and while transferring, your camera got shut down all of a sudden after experiencing low battery. After charging you camera, you noticed that all the photos from it became inaccessible. In such case you may think that all the important photos are gone forever and cannot be recovered. But the real fact is, you can recover the photos by making use of any good photo recovery software.

The cause for photo loss from your camera is, the camera’s memory card got corrupted  after the write process was inturrupted unexpectedly. However, other than this reason there are some more reasons that leads to data loss due to formatting. Some of which are:

  • Accidental formatting – Accidentally formatting the external device when connected to your computer leads to data loss. For example, in order to transfer photos from external device, you have connected it to the computer. But, soon after connecting, it displayed an error message saying “The drive has not been formatted. Do you want to format it now?. Without paying much intention, if you click on “Yes” then all the files including photos gets deleted from the external drive and makes you suffer from data loss. In other case if you accidentally formatted your internal hard drive then also you will lose the photos
  • Formatting the drive at the time of installing OS – You can see two options while installing operating system. One is “Upgrade” and the other is “Custom”. If you select the option “Custom” then it will install the operating system but erase everything from the hard drive. In short it leads to formatting. In other case if you select option “Upgrade” and some error like power failure occurs while installing, then in this case also you might lose data from your hard drive
  • File system conversion – If you convert the file system then it results in formatting the hard drive. If you have its backup then no problem but if you have not kept its backup, then it leads to severe data loss

The above mentioned are a few common scenarios that cause inaccessibility of photos from your computer or external device. As said earlier, if you have proper backup of the formatted files, you can easily overcome the loss. But, in the unavailability of backup, you have to make use of any good photo recovery software. These software allow you to recover lost, deleted, or formatted media files.

Yodot Photo Recovery is one of the leading application that can be used for photo recovery after format. This specialized software supports various windows based devices, such as desktop, laptop, iPod, external hard drive, digital camera, etc. To evaluate this application, you can download the free trial version, which scans your storage media and provides preview of recoverable multimedia files. You just have to go according to the steps provided below:

First of all, download the software and install it to your computer. Press here. After software gets installed, run it to know about the recovery steps. If you want to perform recovery from external hard drive, then connect it to your computer. Soon after running the software, a window with two options namely “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” are displayed. Click on the option, “Lost Photo Recovery”. The software now shows all the drives including external drive present in your computer. Choose the drive from which you want to recover the photos. After selecting the drive, the software displays all the files that are present in the external drive. Click on the option “picture” to see all the pictures present in the selected drive. On the next window, you can see all the photos, select the one you want to recover and click “Next” to continue. Preview the files files before saving. At the end, save the recovered file in a desired location

Mac iPod Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted or lost important files from your iPod? Are you searching for an application to recover deleted iPod photos, music and more? Then you need not search for it anymore because you will find the tool here. But before you proceed further let us discuss about iPod, how files get deleted from it? Why files are recoverable? Measures to control data loss etc.

iPods are the most popular music players used by music fans. iPod has become a good companion to music lovers that allows them to store not only music but also photos videos, audio files etc. One can customize music list and enjoy listening to unlimited songs in order to reduce their stress. However, music and photos stored in the device can be deleted or lost due to many reasons.

Few of them are discussed below:

  • File System Corruption:  Sometimes a file system on your iPod might get corrupted due to some unknown errors and you may see some error messages which do not allow you to access the media files from iPod and hence results in data loss
  • Restoring files:  You might accidentally restore your iPod while updating or when it shows error message. Restore operation deletes complete data present on iPods leading to severe data loss
  • Virus infection: Files in your iPod might get deleted if it is attacked by any infectious virus
  • Accidental Deletion –Accidentally deleting music files, photos or videos from your iPod or deleting the entire files selecting “Delete all” option from the menu on the iPod leads to data loss from it

Apart from above scenarios, there are some other situation, that might result in data loss from your iPod. However you should take some preventive measures in order to protect your valuable data. Create backup of important files so that if you lost any files from your iPod, you can easily restore them from the backup. Do not switch your iPod between windows and Mac operating system. Most importantly, while deleting any file, check whether you have selected the correct one to delete. But even after taking these measures, if you lost your data from iPod then don’t worry! You still have the chance to recover it. Those files still present over there but invisible to you. You can recover it easily by utilizing any good recovery software, unless it is overwritten by the new data.

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is an effective software for Mac iPod Recovery. This utility can restore deleted music files from different file formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG. It offers the comprehensive data recovery solution for all Apple iPod users. This application is compatible with both windows and Mac OS. This program allows you to preview the recovered files before saving. Extract the free demo version of the software to check the ability of the software in recovering iPod files.

Go through the instructions provided below to recover the files from your iPod

Connect your iPod to the Mac machine with the help of a USB cable. Press here. Download the software and install it on your Mac machine. Once the software gets installed, run the software to find out the recovery steps. On the main screen, there are two options available. They are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Click on the one with respect to the situation you have faced. After selecting appropriate option, the software displays the drives present in your Mac. It even displays the external drive i.e your iPod. Select the drive from which recovery can be done and click on “Next”. The software now displays all the file type present in the drive you have selected. Expand and tick on the file you want to recover otherwise click on “skip” option to select all the files. On the next window there appears all the recoverable files. Select the one that you want to recover. In order to recover all the files, click on “Mark all”. Preview the files before saving them in a desired location. At last, save the recovered files in a location that you prefer. Make sure that you save it in different location.