Data Recovery from Camcorder

“Recently, I went for a long trip with my friends. I took lots of photos and captured video with my camcorder. When I came back to home I eagerly connected my camcorder to computer for saving those photos and videos. I was shocked a moment by see the empty camcorder. I don’t know what has happed to the camcorder and why it is showing empty. Is there a solution to recover those lost photos and videos from camcorder? Kindly help me please.”

Basically all camcorders and digital camera devices use memory card for storing the captured images and videos. Some camcorders have embedded memory and optional removable/external memory card. Losing valuable photos or videos from camcorder has become common now-a-days. If you’re also one of them who lost their photos and videos due to various unknown reasons, then don’t worry. There is a chance for recovering those lost photos and videos using the efficient recovery application. But prior to recovery tool, let us see some of the causes for loss of data on camcorders.

  • Accidentally deleting the photos or videos while previewing them
  • Unintentionally formatting the memory card by clicking on “Format” option present on camcorder
  • Due to camcorder memory card issues, the data present in it will become inaccessible and leads to data loss
  • Improper removal or insertion of memory card on camcorder
  • Virus attack, firmware errors, etc. are some of the other causes for loss of photos and videos on camcorder

If you have come across any of the above mentioned scenarios and lost your valuable data from camcorder, then you can restore them back if you have backup of those lost data. Otherwise, use any of the best recovery application to restore those lost data from camcorder.

Yodot Photo Recovery is excellent recovery application used by most of the users to recover their lost or deleted data from camcorder such as photos, videos and music files. This recovery application is read-only tool that doesn’t modify the contents of data while retrieving them back. BY making use of this recovery application you can also restore data on other various digital cameras. This recovery app is easy to use and can be used by every individual user to retrieve their data back from the camcorder. This recovery application can secure recover data from camcorder without affecting the original data.

Procedure to retrieve data from camcorder:

Press here to download Yodot Photo Recovery utility and install it on your computer -> Then connect you camcorder to that particular system -> Run the recovery application and follow the steps present on the screen -> In main screen you can see two options i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” -> Select either of the option depending on data loss occurred on camcorder -> The software scans and displays both internal and external drive drives present in your computer -> Select the drive that represents your camcorder and click on “Next” option -> After this, the recovery application starts scanning the selected drive and displays all retrieved data in “Data View” and “File Type View” -> Preview the recovered files using “Preview” option -> Finally, save the recovered files to your preferred location on computer.