Restore Data from Mac Mini

“Hello friends, my Mac Mini system got crashed recently so I lost all my important data from it. I do not possess backup of those vital data, so I am bit tensed whether I can get back all data or cannot. If anybody knows proper solution for this problem then let me know please”

Mac mini desktop will be ready to use by just connecting monitor, keyboard and mouse and turning it on. It is first Macintosh desktop which does not include keyboard and mouse. It is World’s most energy efficient desktop computer since today many people utilize it for both personal and business use. It supports multiprogramming i.e. you can run more programs at a time. It provides good performance for 3D games and for graphics-intensive tools. Though, Mac mini is a powerful system, data may be lost when situations are beyond control. If you maintain back up of all vital data then no need to worry, but if no back up is available then huge amount of data will be in vain.

Major causes for data loss from Mac Mini are:

  • Reformatting Mac mini without data backup may lead to loss of data
  • Errors while re-partitioning Mac Mini result in volume corruption and thus data unreadability
  • Due to corruption of Apple partition map on Mac Mini, it becomes unbootable and leads to huge loss of data
  • When unreliable software containing some dangerous threats are installed, these may corrupt hard drive or system files on Mac Mini which are important for system to work

Software to rescue data from Mac Mini:

There is only one best way to recover Mac Mini data which might be lost due to reformatting, repartitioning, corruption or virus interference using Yodot Mac Data Recovery software. It helps to scan and restore data from Mac Mini hard drive volumes and all other external storage devices. It is compatible on all latest versions of Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion operating systems. This application first checks for affected storage media and scans it for restoring different files from it without altering any data bits. It can rescue data from HFS+, HFSX, FAT32 and FAT16 file systems.

Instructions to get back data from Mac Mini:

Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software in your system. In main window select “Volume Recovery” option for recovering data from deleted, missing, crashed or corrupted Mac Mini hard drive data. To retrieve files from formatted or reformatted Mac Mini hard drive choose “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option. Application will provide list of physical disks that are present on Mac Mini; select hard drive from which files need to be recovered. Next, you will find available volume / partition in selected hard drive. Select one that is having important files. As you proceed further you will get a window from that you need to select desired file types you need to recover. Once recovery completes view selected files in distinct view types. To estimate retrieved results preview recovered files and finally save files to destination location.