Restore Active Partition

An active partition is a hard drive partition which is marked as one that system should boot, whenever it is switched on or we can say active partition is one which holds boot files to start the operating system on your computer. Only one partition on any hard drive can be marked as active partition. Sometimes you may accidentally mark any other drive apart from the drive where your operating system is installed then your system will be failed to boot. Hence you may lose complete data from your computer. So like this, majority of Mac users come across a huge loss of files from entire drive of the system if active partition get inaccessible. Few common data loss circumstances from active partition are described below:

  • Data from active partition may vanish due to hardware failure
  • Operating system crash may lead to data loss from active partition
  • While deleting any unnecessary volume, if unknowingly you select active partition then you may lose entire data from that partition
  • Data from active drive may also be lost due to partition corruption

One may get worried if valuable data maintained on active partition lost completely. But data which got erased from active partition will not be lost forever, it will be present on that memory space itself. Operating system will just remove the entries of deleted data from file allocation and allow any other file to replace it or overwrites it.  So you can recover this data from active partition using a reliable application.

Software to recover active partition:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is an outstanding application in order to recover active partition. It regains partitions which are formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT and ReFS file systems. This application has a user friendly interface which helps every individual to operate and rescue lost files easily. It is consists of advance scanning technology, which scans selected drive block-by-block for lost or deleted file and regains it in very short period of time. It is a secured application since it does not modify the content of the file and after recovery it does not allow you to save the recovered file to the same position from where it was lost. It can recover files like, audios, videos, documents, photos, RAW images etc. from all kind of hard drives like SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS, PATA etc. on Windows computer. This application is compatible to work on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

 Instructions to use the software:

Disconnect the affected Windows HDD and connect it to healthy Windows system then, download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on your Windows system and Install it. Once the installation gets complete, launch program on host computer and follow on screen instructions. Primary screen shows two choices, i.e. “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”, select the “Partition Recovery” option and proceed further. Later, tool will display a list of available logical drives on your system, from that choose drive which got affected. Proceed the process by selecting file type which you want to get back or press ‘skip’ button to go with default options. Then software will scan the selected hard drive in couple of minutes and displays recoverable files under Data view / File Type View, make a glance at each recovered file using ‘Preview’ option and store files to a desired destination location.