How to Repair Corrupted PST File?

“Hi, few days ago I created a profile in Microsoft Outlook. Because of some emergency I terminated that application in an incorrect manner. When I tried to open that file next time I got an error message “File cannot be opened”. This PST file holds very important and confidential emails, contacts and some other tasks. I want to access that file immediately. How to repair corrupted PST file?”

Microsoft Outlook is a well-known personal information manager used to configure mail account data on Windows system. PST is Personal Storage Table file format created by Microsoft Outlook to hold all mail attributes. PST file contains personal data, business information or any other critical data. While trying to open this PST file in Outlook you may not be allowed to open or access the mail data because of file damage or corruption. PST files often get damaged due to these following reasons:

  • Unexpectedly terminating Microsoft Outlook
  • Re-installation of operating system on Windows system may result in PST file corruption
  • According to MS Outlook versions, size of PST file varies from one version to another. So, crossing the size limit also causes PST file corruption
  • MS Outlook PST files stored in hard drive also get corrupted due to some hard drive faults such as bad sector

PST file in Microsoft Outlook may become damaged or corrupted due to above reasons. In such situations Inbox repair tool can be used to repair corrupted Outlook PST file. But, it may not support always to mend damaged PST file due to its limitations. So, some other third party tool should be made use of to repair corrupted Outlook PST file on Windows system.

Application to repair corrupt PST file:

Yodot Outlook PST Repair is strongly recommended tool to repair corrupt or damaged PST file in MS Outlook. This application provides an advanced repair mechanism to repair oversized, password protected and error showing PST files. It creates new PST file without modifying source file after repairing it. It can repair PST as well as OST files created on Microsoft Outlook 2000, MS Outlook 2003, MS Outlook 2007 and MS 2010 versions. This tool also bring back deleted or lost email messages, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar items etc. including all actual elements of PST file. This PST repair tool works well on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2008 and Windows server 2003 OS based computers.

Step by step procedure to repair corrupted Outlook PST file:

Go here to download and install Yodot Outlook PST Repair tool > Once the installation is done launch the software and stick to the main screen > There are three options such as “Open PST File”, “Find PST File”, “Select Outlook Profile” > If you know corrupted PST file location just click on “Open PST File”, if you don’t know the location where PST file is stored then click on “Find PST File” or else click on “Select Outlook Profile” option to select particular Outlook profile to repair > Then you need to browse a target location to store repaired PST file at the end of scanning process > It provides two options for scanning  like “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan” > Choose applicable option and click next > Once the scanning process is over, repaired file along with its elements will get displayed on screen. Save this repaired PST file by purchasing product key.

How to Repair Oversized PST File

PST stands for “Personal Storage Table” that is the data storage used in Outlook application. This PST file keeps local copies of all your email, calendars, contacts, notes, meetings schedule, journals and other attributes from server. As PST file store so much crucial information, it can be of great concern when a problem arises with your PST file. Oversized PST file is one of the common issues that is faced by many Outlook users. Usually, for MS Outlook 2002 and previous versions, the maximum allowable size limit of a PST file is 2 GB, whereas it is increased to 20 GB in MS Outlook 2003 and later to 50 GB in MS Outlook 2010.

Once this PST file size limit is approached, the file would just lock. Sometimes there is no error message either. You just stop receiving email on Outlook, at worse PST file refuses to open. If you think this is the problem on your Outlook application then, goto File -> Data File Management, and check the size of your PST file.

What makes Outlook PST Files become oversized?

While working on Microsoft Outlook on daily basis, you send/receive a number of emails, make notes, calendar entries, schedule meetings, add contacts etc. Later after months and years of usage, Outlook mailbox gathers huge amount of data and the corresponding PST file grow in size. The size of PST file exceeds specified limit after rigorous use for years, thus raising the chances of corruption. And also it is because of this over-sized PST file; you find difficulty in sending/receiving mails, archiving PST files, moving items etc. and end-up receiving various error messages on each operation. Once the mail account grew above that size limit, file would just lock itself – this will be the cause of PST corruption issue.

If Outlook PST file containing all your important emails, attachments or contacts get over-sized and thus become corrupt then the loss can be huge in terms of money as well as business. In order to deal with such instances of Outlook PST file corruption due to oversize issue, Microsoft has provided inbuilt utility, such as Inbox Repair tool. However, when the corruption level is ruthless this utility will fail to repair oversized PST file and all your precious mails remain inaccessible. In such instance you need not to worry about how to repair oversized PST file because you can easily resolve this issue with the support of professional Yodot Outlook PST Repair software.

Easy steps to repair oversized Outlook PST file:

Download and install Yodot Outlook PST Repair software on your Windows system. Launch the software and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. You get 3 options as follows: Open PST File – select this option if you know where your PST file is stored, Find PST File – select this option if you want to search the location of oversized PST file in a particular drive, Select Outlook Profile – choose this option if you want to select any particular Outlook profile to repair its PST file. Now browse the destination location to store repaired PST file and click on Repair. According to your selection the software will scan and repair oversized PST file and stores all its contents in a new healthy PST file. After the software finishes scanning process, you will be able to view Outlook attributes like emails, contacts, notes, meetings schedule, RSS feeds, tasks, journals etc.

Best Repair Tool for Outlook PST

Microsoft Windows 7 is a recent launch of Windows operating system which is compatible to various MS Office suites including Outlook 2010. Microsoft Outlook with Windows 7 as OS offers improved performance. This makes it favorite when it comes to using Microsoft Outlook as email client application. Outlook is widely used for sending emails and managing items of the mailbox such as contacts, notes, journal, appointments etc which gets stored as personal storage table files. MS Outlook is a platform for organizing and managing the data effectively. However, there might be some issues that might result in PST file corruption. Actually these files are corrupted and might get damage that makes the stored mailbox data inaccessible.

There can be plenty of reasons why personal storage file goes corrupt including virus attack, improper or sudden shutdown of Outlook, power surge, over sized files, header corruption and broken pst. Now if you have Outlook installed on Windows, you must be curious to know how PST files get corrupted due to being over sized. Actually Outlook 2010 is enabled with storage of PST files up to 50 gigabyte in size. This is not an easy task to cross this limit. Practically, it is seen that as the .pst files crosses 5 GB, the Outlook gets slower in performance and results in abrupt shutdown. Sometimes, the Outlook might even crash causing severe damage to the corresponding PST files. Thus the users might face great problem particularly if there are important emails, attachments, contacts, etc. present in the mailbox. Most of the users get panic when they find that Outlook data is no longer accessible. If you are in such kind of a situation and looking to restore deleted emails from PST file, then you have landed at the right place. Here is a solution, by employing repair outlook PST recovery tool you can easily retrieve it.

 Major scenarios that may lead to corruption or deletion of PST files:

Over sized PST: PST file has been assigned different size limits for particular versions of Microsoft Outlook. When the size exceeds the limited size, in such situations Outlook PST files get corrupted & become inaccessible.

Virus Infection: Virus attack is the most common scenario for loss of PST files. Whenever you are sending & receiving mail messages, transmitting of infectious viruses may happen. These harmful viruses severely corrupt the PST files & leads to corruption of Outlook files along with emails.

 Improper shutdown of Outlook: Sometimes Outlook may shutdown improperly due to a power surge or power failure, which leads to PST file corruption.

Prominent features of repair PST Outlook recovery tool:

  • The software repairs PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and it also supports OST files
  • This software is capable to repair Windows 7 Outlook PST files.
  • By employing this you can recover email messages emptied from deleted items folder or deleted from any other Outlook folder.
  • By using this software you can search for PST files on PC, if you do not know the location of your PST files where it is located.


Repair PST file bigger than 2gb

A PST (Personal Storage Table) is a file, which is used to store all elements like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes on Microsoft Outlook application. It provides many useful features like “Send / Receive” which allows users to check for new mails every time they open Outlook application.

However these Outlook PST files have their own storage limit which depends on its Outlook application version. Earlier Outlook versions from (97 to 2002) has hard-wired size limit of 2GB. After which the file become corrupt and inaccessible. You receive many error messages like, “The file xxxx.pst has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, select some items that you no longer need, then permanently (Shift + Del) delete them.” etc

The above error message indicates that the Outlook 2000 PST file, which you were working on has reached its maximum size limit. After encountering the above error message, you’ll no longer be able to access your MS Outlook application. Other than size limit there are many other reasons for PST file corruption, some of main reasons are mentioned below:

  • Malware infection on the Outlook PST file
  • PST file header corruption
  • Sending and sharing the same Outlook PST file on different computer networks
  • Improper system termination while using Outlook PST file
  • Application failure, when PST file in use
  • Invalid registry values, network inconsistency, power failure are some of the other reasons for PST corruption

To deal with such problem, Microsoft provides an inbuilt repair utility called “Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe)”, this tool effectively repairs your PST file; but the only disadvantage with this is that it fails to fix severely corrupt or damaged Outlook PST file. In such cases you need to take the help of an efficient PST repair software to repair PST file bigger than 2GB in Outlook 2000 and 2002 versions.

Yodot Outlook PST Repair tool is capable of repairing oversized PST file created using MS Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 applications. This software has a very friendly user interface through which even a person with less technical skill can fix his PST file. The best thing about the software is that, it restores all deleted emails, calendar entries, notes, tasks, contacts, attachments, personal folders by default while repairing the PST file. To use this software click here

Note: Exit MS Outlook application before using the software

Working of the Software:

Download Yodot Outlook PST Repair and install the application to your computer->Open the program and start the repair process->You’ll find three options from the main screen i.e. “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”->Use “Open PST File” option to select your oversized PST file, if you know its exact location->Use “Find PST File” option to search for your corrupt PST file or click on “Select Outlook Profile” to select a particular Outlook profile, if you have multiple accounts->Select the appropriate scanning method->Browse for the destination path and click on “Repair” button->The software mends the corrupt PST file after which it shows the repaired Outlook mails and other elements like calendars, contacts, tasks, journals, notes etc

Repair Corrupted PST File

Microsoft Outlook is a very efficient e-mail platform used to carry out information around an organization or a company. This email client stores data folder such as emails, contacts, notes, attachments, calendar entries and other items in a table called PST (Personal Storage Table). However, this PST file might get corrupted or damaged due to any logical or physical reasons and you can lose all your important data from the PST file. To overcome this problem you need to use a good PST repair software.

What happens when your PST file gets corrupt?

When your PST file gets corrupt, you will no longer be able to access your items present on Outlook. And lose your important data including your emails, calendars and etc. You’ll receive the following error message when your PST file is corrupt, “cannot find PST file”, “the file abc.pst could not be found”, “Outlook.pst could not be found” etc.

Common reasons for PST file corruption are:

  • Improper system termination when PST file in use is one of the main reason for PST corruption
  • PST file reaching its file size limit
  • Sharing of PST files between different networks
  • Virus or malware attack on the PST file
  • Operating system failure
  • File system corruption due to OS reinstallation
  • MS Outlook up gradation
  • Other reasons include server crash, hardware crash, MS Outlook malfunction and etc.


In order to counter this corruption MS Outlook has an inbox repair tool also called as “Scanpst.exe”. which corrects the internal structure of the PST file and repairs it. Steps to repair the PST file are given below:

  • Click on ‘Start’ button then ‘Run’
  • Give the path of the Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) by typing in the drive name:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\Locale ID\scanpst.exe and click OK
  • A dialog box pops up, enter the corrupt PST file name and its path, which you want to repair and Click on the ‘Start’ button
  • Allow the scanning process to complete, select the option, ‘Make a backup of the scanning file’ and Click the ‘Repair’ button

But this repair tool has a very low success rate and trying to repair the PST file further leads to severe corruption. The tool also doesn’t repair PST file whose size is more than 2GB. In such situations a PST repair tool is needed.

Yodot Outlook PST Repair software is a wonderful repairs software to repair corrupted PST file. The application rigorously scans the severely corrupt PST file and recovers all the items such as contacts, journals, attachments, tasks, notes, calendar items, sent items, personal folders etc. This software by default recovers all the deleted emails while repairing the PST file and includes them in the new PST file. Press here to download the software.

PST Repair process:

Download and install Yodot Outlook PST Repair software to your computer->Run the software->Make use of “Open PST file” option to open the corrupt PST file->Use “Find PST File” option to search for the corrupt PST file->Use “Outlook Profile” option to select a specific Outlook profile if you have multiple accounts->Choose the appropriate scanning method->Browse for the destination path and click “Repair”. (It is suggested to close the MS Outlook before executing repair operation.)->After the application completes the repair process, you will be allowed to view the repaired Outlook mails and other elements like contacts, notes, tasks, journals etc.