Mac iPod Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted or lost important files from your iPod? Are you searching for an application to recover deleted iPod photos, music and more? Then you need not search for it anymore because you will find the tool here. But before you proceed further let us discuss about iPod, how files get deleted from it? Why files are recoverable? Measures to control data loss etc.

iPods are the most popular music players used by music fans. iPod has become a good companion to music lovers that allows them to store not only music but also photos videos, audio files etc. One can customize music list and enjoy listening to unlimited songs in order to reduce their stress. However, music and photos stored in the device can be deleted or lost due to many reasons.

Few of them are discussed below:

  • File System Corruption:  Sometimes a file system on your iPod might get corrupted due to some unknown errors and you may see some error messages which do not allow you to access the media files from iPod and hence results in data loss
  • Restoring files:  You might accidentally restore your iPod while updating or when it shows error message. Restore operation deletes complete data present on iPods leading to severe data loss
  • Virus infection: Files in your iPod might get deleted if it is attacked by any infectious virus
  • Accidental Deletion –Accidentally deleting music files, photos or videos from your iPod or deleting the entire files selecting “Delete all” option from the menu on the iPod leads to data loss from it

Apart from above scenarios, there are some other situation, that might result in data loss from your iPod. However you should take some preventive measures in order to protect your valuable data. Create backup of important files so that if you lost any files from your iPod, you can easily restore them from the backup. Do not switch your iPod between windows and Mac operating system. Most importantly, while deleting any file, check whether you have selected the correct one to delete. But even after taking these measures, if you lost your data from iPod then don’t worry! You still have the chance to recover it. Those files still present over there but invisible to you. You can recover it easily by utilizing any good recovery software, unless it is overwritten by the new data.

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is an effective software for Mac iPod Recovery. This utility can restore deleted music files from different file formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG. It offers the comprehensive data recovery solution for all Apple iPod users. This application is compatible with both windows and Mac OS. This program allows you to preview the recovered files before saving. Extract the free demo version of the software to check the ability of the software in recovering iPod files.

Go through the instructions provided below to recover the files from your iPod

Connect your iPod to the Mac machine with the help of a USB cable. Press here. Download the software and install it on your Mac machine. Once the software gets installed, run the software to find out the recovery steps. On the main screen, there are two options available. They are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Click on the one with respect to the situation you have faced. After selecting appropriate option, the software displays the drives present in your Mac. It even displays the external drive i.e your iPod. Select the drive from which recovery can be done and click on “Next”. The software now displays all the file type present in the drive you have selected. Expand and tick on the file you want to recover otherwise click on “skip” option to select all the files. On the next window there appears all the recoverable files. Select the one that you want to recover. In order to recover all the files, click on “Mark all”. Preview the files before saving them in a desired location. At last, save the recovered files in a location that you prefer. Make sure that you save it in different location.