Best Repair Tool for Outlook PST

Microsoft Windows 7 is a recent launch of Windows operating system which is compatible to various MS Office suites including Outlook 2010. Microsoft Outlook with Windows 7 as OS offers improved performance. This makes it favorite when it comes to using Microsoft Outlook as email client application. Outlook is widely used for sending emails and managing items of the mailbox such as contacts, notes, journal, appointments etc which gets stored as personal storage table files. MS Outlook is a platform for organizing and managing the data effectively. However, there might be some issues that might result in PST file corruption. Actually these files are corrupted and might get damage that makes the stored mailbox data inaccessible.

There can be plenty of reasons why personal storage file goes corrupt including virus attack, improper or sudden shutdown of Outlook, power surge, over sized files, header corruption and broken pst. Now if you have Outlook installed on Windows, you must be curious to know how PST files get corrupted due to being over sized. Actually Outlook 2010 is enabled with storage of PST files up to 50 gigabyte in size. This is not an easy task to cross this limit. Practically, it is seen that as the .pst files crosses 5 GB, the Outlook gets slower in performance and results in abrupt shutdown. Sometimes, the Outlook might even crash causing severe damage to the corresponding PST files. Thus the users might face great problem particularly if there are important emails, attachments, contacts, etc. present in the mailbox. Most of the users get panic when they find that Outlook data is no longer accessible. If you are in such kind of a situation and looking to restore deleted emails from PST file, then you have landed at the right place. Here is a solution, by employing repair outlook PST recovery tool you can easily retrieve it.

 Major scenarios that may lead to corruption or deletion of PST files:

Over sized PST: PST file has been assigned different size limits for particular versions of Microsoft Outlook. When the size exceeds the limited size, in such situations Outlook PST files get corrupted & become inaccessible.

Virus Infection: Virus attack is the most common scenario for loss of PST files. Whenever you are sending & receiving mail messages, transmitting of infectious viruses may happen. These harmful viruses severely corrupt the PST files & leads to corruption of Outlook files along with emails.

 Improper shutdown of Outlook: Sometimes Outlook may shutdown improperly due to a power surge or power failure, which leads to PST file corruption.

Prominent features of repair PST Outlook recovery tool:

  • The software repairs PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and it also supports OST files
  • This software is capable to repair Windows 7 Outlook PST files.
  • By employing this you can recover email messages emptied from deleted items folder or deleted from any other Outlook folder.
  • By using this software you can search for PST files on PC, if you do not know the location of your PST files where it is located.