How to Fix a Non-Working PPS File?

“I was preparing multiple vital PPS files for my presentation. After completion, I saved them on my computer. Later I tried to open them and view. But they are not opening as a presentation, instead: I am seeing single page blank document. Those are my conference files; hence I need to open them without any difficulty. Can anyone please suggest how to fix a non-working PPS file?”

PPS works in similar fashion to PPT file. But it has different attributes, which gives a new face for your PowerPoint spreadsheets. Meanwhile PPS file may behave improperly because of:

  • Improper sharing of PPS file
  • Presence of more bad sectors where PPS file is stored
  • Software or hardware conflicts in computer
  • Virus intrusion
  • Abrupt system shutdown

If you are the one who is looking for reliable software to fix issues in PPS files which are very important for your business. Then we have an ultimate solution for your problem.

Yodot PPT Repair is the most defined application that can be used in fixing a non-working PPS file on Windows system. This tool is equipped with best repair mechanism that ensures, fixing a PPS even if it is damaged under worst case scenarios. Once the file is repaired, you will get an option to preview fixed PPS file. This application is used to fix PPS files after round tripping, compression, improper system shut down, virus attack and so on. Apart from repairing PPS file, it helps in fixing inaccessible PPSX files, PPT files and PPTX files. This tool will fix files on all latest versions of Windows OS like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 respectively. If there are any issues where in you are unable to repair your PPS file, then you can look for help from technical support team, who will be available round the clock to support you.

Follow these simple steps to repair a non-working PPS file:

  • Obtain Yodot PPT Repair software, install it on your computer and start the application
  • Click on Browse button in first window
  • Select PPS file which is to be repaired and hit on Repair button
  • Preview fixed PPS file using Click Here to preview file link
  • Finally, browse for destination and click on Save button to store repaired PPS file

How to Repair PowerPoint 2010 File Association?

“Hi, everyone. Recently I installed Microsoft Office 2010 in my Windows computer. Yesterday when I tried to open a PowerPoint file which was developed on MS office 2007, on MS Office 2010, an error message prompted saying, file association problem with file. Does anyone know how to fix PowerPoint 2010 file association error?”

PowerPoint 2010 is an amazing MS Office program, which used to create annual reports, seminars, slide show, projects, training modules etc. To improve look of presentation it allow to insert images, charts, graphs videos etc. But sometimes, your PowerPoint file get corrupted due to many reasons, one of the main reason is file association problem. So, let us see few reasons which cause association problem while using PowerPoint 2010:

  • Association problem arises when use invalid win32 application
  • When you open any PPT file, system may not be able to find association link between file and respected application in which it is being opened. So then one may get error messages saying, PowerPoint cannot be opened
  • Because of invalid PowerPoint file association, OS may not be able to identify which application to open PPT file. So some times, due to association problem, file extension from file system may lost causing damage to PowerPoint file
  • On your system, if you installed multiple Microsoft Office will lead to corrupt PPT/PPTX file
  • Sometimes PPT file get opened in normal mode rather than slide mode, when PowerPoint file got corrupted due to association issues

Tool to repair PowerPoint 2010 file association error:

An eminent application to repair PowerPoint 2010 file association problem is Yodot PPT Repair. This utility can repair and recover damaged content from PPT, PPTX and PPS files. This software can repair text, text formatting, images, clip arts etc. By using this tool, one can fix, broken, corrupted, inaccessible, and error showing PowerPoint 2010 files. This tool not only support PowerPoint 2010 but also other PowerPoint versions such as, PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2013. It can repair PPT files from all the devices which are formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT file systems. This application is has a read only property, which does not edit the original content of damaged file, instead it will extract and create a new healthy copy of that file. One can install this application on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 200 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

Direction to use the software:

Download Yodot PPT Repair software on your Windows computer and install it. Then, run the application and follow on screen instructions in order to fix PPTX files. Then, browse for selecting corrupt PPTX file to mend using browse button. After choosing PowerPoint 2010 file, click on “Repair” button. Tool will proceed with the scanning process and you can see progress of scanning with the help of Status Bar. Once repair process ends, a window will prompt a message saying “Repair was successful”.  Then, you can preview the repaired PowerPoint 2010 file and save it in desired destination location rather than source location on Windows system using ‘save‘ option.

Mend Corrupt PPT File

“I had plugged in my USB drive into the receptions desktop computer, as I needed to take some printouts of PPT file. At first the system didn’t detect my USB drive, so I changed the port. After a while my USB got detected and I tried to view my PPT file, as I wanted to take some printouts. To my surprise the PPT file didn’t open, it was working fine when I edited it this morning.

What to do now? How can I get access to that PPT presentation? This situation will be very painful, as I had been working on this presentation for very long duration of time. Any suggestions would be very helpful

Thank you!”

Make note of some of the scenarios that may cause corruption to the PPT files:

  • As a result of CRC error, some unknown changes are made in the PPT file, which in turn corrupts the PowerPoint presentation
  • Abrupt system shutdown when the PPT file is being accessed can cause severe corruption to your PPT file
  • Your PowerPoint presentation becomes inaccessible when there is an increase in the number of bad sectors on the hard drive partitions
  • Virus infection can also be considered as a major threat when it comes to file corruption, as the infectious program when gains access in the system can damages all data including PPT files

The above scenarios tend to occur at any instant of time. No worries! You can easily fix corrupted PPT file with the help of best PPT repair tool.

Repairing Corrupt PPT File:

Yodot PPT Repair is well-known repair software that can fix damage done to the PPT file on Windows OS. Just install the software in the laptop / computer and follow the simple procedure that is displace on the screen. This program effectively repairs Microsoft PowerPoint files along with text, header, footer, font size and so on. As soon as the repair process gets completed, the user can preview all the items that are present in his PPT file like text, images, word art objects, animations, sound files, etc. The different MS Office PowerPoint file formats that are supported by Yodot PPT Repair Utility are PPT, PPTX and PPS created by PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Simple procedure to fix corrupted PPT File on Windows OS:

Click on this link to download Yodot PPT Repair application in your computer. Now, login as local system administrator and then install the program. Launch the tool and follow the instructions that are present on the main screen of repair utility. Browse for the corrupt PPT file with the help of browse button to select the damaged PPT file. Next, click on Repair button that will begin the repair process. After completion of the repair process, you will get confirmation message that particular file is successfully repaired. In the next screen select the destination location where the PowerPoint file has to be saved and then hit on the Save button that will automatically save the PPT file without any delay.


  • Defragment your hard drive regularly to prevent bad sectors
  • Keep backup of important PPT files in separate external hard drive
  • Update your antivirus protection regularly

How Do I Recover PowerPoint Presentation?

You have been asked by your senior colleague to give a presentation regarding you upcoming projects. Therefore in order to get appreciation from your colleagues, you put lots of efforts to prepare a well organized and attractive presentation. After your work is done, you decided to clean up your desktop by erasing all the unnecessary files. But as you were selecting unwanted files, you did not notice that you have chosen your PowerPoint file along with it. Soon after selection, you removed the files by using “Shift + Delete” Keys. In that particular situation, the only question that may strike in your mind is “How do I recover PowerPoint Presentation within a short time?”

However, every question has answer, so if you have above mentioned query then answer is really very simple. There are many empowered recovery tools with the aid of which you can recover PowerPoint presentation and its items such as animations, images texts, etc. But before you proceed further to recover PowerPoint file, you should spend some time in reading the situations that makes you delete or lose PowerPoint file from your system. This is because; you can be cautious next time when you are using your computer if you know the causes for data loss. Just refer below given points.

  • Deleting files without checking: There are some users who have the habit of deleting files without checking it properly. If you use only delete key then it is quite easy to restore files from Recycle Bin. Suppose in case if you delete presentation file using “Shift + Delete” keys or in case its size is large then it refuses to store it in recycle bin and you may not get manual option to restore it
  • Virus interference: Programs like viruses are dangerous threats which may get into your computer without your knowledge. If you are using authenticated antivirus software, you can easily eliminate the viruses from your computer. But, if the viruses are hazardous, then even antivirus software cannot clash with it and as a result of this, you may not lose only PowerPoint file but other data from your system
  • Power breakdown: If you are working on PowerPoint file using laptop, you should charge it so that you may not get interruptions such as power failure. Similarly when you are working on PC, you should make use of UPS to deal with power fluctuation. Suppose if you forget to charge your laptop and also if power failure happens due to the absence of UPS when you are working on PPT in desktop, then you may lose the PowerPoint file
  • Deleting files from external storage media: when you delete PPT/PPTX file from external storage device, your computer display a message which asks whether you want to delete it permanently. It clearly indicates that the deleted items do not get redirected to Recycle Bin. If you ignore the message and proceed further to delete the file then you may lose it

You may once again create the Presentation file if you have time but you cannot create it the way you have prepared it before and also you may not get the interest that you have showed to prepare it before you lost it. So in such case what you need is a recovery software preferably Yodot File Recovery. This software can guide you to recover PPT/PPTX/PPS files in a proper way so that you can get it back without any complications. It provides two different options which help to categorize both deleted and lost PPT file. It can not only recover PowerPoint file but also other files such as word, excel, access, outlook etc. You need not take help from anyone to handle this software because it is too easy that you only can operate it.

The steps are elaborated below for easy recovery:

First of all download Yodot File Recovery software and install it to your computer. Go here. As soon as the software gets installed, run it to find out the recovery steps. On the main screen you will find two options which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery. Click on any one option according to the situation you have faced. On the next window, there appear all the drives present in your computer. Select the drive from which you need to recover PowerPoint Presentation files. As soon as you select the files, you can see file types present in your computer. Choose the files that you want to recover. Next window displays the files that indicate which is deleted one and which is lost one. Mark on the files that you want to retrieve. Preview files before you save and at the end choose the location to store the recovered files.


Repair Broken PowerPoint File

Microsoft PowerPoint is that the most widely used MS Office application that is almost used in every corporate company, educational institute and many other organizations. Microsoft PowerPoint is a professional presentation program that enables the user to create beautiful   “presentation slides “that can be displayed on the computer screen or through a projector that’s plugged in to the computer. The pages in PowerPoint will contain picture, massive texts, graphs, sounds, and alternative things which will build your presentation more entertaining and easier to grasp.

“My 12 year old daughter had created an extensive PowerPoint project for science. She was storing it on her pen drive without creating proper backup elsewhere. When the project was 95% complete and due in 2 days, the file became corrupted and she could no longer retrieve it.”

If you are encountered with such scenarios, you need not to worry. There are several third party applications available on market to repair broken/corrupted PowerPoint files. MS PowerPoint (PPT) files are vulnerable to corruption because of their difficult structures and large size. The PowerPoint files get broken due to power failure, virus attack, unexpected system shutdown, version compatibility problem, and many more.

How to repair?

There are number of methods through which you can try to repair your broken PowerPoint files as mentioned below:

  • Move the PowerPoint files to completely different place: It is the primary and extremely useful troubleshooting method to repair PowerPoint problem. Copy your presentation and paste it on the other computer hard drive and try to open it from there. It may fix your PowerPoint problem.
  • Open your presentation in MS Word document: If you have tried the above method, but still facing same problem then try to open your broken PowerPoint presentation in MS Word.
  • Use safe mode to envision your presentation:  To examine your presentation in safe mode, firstly you may have to be compelled to run PowerPoint in safe mode.  
  • Try with third party PowerPoint Repair application: If above three methods fail to repair your presentation then you can try any other third party PowerPoint repair software.

Yodot PPT Repair is an eminent tool developed with extra-ordinary feature that allows you to repair broken, corrupted and inaccessible Microsoft presentation files. These software repairs.ppt and .pptx PowerPoint file formats. Yodot PPT Repair software uses an advanced algorithm to scan and repair broken PowerPoint files.

Procedure to use Yodot PPT Repair software:

Click this link to download and install Yodot PPT Repair tool -> After installation, launch the software and follow the instructions of the application -> Browse to select the broken PPT or PPTX file -> click on the “Repair” button to start scanning process -> As the repair process ends, a window will prompt you showing that repair is successful -> select the desired destination location to store the repaired PPT or PPTX file.

How to Fix PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

“I was working on PowerPoint 2007 file and there occurred sudden power failure. As a result of power failure, the PPTX file got corrupted. I don’t know the way to fix it out. Since it was being given to me by one of my senior colleague, I have worked hard and collected required information from the internet in order to get good impression. Can anyone tell me how to solve my problem? I am running out of time so cannot prepare it again?”

Many PowerPoint users come across this kind of issues while working. It is really heartbreaking to lose precious file in which you have worked upon and spent lots of time. But do not be frustrated!!! You can fix the issue within a short span of time. Just type on “File” option then choose “Open”. Select the file that needs to be fixed. Now rather than clicking on “open” option click on the small arrow which is located next to “Open” option. Select the option “Open and Repair”. Microsoft will automatically repair your PPTX file and open it for you. If you still cannot open the file then you need to repair it by making use of PowerPoint repair software.

Now before moving forward to know about software features and repair steps, let us have a look on how does PowerPoint file gets corrupted. Below given are few of the causes:

  • If your PPTX file is infected with the viruses then it does not let you access your PowerPoint 2007 file and throws error messages
  • In case you directly close PowerPoint file without using proper method then there may be the possibility of PPTX file corruption
  • Suppose if you save PowerPoint file in a hard drive that contains bad sectors then you will not be able to open it and get weird symbols and alphabets
  • PowerPoint 2007 file may also get corrupted if you change its format and then convert back to original one

Along with these reasons there are some other unknown causes that may results in PowerPoint file corruption. But as whatever discussed above, you can repair it instantly with the help of repair software like Yodot PPT Repair. This software has all the qualities that will help you to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2007 file without any fail. It will repair PowerPoint file and then recovers its contents such as animations, slides, charts, designs etc. without affecting the contents. You may be rest assured to download the software as it is risk free and gives 100% result. You can recover PPT, PPTX, and also PPS file with the help of this software on all the versions of Windows operating system. To know how to repair PowerPoint 2007 file just follow the steps given below:

First of all download the software and install it to the system from where you need to carry out the repair process. Pop over here. Once the software gets installed run it and follow the instructions given on the screen. First screen asks you to browse for the corrupted PowerPoint file. Browse the file and then click on the option “Repair” that you can see at the bottom of the screen. The software starts repairing the PPTX file whose progress can be seen at the progress bar. Once the repairing process gets completed, you can see a window indicating the success of repair. You may click on “Preview” to view the repaired PowerPoint 2007 file. At last save repaired PowerPoint file in a location that you prefer.

PPT File Not Opening PowerPoint

PowerPoint file has been used by many people in order to make attractive and innovative presentation. It includes features such as design, animations, slides texts etc. which can be utilized to prepare a well organized PowerPoint file. Many users especially businessmen and students make use of this file so that they can present it nicely in front of their colleagues and lectures. However, at times it may so happen that the PPT file that you prepared by collecting information refuse to open and leave you in confused state.

Let us take an example to explain above case. Assume that you have prepared PPT file related to your business product and it was created in such a way that you had the hope that your meeting with the client will go good and they will accept your business proposal. When the day came, you thought of glancing over the presentation before the meeting starts. But as soon as you tried to open PPT file, it displayed a message that “Cannot open the file. This does not seem like a PPT file“. In such case what will you do? Doesn’t it look scary? Off course it is!!! But instead of wasting time on thinking about it you should go online and search for the software. Yes, there are many tools which have been specially developed to overcome the problem of PPT file error.

However the error message indicates that your PPT file is corrupted and there are many situations that leave presentation file in a corrupted state. Few are given below:

  • Improper closure: It is recommended to close PowerPoint file properly after you complete your work. Sometimes the PPT file does not respond and in such case if you force to close it then it will result in PPT file corruption
  • Due to the use of Recovery software: When you use recovery software to recover deleted or lost PPT file, the recovery software scans your hard drive sector by sector and recovers the files. If the PPT file is fragmented then the recovered files becomes corrupt and refuse to open
  • Inappropriate installation of software: If MS office tool is not installed correctly then it might corrupt not only PPT file and other files such as Word, excel etc.
  • Changing file format: If you change the file format of PowerPoint presentation file for example from PPT to PPTX and again from PPTX to PPT then it may corrupt the PPT file

There exist some other causes, but whatever the reason may be, the only way to overcome it is repair software. Therefore you can now able to fix PPT file not opening PowerPoint by relying on any good software such as Yodot PPT Repair.

Yodot PPT Repair is the one which takes utmost care of the corrupted PPT file and hence repairs it without damaging it further. It can repair PPT, PPTX and PPS file instantly. The best feature of this software is it gets installed quickly and also the repair steps are less and gets completed within a couple of minutes. You can download its trial version and start the repair process and also see the repair results. But to save it, you have to purchase the full version with an affordable price. The repair steps are as follows.

First of all, download the software. Press here. After the software gets installed, run it and start to repair the PPT file. On the main screen, the software asks you to browse for the damaged PPT file. Choose the file and then click on “Repair”. The software now commences to repair the file and once it gets repaired, the repaired details are displayed in a window and you can preview the repaired PowerPoint presentation. At last save repaired PPT file in a location that you prefer.