Accessing Laptop Hard Drive from Desktop

“Hi guys, from two days I am unable to access my laptop hard drive. Like every day I opened my system to do my regular work then I observed that I couldn’t access any of the data from my HDD. I don’t know what to do now? Since it is not accessible, can I connect it to another system and recover data from it?

Yes you can connect your laptop hard drive to a healthy computer and access data by using the below given method:

First remove the battery from your laptop and take out its hard drive very carefully. Then turn off your computer and remove all cable connections on the back. One slide open the side cover of your desktop cabinet, locate the cable that connects your PC hard drive and connect your laptop hard drive to that IDE adapter by setting it as “Slave drive” and also plug in a power supply cable to your hard drive from motherboard. After joining, plug in all the other cables which you removed earlier and boot your desktop computer. Then, open “My Computer” and you will be able to see your laptop hard drive. Copy and access any files or folders from that drive

Hopefully this method helps you in accessing laptop hard drive from desktop. If not then don’t worry, using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool one can easily come out of this problem.

Why this tool?

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is one of the important recovery software which helps you in retrieving all the data from laptop hard drive. It regains all types of hard drive such as Samsung, Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate, Iomega, etc. And if you are not technically skilled besides knowing how to point and click, you will be pleasantly surprised to know how it works. All you will have to do is read the steps and make your choices for hard drive recovery. Hard drive data recovery software works on both internal hard drives and portable hard drive. It is the cheapest, easiest way for you to extract your hard drive data yourself.

How to use the software?

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program and install the it on your Windows PC
  • Then, open the installed application and follow the procedure
  • As soon as you launch the program, two options will be displayed on the main screen they are “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • As you make your selection, the utility will display all the drives present on your computer.
  • Hit on the required hard drive and press “Next”
  • On the next window you will find a search box on the right hand side, search for the file type you want to recover or else click on “Skip” to select all the file types by default
  • Then the tool starts scanning. Wait till it finishes
  • As the scanning completes, software displays all the recoverable files in two distinct view types “Data Type” and “File Type”
  • Make use of these view types to see and select the files which you need to recover
  • To perform deep scan make use of “Smart Scan” option
  • Preview the files before you save it to the desired location
  • At last, save the retrieved files on the desired location

Error Message Saying Operating System Not Found

“Last night I started to download some files on my system. I put it on and went to sleep as it was taking more time. When I woke up, I found a message on screen stated that Operating System not found. I tried to restart the system but it is not starting. I detached hard disk and connected to my friend’s PC. The hard drive is detecting but I am not able to access it. I am not bothered about the disk. Data which I have kept in it is precious for me. So how can I get it? Can anybody please give me idea??”

This issue may occur due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • When basic I/O system (BIOS) does not detect the hard drive
  • hard disk is corrupted
  • Presence of incorrect or malformed MBR in Sector 0 of physical hard disk drive
  • MBR corruption due to third party programs
  • When incompatible partition marked as Active
  • Inactive MBR partition

Resolution for the problem:

Verify the BIOS settings: check computer’s BIOS settings to ensure that BIOS lists and identify your hard disk. After you verified and come to know that, computer’s BIOS recognizes your hard drive, restart the computer > test to conclude whether the problem is solved. If issue still exists you can predict that issues with your hard drive. You need to contact hardware manufacturer to find out solution for the problem. You may have to replace the hard disk also. But to recover entire data stored on hard drive you can confidently utilize Yodot Hard Drive recovery.

Perfect program to retrieve hard disk data:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is apt solution to get back entire data from hard disk; when you are facing error message saying operating system not found. It has a capability to scan whole storage device and accomplishes complex data recovery. This smart software supports restoration of data from all types of Windows hard drives, memory cards, mobile phones, USB drives, digital cameras, external hard drives and so on. Along with this, you can effortlessly find lost or deleted logical partition data which is lost due to erroneous hard drive partitioning. The application comprises of user-friendly and simple interface to help Windows user to retrieve deleted or lost data from hard drive due to any kind of errors. It supports retrieval of data on systems running with Windows operating systems like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2008 and Server 2003.

Steps to restore data after error OS not found:

  • Externally connect error showing hard drive to a healthy computer
  • Install and run Yodot Hard Drive Recovery application
  • Go for Partition Recovery option on main screen
  • Pick attached disk from list of shown Storage Devices
  • Select all partitions listed under Found Drives/Partitions
  • Hit Skip button
  • Mark files which you wish to restore in File Type View or Data View
  • Preview retrieved data and save on your desired location

Get Data off Dead PS3 Hard Drive

“My PS3 hard drive is failed due to unknown reason. Whenever I try to open the system I receive message like “PS3 is unable to function correctly“. Now I am unable to access any data from it. So help me out by suggesting reliable method to get back my essential data from PS3 Hard Drive”

The problem with this PS3 hard drive is corruption. When drive is corrupted then you may encounter various type of error message on the screen making data inaccessible. This may affect all sorts of items like games, photos, music, videos, etc.

When it comes to PS3 hard drives, the data stored on this drive is more valuable than the hard drive itself. To safeguard your data, always maintain backup on regular basis.

Here we mentioned few causes for PS3 hard drive failure:

  • Terminating system forcible can damage to PS3 HDD
  • If PS3 drive is infected by virus or malware then it may in result in PS3 drive failure
  • Due to bad sectors on PS3 hard disk drive can lead to loss of vital data from it
  • Unintentionally formatting PS3 HDD
  • Interruptions may occur while installing new operating system can lead to PS3 hard drive failure

If you are unable to solve above mentioned problem then you can go with third party data recovery software to retrieve your lost or deleted data from PS3 hard disk data.

Get Data off Dead PS3 Hard Drive

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is an efficient tool to regain lost or inaccessible data from Dead PS3 hard drive on Windows system. This application can also restore data after encountering various type of error message. It supports various hard drive interfaces such as IDE, SATA, ATA and external hard drives. You can perform data recovery from partitions, which formatted with file system like FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5. You can get back data from storage devices like portable hard disk, memory cards, iPods, USB drives and many others. One can install this utility on Windows system such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

How to make use of it?

Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool and install it to Windows computer-> Connect PS3 hard drive to that system-> Run the software by using the shortcut icon on the system-> This utility provides set of options on main screen like “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”->You can choose one option based on the situation->Further utility will scans and display all logical and physical drive, external drive present in Windows system-> Select the drive which indicates your PS3 hard drive and click on the “Next” button->Then program will scan the selected drive and display list of recovered data in “Data View” and “File Type View”-> You can also preview recoverable files before saving them using “Preview” option-> Finally save the rescued data to desired destination location, but not on the same drive.

How to Recover Partitioned Hard Drive Data?

“I had a hard drive failure on a HP Pavilion computer.  It seems the file location has been damaged. With the help of some free data recovery software, it is able to see the size of each partition and even start finding files. For my bad luck I am unable to recover data from partitioned hard drive. Help me out by giving best solution to recover partitioned hard drive data”.

Partitions are a way of dividing up an area into separate sections that we can use for different functions. A hard drive can be just one single partition, it can be split up into a number of individual partitions. It can be used to isolate operating systems from each other or keep data more organized and secure by moving it out of the operating system’s partition and into its own dedicated space. In most of times user may lose their essential data from partitioned hard drive on Windows system due to several reasons as mentioned below:

  • During hard drive partitioning process one may mistakenly format the partition on Windows system
  • Accidentally one may select and delete a partition while resizing hard drive
  • Using third party tools like Partition Magic, Partition Manager and others to partition hard disk drive
  • Interruptions like sudden power failure, system shutdown or following incorrect instructions to partition hard disk drive may result in data loss
  • Using Windows Disk Management utility and accidentally deleting partitions
  • Due to partition corruption hard drive may fails to boot, while trying to make dual / multi OS boot installation

Data can be lost or deleted or corrupted during partitioning hard drive due to above facts. In such cases make use of hard drive recovery software to retrieve data from partitioned hard drive

Software to retrieve partitioned hard drive data:

Yodot Hard Drive Data Recovery will recover partitioned hard drive data on Windows system. This software scans entire hard drive to identify all partitions or for finding lost and missing partitions on hard disk and to restore files from these partitions in simple steps. It will regain data even after formatting the partition to a different file system. Partition is deleted or lost while repartitioning a hard drive i.e. re-sizing, removing or adding a partition to the hard drive can be retrieved using this application. This tool will restore data from hidden or inaccessible partitions. It can also recover data from formatted/re-formatted and damaged partitions/drives on hard drive after any unexpected data loss scenario. This utility will works compatibly on Windows 10. Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server2003 and 2000.

Simple procedure to regain data from partition hard drive disk:

Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to Windows  system-> Run the program and follow given steps on main screen-> On main screen you can see two options namely “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery” -> Choose “Partition Recovery”  option to recover data from partition -> Then utility  will shows physical and all logical as well as external drives associated with the Windows system-> Select the drive and click on “Next” button->Select the files that you need to recover; otherwise just click on “Skip” to select all the files by default-> Then application will scans the selected drive ->Once scanning process gets completed regained  files can viewed  in 2 forms “File Type View” or “Data View” -> You can view recovered files by pressing “Preview” option -> Finally  you can save recovered data to target location or else store on some external storage drive apart from same victim hard drive.

How to Recover Data from Windows 8 HP PC?

“I recently switched the hard disk on Windows 8 HP PC to improve overall performance. Everything was working fine until I upgraded Windows OS on HP system. Soon after updating Windows 8 to 8.1 OS version, I started facing frequent freezing of HP system and ended up in complete disaster. Now, when I turns on HP PC it shows nothing. Is there any possible way to recover data saved in Windows 8 HP PC? Can anybody please help me?”

Windows 8 operating system is user friendly application developed and designed by Microsoft. It provides useful features such as interactive tiles, task manger, graphical user interface, start screen, easy gestures, and so on.

HP stands for Hewlett Packard which is involved in designing, developing and manufacturing of numerous electronic goods like PC, laptops, Smartphones, storage devices and many more. These days, vast numbers of individuals are using laptops as well as PC which supports all the applications. Among numerous brands HP is most ordinarily utilized due to its user friendly features and services.

Some of the notable gimmicks of HP portable computer are:

  • Portable in nature, simple to exchange from one place to another
  • Designed with Bright view LED illuminated display
  • Provides huge storage capacity limit for storing purposes
  • High execution level
  • Good battery life

In spite of having all these profits still users are facing issues like information misfortune from Windows 8 HP PC because of bad sectors, partition damage, hard drive crash, intentional formatting, etc. If your data is corrupted/inaccessible on Windows 8 HP PC due to above mentioned aspects then can use third party utility to retrieve all data from Windows 8 HP system.

Application to retrieve data on Windows 8 HP PC:

Yodot Hard Drive helps user to restore HP computer hard drive data to great extent. It has ability to retrieve program files, music, videos, Office files and other documents from PC hard drive or partition with much ease. This tool can regain files and folders from PC hard disk drive with SATA, ATA, PATA IDE and SCSI. This program supports for data recovery from laptop hard drive, SSD, portable hard disk, FireWire drive, flash memory cards and other storage devices effortlessly. Additionally, this utility can regain files from storage devices with NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, FAT16, ExFAT and ReFS file systems compatible on Windows computers. HP PC recovery Windows 8 tool can restore data from Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers.

Steps to restore data on Windows 8 HP PC:

HP Windows 8 PC hard drive is completely corrupted and not booting, then connect it to a healthy Windows 8 HP computer -> Next download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to that  system-> Once installation is done, open the application and stick to the guidelines appearing on screen-> In next window, tool will provide two options – “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery”-> Select any of the option based on data loss situation -> After selecting the option, the utility will scan and display all physical and logical drives from the Windows 8 HP PC -> Select the drive from where data is to be rescued and click “Next” button-> Further, select the files that you need to recover; otherwise just click on “Skip” to select all the files by default-> Allow the scanning process to complete-> You can view restored files from the HP computer hard drive in 2 forms “File Type View” or “Data View” once scanning procedure get completed-> Recovered file can be viewed by pressing “Preview” option -> Finally save resulting data to target location on some external storage drive apart from same victim hard drive.








Restore Active Partition

An active partition is a hard drive partition which is marked as one that system should boot, whenever it is switched on or we can say active partition is one which holds boot files to start the operating system on your computer. Only one partition on any hard drive can be marked as active partition. Sometimes you may accidentally mark any other drive apart from the drive where your operating system is installed then your system will be failed to boot. Hence you may lose complete data from your computer. So like this, majority of Mac users come across a huge loss of files from entire drive of the system if active partition get inaccessible. Few common data loss circumstances from active partition are described below:

  • Data from active partition may vanish due to hardware failure
  • Operating system crash may lead to data loss from active partition
  • While deleting any unnecessary volume, if unknowingly you select active partition then you may lose entire data from that partition
  • Data from active drive may also be lost due to partition corruption

One may get worried if valuable data maintained on active partition lost completely. But data which got erased from active partition will not be lost forever, it will be present on that memory space itself. Operating system will just remove the entries of deleted data from file allocation and allow any other file to replace it or overwrites it.  So you can recover this data from active partition using a reliable application.

Software to recover active partition:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is an outstanding application in order to recover active partition. It regains partitions which are formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT and ReFS file systems. This application has a user friendly interface which helps every individual to operate and rescue lost files easily. It is consists of advance scanning technology, which scans selected drive block-by-block for lost or deleted file and regains it in very short period of time. It is a secured application since it does not modify the content of the file and after recovery it does not allow you to save the recovered file to the same position from where it was lost. It can recover files like, audios, videos, documents, photos, RAW images etc. from all kind of hard drives like SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS, PATA etc. on Windows computer. This application is compatible to work on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

 Instructions to use the software:

Disconnect the affected Windows HDD and connect it to healthy Windows system then, download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on your Windows system and Install it. Once the installation gets complete, launch program on host computer and follow on screen instructions. Primary screen shows two choices, i.e. “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”, select the “Partition Recovery” option and proceed further. Later, tool will display a list of available logical drives on your system, from that choose drive which got affected. Proceed the process by selecting file type which you want to get back or press ‘skip’ button to go with default options. Then software will scan the selected hard drive in couple of minutes and displays recoverable files under Data view / File Type View, make a glance at each recovered file using ‘Preview’ option and store files to a desired destination location.

How to Restore Data from not Working Hard Disk?

Recently I found a weird crisis with my system, after that my hard drive became inaccessible. The hard drive is in BIOS; even then it didn’t display anything. So I restarted the system but of no use. HDD consists of many images, songs, videos, games, and lots of software collection from past few years. I don’t want to lose those files, how to restore data from not working hard drive? Please help.

Computer users store all information in hard drive. File storage or data sharing can be done effectively due to outstanding performance of hard disk. Nowadays, hard disk failures like corruption, not booting, inaccessibility have become common. If you have this type of issue with your hard disk and lost precious data, then don’t get disappointed. Your data will not be erased from not working hard disk; it can be recovered by using reliable software. But before that, let us discuss some scenarios about how your hard disk might stop working:

  • Damaged file system on hard disk drive due to virus intrusion can make the drive inaccessible
  • If BIOS is not configured properly on hard disk due to boot sector corruption then hard drive may stop working
  • Abruptly turning off your system while sharing data, frequent power surge, etc. will cause damage to hard disk after which drive may not work properly
  • If many number of bad sectors are present on hard drive it contributes to malfunctioning of hard disk

Not working hard drive data retrieval tool:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is best software to restore data from hard drive that is not working. This software not only restores data from not working hard drive, but also recovers lost NTFS or FAT partitions for multiple times. The user can get back data from HDD that is dead, failed, unrecognized or showing various errors on start up. Apart from this, the program can retrieve data from memory card, FireWire drives, pen drive, external hard drive and many other storage devices. It has the ability to save recovery session and resume at later stage without having to rescan again. This tool can be easily installed on different Windows OS versions like Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Steps to restore data from not working hard disk:

Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on healthy Windows system. Get here. Connect not working hard disk to this Windows computer and run the application. On main screen you will get two options as ‘Partition Recovery’ and ‘Formatted/Reformatted Recovery’. In that opt for ‘Partition Recovery’ option and proceed next. Select drive that represents not working HDD and scanning process starts. The rescued data list will be displayed in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’. View the files and further save these recovered data in desired destination on host Windows computer hard drive but not to same hard drive that is not working.

Recover Data from Hidden Partition

Have you ever lost data from hidden partition or entire hidden partition was missing on Windows system? If yes, then it is not required to get disappointed. You can easily get back erased or lost data from hidden partition using proficient data recovery software on Windows computer.

Most of the users protect their confidential data from unauthenticated persons or data hackers by hiding there hard drive partitions on Windows system. However, data from hidden partition or complete hidden partition might go missing due to various reasons, such as:

  • Shift deleting files from hidden partition or unintentional formatting of hidden partition will leads to huge amount of data loss
  • Sometimes logical errors with hidden partition might end with loss of files and folders stored in it
  • Hidden partition get delete or go missing due to operating system malfunctions or partition table corruption
  • Harmful virus or Trojan attack on system hard drive can make inaccessible or unreadable hidden partition

How to regain data from hidden partition?

However, as stated before erased or missing data from hidden partition can be restored using appropriate data recovery software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery.  This tool is one of the best solutions to recover data from hidden partition on Windows system. The application designed with advanced built in algorithms to get back data from hidden partitions. It can also restore data from other storage devices such as memory cards, SSD drives, external hard disk, pen drives, memory sticks, etc. This program also supports recovery of data form hard drive interfaces such as SATA, SCSI, SAS, IDE as well as FAT16, FAT32, ExtFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 partitions. You can install this application on Windows system running with Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. 

Follow these steps to recover data from hidden partition:

Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to Windows PC  -> Open the program and follow the main screen directives -> Choose “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option to bring back data from hidden partition based data loss scenario -> The tool scans and shows all the partitions or drives on Windows computer -> Choose the hidden drive and click on “Next” button -> The utility scans the entire selected partition and displays all the recoverable data from that hidden partition -> Select the files and folders which are to be retrievable  -> Browse for the destination location to save your rescued data, even though not to the same location from where you are restored data -> The utility also permits you to save the data to any external storage component such as external hard drive, CDs and DVDs


Recover Data from Formatted USB Flash Drive

Formatting is a process in which all entry of data on file system of USB flash drive will be deleted. Therefore after format, you will lose all files from USB flash drive. Suppose you are formatting a drive and in a hurry, you select a USB flash drive and format it. Then you will lose entire data on the USB flash drive. You do not have backup of the important files in it. What can be done in such situation? Do not worry, you can get back data from formatted USB flash drive using suitable data restoration software. Below given are few of the possibilities when USB flash drive can get formatted. Go through them and beware of such scenarios.

Scenarios in which USB flash drive gets formatted:

  • When USB flash drive is connected to your computer, you may click on “Format” option by right clicking on the icon of USB flash drive
  • If your USB flash drive is reformatted to have different file system on it then all files on the previous file system will be formatted or in common words, deleted
  • Suppose the USB flash drive is corrupted by viruses, you may get format error and you may have to format USB flash drive in order to use it in future

Whatever may be the reason for flash drive format, you can unformat USB flash drive using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on your Windows computers.

Features of software to unformat USB flash drive:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software helps you to recover data after formatting USB flash drive. This tool is simple to use and has capability to detect files of different types like media files, simple documents, excel sheets, database files, etc. You can get back USB flash drives with different file systems. Usually FAT is the file system used on the flash drive but the tool even supports NTFS, NTFS5 file systems. Using this program it is possible to recover files from other drives like, internal hard drive of computer, memory cards, iPods, etc. devices connected externally to the computer.

Procedure to recover data from formatted USB flash drive:

Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software from here and install it on your PC. Connect formatted USB flash drive to the computer and run installed software. From main screen, select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”. Then in next screen, select the icon of USB flash drive and click on “Next”. Select file types which you want to recover and click on “Next”. Software starts scanning formatted USB flash drive and displays the result in two views namely “Data View” and “File Type View”. Use “Preview” option by selecting a file, to view it. Then save files at a location on drive other than USB flash drive using “Save” option.

Restoring Data from Failed Flash Drive

“I have a flash disk which has been working well for quite some time. Just yesterday it refused to work. It was not recognized by the computer but when I tried opening it I got the message that Windows does not recognize the flash drive. I tried using it on another computer but the same message appeared. I also tried some third party programs that promised data recovery from failed flash drive. But nothing actually happened. The data in it is very important and I need to recover it. Please advice.”

Taking note from the above scenario, we get to know that there are certain times when your flash drive refuses to work and all the information that was saved in it is gone for good. Relax! There is nothing to worry about. Your flash drive has got corrupted, not the valuable data that was saved in it. To perform data recovery from failed flash drive, just make use of best drive recovery tool called as Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software that can easily overcome the issue without any difficulty.

What are the scenarios that lead to failed hard drive?

Virus infection: This is one of the major reasons that cause damage to flash drive. Once infected with virus, the flash drive becomes inaccessible and hence all the files and information that was saved in it will be gone.

Abrupt Removal: Abrupt removal of flash drive when the read / write process is being carried out can lead to flash drive corruption. Hence proper check up should be done, so that user doesn’t remove the flash drive in between file transfer process.

Power Surge:  Sudden loss of power, when file sharing process is being carried out on the flash drive can lead to corruption of its file system, which in turn causes loss of entire set of files and folders that were saved in it.

Program to restore data from failed flash drive:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program is the best application that can be utilized to get back files that are lost from flash drive as a result of various scenarios that are mentioned above. All that needs to be done is to install the program and follow the simple steps that are present on the main screen of the utility. By making use of simple graphical user interface, even a novice user can complete the recovery process in a minimum amount of time. Make use of the advanced list of options to get back files not only from failed flash drive, but can also rescue information from other storage media like hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, memory sticks, iPods and many others. Easily install this utility on various versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 8 , Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

Follow the simple instructions to recover data from failed flash drive:

Press here to download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool in the system. Install the application by logging in as local system administrator. On completion of the installation process, user can view shortcut icon on desktop. Run the program and from the main screen of the tool click on Partition Recovery option which will take you to the next screen. Select the flash drive from where recovery process has to be carried out. Once the drive is selected, proceed to next window where user can mark the file types that have to be recovered. At last, start the scanning process, upon completion of which user can view the list of files that are recovered in Data View or File Type View. Select the desired type of view and proceed to saving the file on respective destination location as applicable to host operating system user.


  • Install best antivirus protection to prevent virus attack
  • Maintain data backup in separate external hard drive
  • Avoid using your flash drive on multiple systems across the network