Fix RAR File Unexpected End of Archive

Imagine a situation; you have downloaded a RAR file from internet which was related to your project work. As soon as you downloaded, you have opened it in order to see the contents. But instead of opening, it threw an error message like “Unexpected end of archive”. You downloaded the file again but same thing repeated. At that moment you may think that there is no solution to overcome the problem you have got. But in reality it is not true!! The RAR File error “Unexpected end of archive”, means that it has not completed download process or the RAR file itself is corrupted. Therefore in order to work it again you have to repair it. WinRAR has inbuilt feature to repair corrupt RAR file. So you can use it in order to make your RAR file work again. Here is the procedure:

Open WinRAR, Select the file, Tools, and click the Repair button. The software will attempt to repair the file. Now choose “Treat the corrupt archive as RAR” option. Click OK. If the tool displays that the recovery record found on WinRar GUI then you have a high probability to successfully repair RAR file. After finishing the repair process, click on Close button. In order to extract your RAR file, highlight your new rebuilt archive i.e Choose Commands and then Extract without confirmation. Now the files would start extracting.

In case the error does not resolve even by applying above procedure then you can repair your corrupted RAR file by using third party repair software. However before you go further to know about the features of the software, it is necessary to get some idea related to RAR file corruption so that you adapt precautions. Few of the causes are given below:

  • Changing file extension – Changing file extension can corrupt your RAR archive. For instance, if you want to rename a file from ‘XXX.jpeg’ to ‘XXX.rar’ then the RAR file might get corrupted
  • External Threats – External treat such as virus can corrupt the file structure of your RAR archive. The external threat also has the ability to infect your RAR file severely
  • Bad sector on the storage disk – Sometimes you may not be able to open RAR files stored in your system hard drive. The reason behind this can be the bad sector disk or due to the exposure of the hard drive to the liquids which makes your RAR file refuse to open

However, as stated earlier, you can repair your RAR file with the help of any good third party repair tool.  One such repair tool that you can choose to repair RAR file is Yodot RAR repair software. This software carefully scans your RAR file and repairs it without affecting the original content. It also displays the repairing progress and repaired file in a separate window. Learn more here

Go as per the instructions given below in order to repair RAR file:

Download Yodot RAR Repair software and install it to your computer. Hit here.  Run the software in your system. As soon as you run it, software asks you to choose the corrupted RAR file. Now select damaged RAR file that you want to repair. Begin the repair process by clicking on the “Repair” option. You will see the progress of the repair process in the progress bar. Once the repair process ends, view the repaired files recovered from the damaged RAR file. Select the location to save the repaired files by clicking the “Save” button.