There Was an Error Opening This Document This File Cannot Be Found

Hello everyone, I’m facing severe issues with my Word document which I spent my whole time in making it. Here is the explanation to my problem, there was an error opening this document ‘this file cannot be opened’. I have posted my issue in many forums and they decided that my file is corrupt. All I need to do is to fix it as soon as possible. Can anyone guide me with simple steps?

The above situation is a regular situation for many users. But, the solution here is not only by searching for a solution but also the reasons which leads to Word file corrupted. Let’s have a look on some cases to avoid such problems in future:

  • When Word document is infected with virus
  • Incomplete download of Word file
  • Due to file header corruption
  • Abrupt system termination when working with word file
  • Errors occurred during file transfer

Sometimes, you may face hard time by facing any one of the above listed situations. At times, there will be no possibility for you to compare multiple solutions to choose finest among them. In that case, this article will help you on it. Let’s see about a solution which will fix your Word document issue.

Fix Word document that is showing error messages

Yodot DOC Repair application is the most effective method to opt when your Word file is showing different error notifications. It is an ultimate tool which is offering a powerful fix to severely corrupted Word files. It works on read only mode so it will securely repair your file without altering any contents. The program first fix and then restores all the contents of the file such as text formatting, fonts, tables, OLE objects, etc. Even the inaccessible Word file can be repaired without any difficulty. To use this software you require operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Steps to be followed

Download and install Yodot DOC Repair software on your desktop -> Run and launch the application to start process -> Main screen will give you ‘Browse’ button -> Hit the button to locate the path of the corrupt file -> After browsing, click on ‘Repair’ option which is available on same screen -> Now the tool will start fixing the corrupt file -> You can clearly observer the status in progress bar -> Once it is done, you can preview first few pages in the file to confirm -> At last browse target folder to save repaired Word document.

Recover Deleted Files Mac External Hard Drive

Need your immediate assistance! Please help!!

A couple of days back, I was preparing collage on my Macintosh system. So, to prepare it I have collected all old and new pictures and saved it on my 16 TB external hard disk. Later, while finalizing pictures, some of the photos goes delete. Now, my situation turned horrible because I collected those photos with much difficulty specially removed ones. Is it possible to recover deleted files from Mac external hard drive?

Like other storage drives, external hard drives are also prone to data loss. Moreover, if you remove any data from it with any possible ways i.e. pressing ‘Delete’ key or manually choosing Delete option from list or performing Shift-Delete etc, files will bypass Recycle Bin. So, unlike internal hard drives, here restoring removed files from Recycle Bin can’t be applied, even for soft deleted files.

How to recover deleted files from externally connected hard disk on Mac?

It will be very problematic, but no worries now, try Yodot Mac File Recovery tool on your Mac device. After backup, only suitable third party program can solve this problem. However, maximum users are not good in accessing backup so especially for them, this tool is precious. This file recovery program holds all the qualities of a prominent data recovery program.

Steps to utilize this software:

Before starting recovery, don’t forget to plugged-in your external hard disk drive to a healthy Macintosh -> Visit here, to download Yodot Mac File Recovery software to your system and install it -> Launch it, by accessing it’s shortcut icon on desktop -> Select “Deleted File Recovery” option -> Choose the partition that represent your externally attached hard disk, from where files go delete and click on “Next” to move further -> Afterwards, scanning of selected volume will start and display all retrieved files in either “Data View” or “File Type View” view -> At last, click on Save to store recovered files on target location of Mac system

Highlighted features of recovery program:

  • Proper application to recover deleted files Mac external hard drives
  • Along with delete, you can run it to get back missing files also
  • It scans affected disk sector-by-sector andextract files from it in few minutes
  • It supports file recovery on all popular brands of hard drives
  • Due to it’s user-friendly interface, even a non-technical user can complete data recovery
  • It works on almost all Mac OS X versions like Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10

Get Data off Dead PS3 Hard Drive

“My PS3 hard drive is failed due to unknown reason. Whenever I try to open the system I receive message like “PS3 is unable to function correctly“. Now I am unable to access any data from it. So help me out by suggesting reliable method to get back my essential data from PS3 Hard Drive”

The problem with this PS3 hard drive is corruption. When drive is corrupted then you may encounter various type of error message on the screen making data inaccessible. This may affect all sorts of items like games, photos, music, videos, etc.

When it comes to PS3 hard drives, the data stored on this drive is more valuable than the hard drive itself. To safeguard your data, always maintain backup on regular basis.

Here we mentioned few causes for PS3 hard drive failure:

  • Terminating system forcible can damage to PS3 HDD
  • If PS3 drive is infected by virus or malware then it may in result in PS3 drive failure
  • Due to bad sectors on PS3 hard disk drive can lead to loss of vital data from it
  • Unintentionally formatting PS3 HDD
  • Interruptions may occur while installing new operating system can lead to PS3 hard drive failure

If you are unable to solve above mentioned problem then you can go with third party data recovery software to retrieve your lost or deleted data from PS3 hard disk data.

Get Data off Dead PS3 Hard Drive

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is an efficient tool to regain lost or inaccessible data from Dead PS3 hard drive on Windows system. This application can also restore data after encountering various type of error message. It supports various hard drive interfaces such as IDE, SATA, ATA and external hard drives. You can perform data recovery from partitions, which formatted with file system like FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5. You can get back data from storage devices like portable hard disk, memory cards, iPods, USB drives and many others. One can install this utility on Windows system such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

How to make use of it?

Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool and install it to Windows computer-> Connect PS3 hard drive to that system-> Run the software by using the shortcut icon on the system-> This utility provides set of options on main screen like “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”->You can choose one option based on the situation->Further utility will scans and display all logical and physical drive, external drive present in Windows system-> Select the drive which indicates your PS3 hard drive and click on the “Next” button->Then program will scan the selected drive and display list of recovered data in “Data View” and “File Type View”-> You can also preview recoverable files before saving them using “Preview” option-> Finally save the rescued data to desired destination location, but not on the same drive.

How to Fix Problems with Microsoft Outlook 2010?

“Hi guys, I am unable to open my Microsoft Outlook 2010 application. Whenever I try to access it, I am getting an error stating as “Outlook 2010 has stopped working”. My Outlook PST file consists of so many important emails and attachments which are related to my office work. I don’t have backup of these attributes, so can anybody please suggest me how to come out of this problem?”

In Microsoft Outlook 2010 application, many new features have been added which help to stay connected with user and manage your time and information better. This provides good email management i.e. send / receive emails, access contacts, address book and many other features as per user requirements. Even after having such amazing features, people may face problems while working on it, such as Outlook 2010 will not get start sometimes or it may get corrupted due to various factors. In such case one should make use of an appropriate Outlook repair software to come out of the problem.

Causes for Outlook 2010 problems:

  • Errors while upgrading Outlook application from present version to higher version may lead to many type of problems
  • Errors during OS-reinstallation can be a reason for such Outlook 2010 problem
  • Improper termination of Outlook while working on it may cause such errors
  • Outlook file header corruption, damage of registry file entries and CRC errors are some more reasons for such Outlook problems on your computer or laptop

These are some of the reasons behind outlook related problems. So it’s better to maintain backup of Outlook data, so that, no need to take tension when you face any of the above mentioned scenarios. Now it’s time to discuss, how to fix problems with Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Application to fix Outlook problems:

An outstanding software to repair Outlook 2010 is Yodot Outlook PST Repair. This utility has the ability to mend corrupted PST file along with its attributes such as emails, attachments, notes, contacts, calendar items, personal folders etc. This tool is secured because it does not modify content of corrupted file, instead it extracts it, repairs it and generates a new healthy copy of that file. This software has intensive scanning technology, which scans the drive deeply and repairs it in a very less amount of time. Along with Outlook 2010, it can also fix PST file from Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2013 versions. This tool supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 computers.

Directions to use the software:

Download and install Yodot Outlook Repair application on your Windows computer. Then, terminate Microsoft Outlook 2010 completely before running this application. Further, launch the tool and follow instruction which are given on main screen. Choose one of the three option displayed on the next screen. If you know exact location of corrupted PST file then select, first option i.e. “Open PST File”. Pic “Find PST File” option, if the location of damaged PST file is unknown. Choose “Select Outlook Profile” option to open particular Outlook PST file out of many Outlook profiles. Then, browse destination location to store repaired files and click on “Repair” button. For minor corruptions select “Normal Scan” option and for severe PST corruption use “Smart Scan”. Once the repair process completes, tool will display fixed files in Outlook styled menu.

MS Word 2007 Errors

MS Word is one of the most demanded programs of entire MS Office suits. It offers many useful and innovative features too, which can help users to deal with various errors.

List of few Word 2007 document errors:

  • Word cannot start the converter Mswrd632.wpc error
  • Microsoft Word has stopped working
  • Word cannot open corrupt file
  • Word document not available
  • Microsoft Word encoding error
  • Word save failed due to out of memory or disk space error

So, if you are not able to access your Word file due to any of these, you can employ below explained steps.

At first, open MS Word 2007 wizard -> Go to Office button appear at left-up corner of wizard, and choose ‘Word Options’ -> After this, a dialogue box will appear. Now, select ‘Add-Ins’ option from it and click on ‘Go’ button -> Next, COM Add-Ins window will be appear. Here three checked-in options will come. Now, out three, uncheck the first one i.e.  ‘Send to Bluetooth’ and click ‘OK’.

After executing all steps properly, if problems still exist, try disabling other add-ins to troubleshoot the problem. Even though, if it doesn’t make any changes on Word file accessibility, continue reading this article to get an ultimate solution to this problem.

There is huge list of probable instances responsible for getting errors, while accessing 2007 Word file. If we will start considering all, it will take long time. So instead of all, few major causes has mentioned here.

  • Sudden system termination while Word 2007 document was in use
  • Frequently changing file extension of Word file
  • Saving Word documents on logical drive that has bad sectors
  • Incorrectly installed MS Word application

Don’t panic, if your present situation is similar to any of them. Even after caught with errors, the access error showing Ms Word 2007 file is possible. However, all you need to do is, download Yodot DOC Repair on Windows OS.

Salient features of solution for error showing Word file:

Yodot DOC Repair is one of the trusted tools, which can be used to fix MS Word 2007 errors on Windows system. It has highly developed built-in algorithms to scan error showing Word file and repair it. Not only this, it also assures recovery of text, animations, hyperlinks, images, formatting, OEL objects and so on from damaged portion of selected Word document. This application supports repairing of MS Word documents created on Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions. In addition to this, you can easily work with this program on laptop/desktop running with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2008 and Server 2003 OS versions.

Procedure to utilize this tool:

At first, you need to download Yodot DOC Repair on your Windows PC -> Install and run it by following directions displaying on main screen ->Once you reached on first screen of tool, Click on Browse and choose error showing Word 2007 document -> after choosing Word 2007 file, click on “Repair” button -> Next, the scanning of selected Word file will start. Observe the status of scanning with progress bar appeared on main screen -> As soon as, this ongoing process get complete, you will be able to preview the Word 2007 document -> At last, click on Save button and mention target location where you wanted to store repaired Microsoft Word 2007 file

Convert Old OST to PST File

Hello everyone, I wanted to move all emails from exchange server to pop server. So, I thought of converting one OST file to PST. But I’m not familiar with Outlook to do it. Can anyone guide me to convert it without fail? Please reply as early as possible. I’ll be waiting for your response.

This is not only the instance, there are many instances which needs to convert OST file to PST. For instance, if the OST file is corrupted because of any scenarios mentioned below, then there will be no alternative other than transferring OST file to PST.

  • Upgrading Outlook to higher versions may result in OST file corruption
  • If the OST file size limit exceeds its actual limit, then there may be chances of OST file damage
  • Incorrect Outlook configuration in system
  • Due to synchronization issues with Microsoft Exchange Server

Don’t worry if you stick with any one of the above cases, because Outlook application is providing you an in-built process to transfer OST file to PST. Follow below mentioned steps to know more.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook application
  2. Click on ‘File Menu’ or press ‘Alt + F’
  3. Choose ‘Import and Export’ option
  4. From next screen select ‘Export to a file’ option
  5. Choose ‘Outlook Data File (.PST) option from drop down menu
  6. Select the folders to be exported
  7. Browse destination folder for saving desired folders
  8. Finally click on ‘Finish’

Let’s hope that this process will work out. What if not? Then you have to make use of a reliable method to finish this process. Let me guide you about an application that makes your process simpler. Let’s check…

How to convert old OST to PST file?

The eye catching way you can utilize by making use of Yodot OST to PST converter to convert old OST to PST file. It is an elite program which is offering a secure conversion of OST file from Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. The tool cannot modify the original file contents because it works in read only mode. Even if the file is corrupted, the software has capability to convert it. If the OST file is password encrypted, then also it can be easily converted. Along with converting, it can also achieve recovery of emails and other valuable information which is deleted during conversion process. It restores all attributes and then classifies all folders in an original folder structure in PST file. This utility enables you to search OST file incase if you don’t know the exact location of it. To run this tool, you require any version of Windows operating system i.e., Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Steps to employ application

Exit Outlook application and make sure it is not running in background -> Download and install Yodot OST to PST Converter software on Windows PC -> Run and launch the tool -> As soon as the main screen arrives on the desktop you will find two options i.e., ‘Open OST File’ and ‘Find OST File’ -> Choose ‘Open PST File’ option if you know the precise location of file -> If not select ‘Find OST File’ option to search file -> After selecting desired tab give the destination path to save file -> Now click on ‘Convert’ button to start transferring file -> Once it is done, you will get a notification message like ‘OST File Conversion Completed’.

Backup Outlook Rules

“I need urgent help!! Now I want to backup my Outlook rules on my system hard drive. So can anyone suggest me reliable method to backup Outlook rules as well as profile settings”

You can backup Outlook rules with simple steps in manually:

  • First click on File Tab
  • Next click on Mange Rules and Alerts
  • Suppose you have more than one email account then in the Apply changes to this folder list->Select the Inbox which you want-> Next click on Option
  • In File name box, type the path and file name for the set of rules that you want to export
  • You can export a file that contains only Rules which is compatible with an earlier version of Microsoft Outlook
  • In the Save as type list you can select any of below:
  • Outlook 2000 Compatible Rules Wizard rules
  • Outlook 2003 Compatible Rules Wizard rules
  • Outlook 2013, 2010 Compatible Rules Wizard rules
  • Finally click on save option

Outlook rules are stored in .rwz files with the name of your profile in the default Outlook directory. By backing up your important Outlook data you can safeguard it from corruption or error issue. Here we mentioned few common scenario for Outlook PST file corruption:

  • Using wrong procedure to import and export PST file
  • Interruption like sudden power failure or abruptly termination of Outlook
  • Hard drive issues like bad sector, file system corruption or other logical errors
  • Sharing Outlook profile PST file on unsecure network drive
  • Improper configuration of Outlook Profile
  • Improper way of installation or re installation of Windows OS

Due to above facts your PST files may corrupt. In such instance you may lose your entire data from Outlook. You can retrieve those data by using manually or if it fails then you can go with third party utility i.e. Yodot Backup Outlook PST

Backup Outlook Rules tools:

Yodot Backup Outlook PST software will help you to backup Outlook rules on Windows system. It securely creates back up of Outlook Profile at scheduled time – daily, weekly or monthly basis by providing ‘Schedule’ option. You can custom the process of taking backup by choosing only required Outlook items from profile with the help of ‘Advance Backup’ option. Backup of Outlook Profile can be password protected for privacy purpose. Using this tool, one can backup emails, contacts, address book, tasks, calendar events, etc. from Outlook Profile. It can create backup of PST data from Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 application versions. This program works well on Windows OS like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 Server.

How to utilize it?

Download Yodot Backup Outlook PST tool to Windows system-> Install it and run the software with help of instructions-> You can see 3 options namely ‘Backup’, ‘Restore’ and Migrate’-> Choose Backup option and hit on ‘Advance Backup’ option on next windows to backup Outlook rules->Next select ‘Smart Backup’ to backup entire Outlook Profile along with settings ->After taking Backup, click on “Next” option-> Finally  choose destination location to save backup file.

Fixing PST File in Windows 7

Hi, my PST file in Windows 7 has got damaged due to unknown reason. The problem is, I am unable access my PST file which consists number of important emails, notes, contacts it. I am worried because I don’t have backup of my vital PST data. Is there any solution for this problem? If yes then tell me how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.

If you are unable to open your Outlook Data File (.pst), or you suspect that the data file is damaged, then you can use the Inbox Repair tool (scanpst.exe) to repair the file. This utility scans only Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost) on your computer and analyzes the file structure integrity.

There are some situations where in even after using scanpst.exe, your PST file won’t get repaired, but this is not the end! There is one more safe way to mend your damaged PST. Before knowing about the solution, have a look at causes for PST file corruption:

  • Due to file system corruption Outlook PST file may get corrupted
  • Occurrence of errors while resizing the PST file may cause damage to it
  • PST file may get corrupted by sharing it with multiple users over the network
  • Due to malicious virus attack will also lead to PST damage
  • Abrupt termination of Windows 7 system or Outlook application, is the reason for broken PST
  • Due to CRC error

Scanpst.exe cannot handle sever corruption and other irregularities of Outlook PST. This is because, when you run the SCANPST and browse to select the Outlook PST file, then SCANPST checks the file directory structure and file headers (Low level objects) for corruptions and tries to repair the file. However, it does not mend the upper level objects such as messages, notes, attachments, calendar items etc. because the low level structure does not have the information regarding the upper level ones.

So Yodot Outlook PST Repair is a suitable and more reliable solution to fix PST file in Windows 7. This software make use of advanced technology to scan (sector by sector) and repair the damaged PST file and bring back all PST elements such as emails, notes, contacts, to do lists, journals etc. It has the ability to repair password protected PST file. One unique feature of this product is that, it does not ignore deleted emails / items while scanning hence recovers them also. It is referred as safe tool since it repairs and extracts from the corrupted PST file to create a completely new PST file. PST file can be repaired from Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 Outlook versions.  In addition to Windows 7, PST file can be repaired from Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

Direction to use the software:

Download and install Yodot Outlook Repair utility in your Windows 7 computer. Terminate Microsoft Outlook application completely before running the repair tool. Launch the software and follow guidelines given on the main screen. Select one of the three options displayed in the next Window. If you know exact position of damaged PST file then choose first option i.e. “Open PST File”. Pick “Find PST File” option if the location of corrupted PST file is unknown to you. If you have many profiles then, click on “Select Outlook Profile” option to open particular Outlook PST file. After selecting suitable option, browse the destination location to store retrieved files and go for next step. For repairing PST file with minor corruption use “Normal Scan” and for repairing severely damaged PST file use “Smart Scan”. Finally, click on “Repair” button to initialize the scanning process. Once the process completes, software will show corrected files in Outlook styled menu.

Mac Laptop Recovery Tool

“Hey, I need a help from you guys. I have Apple laptop, which is running with latest Mac OS X. Since last 5 years, I am using same system, but there was not even a single time when I faced any issues. However, few days back one of my cousins had taken it for work and returned it. Later on same night, when I tried to open my system, it didn’t boot and start working weirdly. I tried to connect its hard drive externally to another Mac but no use there it was showing entire hard drive as damaged. So, if anybody knows relevant method to recover data from Mac laptop, please refer me.”

When Mac hard drive becomes damaged, format or corrupt, the very first thing you are going to see is data inaccessibility. Generally, there are numerous reasons behind Mac drive getting corrupt. However, some major data loss instances, which users mostly facing are mentioned here:

  • Improperly re-partitioning the laptop hard disk will lead to hard disk data corruption
  • Unknowingly performing format on wrong volume of MacBook
  • Due to any reason if volume header of laptop hard disk gets corrupt, it will rise corruption issues
  • While converting file system of any volume on Mac laptop drive and if any interruptions occur, volume gets corrupt
  • If Mac OS X gets corrupt, there are high chances of facing huge data loss

In all the above-mentioned situations will lead Mac users to data inaccessibility. If you are also in trouble due to such situations, don’t worry. You can get back data from MacBook drive if you download third party program. As per above or for any other Mac drive related issues, you can effectively utilize Yodot Mac Data Recovery utility.

This is prominent solution to recover laptop hard drive data on Mac OS X. It’s advanced and faster recovery algorithm can scan and recover more than 300 file types from laptop hard drive within few minutes. It lets you get back data from damaged, corrupted, formatted and reformatted Mac hard drive.  Along with internal laptop hard drive, it supports data recovery from externally connected hard drives and other storage media like memory card, flash drives, FireWire drive, iPods, USB flash drives, etc. It is compatible with Mac laptop running with Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10 versions.

First and foremost, download Yodot Mac Data Recovery program to healthy Macintosh by logging in as local system administrator and install it -> After installation, connect affected laptop HDD to Mac system -> Launch program and follow each main screen instructions -> On main screen you will get two options like ‘Volume Recovery’ and ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’ -> Now, choose ‘Volume Recovery’ option for current data loss scenario and move further -> Next, software will show all drives present in Mac computer -> Now, select Mac laptop hard drive from where you want to retrieve data -> Next, you will get two scanning techniques namely ‘Standard Scan’ and Advance Scan’ -> Select either of the options and proceed next -> choose file type you need to recover or else click on ‘Skip’ to select all file types by default -> Software starts to scan and displays all retrieved data. You can view resulted list in two different views with the help of File Type View and Data View options -> Finally, provide a destination path to save retrieved Mac laptop data.

How to Fix a Non-Working PPS File?

“I was preparing multiple vital PPS files for my presentation. After completion, I saved them on my computer. Later I tried to open them and view. But they are not opening as a presentation, instead: I am seeing single page blank document. Those are my conference files; hence I need to open them without any difficulty. Can anyone please suggest how to fix a non-working PPS file?”

PPS works in similar fashion to PPT file. But it has different attributes, which gives a new face for your PowerPoint spreadsheets. Meanwhile PPS file may behave improperly because of:

  • Improper sharing of PPS file
  • Presence of more bad sectors where PPS file is stored
  • Software or hardware conflicts in computer
  • Virus intrusion
  • Abrupt system shutdown

If you are the one who is looking for reliable software to fix issues in PPS files which are very important for your business. Then we have an ultimate solution for your problem.

Yodot PPT Repair is the most defined application that can be used in fixing a non-working PPS file on Windows system. This tool is equipped with best repair mechanism that ensures, fixing a PPS even if it is damaged under worst case scenarios. Once the file is repaired, you will get an option to preview fixed PPS file. This application is used to fix PPS files after round tripping, compression, improper system shut down, virus attack and so on. Apart from repairing PPS file, it helps in fixing inaccessible PPSX files, PPT files and PPTX files. This tool will fix files on all latest versions of Windows OS like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 respectively. If there are any issues where in you are unable to repair your PPS file, then you can look for help from technical support team, who will be available round the clock to support you.

Follow these simple steps to repair a non-working PPS file:

  • Obtain Yodot PPT Repair software, install it on your computer and start the application
  • Click on Browse button in first window
  • Select PPS file which is to be repaired and hit on Repair button
  • Preview fixed PPS file using Click Here to preview file link
  • Finally, browse for destination and click on Save button to store repaired PPS file